So what shortages are you personally seeing?

There are always good deals to be had on treadmills and exercise bikes. Never buy those new. There will probably be a bigger glut than normal coming up soon though.

Seeing that others have posted about delays, I ordered a custom desk in mid March, and expected delivery is currently late July. The ‘custom’ part isn’t very fancy – nothing terribly fancy – it’s this manufacturer’s standard size L-shaped desk, and I got to specify the wood, finish, and hardware. I didn’t even order the optional shelf. The manufacturer is very direct about how much various COVID-related issues have impacted their delivery times; I can imagine they’ve had quite a few upset customers.

(Of course, the desk will probably arrive after my workplace puts an end to working from home…that’s my fault for waiting so long to order it though.)

While there were some gaps on the shelves, cat food was in better supply in Ithaca NY than it has been in the stores close enough to me that I go there routinely. I am now restocked for a while longer. :grinning:

(I had been staying out of Ithaca until vaccinated, partly due to the increased difference, and partly because of its being a college town with people coming in from all over. Ordinarily I get there on average every couple of months.)

Still haven’t seen canning jar lids. I can get jars with lids but not just the lids. Started looking several months back when we threw a 1/2 side of beef in the freezer. Want to can some.
Also still no firearm ammo on the shelves for any of my guns.

I haven’t seen canning jar lids or rings since the world ended. Someone sure dropped the ball on this one. Its quite a pickle which has left a lot of us in a jam.

I was able to find plastic lids with rings, but those are only good for limited uses.

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I would have thought that there would be a shortage of My Pillows now.

I have noticed that there is no shortage of drunks nowadays, even though beer cans are in short supply.

Lysol spray is back! Only in two fragrances though, neither of which is all that great. Also, some of the cans had an older style top (with a cap). I’ve seen something similar from Bath & Body Works; some of their pocket-size antibacterial gels have reverted to an older style of packaging.

For some odd reason, there were no stain treating sprays (Shout, Spray ‘n’ Wash, etc.) on the shelf though. They had some Shout pens, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t notice a shortage of any other laundry products.

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