So what shortages are you personally seeing?

Do the labels show added sugars?

It may be part of the general long-running tendency to make things sweeter and sweeter, including adding sugars to things that didn’t use to have sweeteners as an ingedient.

(I am also not thrilled.)

Actually, I had tamales at 3 different restaurants and bought a dozen from a street vendor. No labels.

Next time I’m in the grocery store, I am going to look at the corn flour. My theory is that while usually corn flour is made from seed corn, they are currently using more expensive sweet corn due to supply issues. If I am right, things should go back to normal in time.

If it really is just added sugar, I will have to give up one of my favorite foods or start making them myself. Considering how lazy I am, making them probably won’t happen more than once.

I doubt it, because I doubt it would grind properly, even if grown to full maturity and then dried as grinding corn is.

For one thing, the varieties are bred for different purposes, and the flour would most likely have different texture. For another, sweet corn is harvested immature unless being grown for seed; growing it to full maturity and drying it for grinding would take considerable extra time in the field. And almost all sweet corn currently grown for seed is grown to produce hybrid seed, an expensive process involving de-tasseling one inbred variety in order to pollinate it only from another inbred variety grown in the right degre of proximity; unless people are starving I doubt anybody’s grinding any significant quantity of last year’s crop of sweet corn seed into flour – especially since there’s been extra demand for seed due to extra people taking up home gardening.

Well, damn. Another hair-brained theory down the drain. (Thank you very much for the clear explanation.) Now I’m just upset that yet another dish has been ruined because most people want sweet.

Try complaining. Maybe the specific places have a choice as to their mixes, and if they get complaints may go back to the old one.

Spam variety is down. That’s a critical foodstuff for Hawaii.

I noticed I couldn’t find a toilet bowl brush in Wal-Marts. There were completely out.

Publix is still out of stain treatment sprays, as is Harris Teeter.

I bought a two-pack of covid antigen tests at CVS a couple of weeks ago. In an abundance of caution, we used them, so I went to replace them. There’s a big hole in the shelf. I mentioned it to the cashier who said, “yeah, those are selling like hotcakes, we can’t keep them in stock.”

Another one I’ve recently noticed in Hawaii: Saline solution.

There’s a big hole in the rice aisle where all the Zatarain’s products usually are. There seems to be plenty of black beans and rice, but no red beans and rice, no Spanish rice mix, no jambalaya mix, no dirty rice mix…

Caffeine Free Coke Zero finally became available in very limited quantities for about a month and now it’s gone again. We’re kinda baffled.

I personally see a shortage in instant or quick-to-prepare meals. I am running out of options between canned foods, instant noodles, and food delivery.

I finally found my “chocolate” flavored Twizzlers.

Can’t find peach jam/preserves of any brand. Apricot, orange marmalade, and grape are there, but not peach.

Having problems laying hands on Mobil 1 oil filters.

Some things are getting better. In January 2020, I bought a four-pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes from Target, and they were easily available. And then for over a year, they were not easy to get, certainly not in the multipacks. But then last week, I was in Costco and they had a five-pack of Clorox wipes for $15 and there was a whole pallet of them.

I believe I mentioned upthread the great couscous shortage. They are finally back, in the large container. In one supermarket at least, next Friday I’ll check another.
Yoo hoo, the pandemic is now over!

Same here in Central Tx. Lots of empty or almost empty spaces in general.

Bicycle parts. I cannot get brake pads:(