So what shortages are you personally seeing?

I ended up buying two giant bottles of Spray n Wash from Amazon; our local grocery stores still haven’t restocked any brands.

Windex wipes (in the little packs) are impossible to find, but Windex seems to still be available…I’m guessing this is the result of manufacturing resources being redirected to other types of wipes.

After an exhaustive web search of local store online inventories, there’s apparently only one store within 12 miles of here that isn’t out of all brands of wood glue for some reason? Bad weekend to need to put some decorative cabinet trim back up, apparently.

Povidone iodine nasal swabs are not as easy to get as they used to be.

Since I’ve started going back to the stores in person in late May, it seems my local grocery store still has shortages of various things - it varies from week to week, but pretty much every week there’s at least one thing I’d like to get that they don’t have, and I see empty shelves in pretty much every section every time I go.

Going back to restaurants, I’ve also noticed that the menus are much smaller than before. Some restaurants have completely revised how service happens in their establishments, and some have added standard service charges in lieu of tipping (though I’ve still been leaving cash tips in addition to that because things are so difficult right now). And of course there’s the staffing shortage. I expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.

Good on you because here the restaurant service charges here are not for the waitperson, they go to the restaurant and the server gets stiffed by folks who think they have already tipped the agreed on amount.

Menus are smaller, but there is a law running around that says restaurants will be able to serve take out drinks again. That was very popular with everyone but the bars.

Still no cooktop (I ordered it 7 months ago)

Here’s an odd one. My local bakery outlet store just went out of business. They left a sign on the door stating that they could not keep the business open because the retail stores were no longer sending enough bread back to the outlet.

Rats. It was a good place to try new varieties of bread. I guess I’ll have to dust off the old bread machine and dig out the bread recipe book.

My son was buying furniture for his new apartment. The first stop was a big furniture chain so that we could buy everything in one stop. We started by looking at the beds, since he was going to need somewhere to sleep ASAP. The salesman quickly said that bedding would take at least 4 weeks to order. We ended up at a mattress store and were able to get a similar product for a similar price delivered the next day.

Speaking of furniture, my desk got delayed again. I won’t be seeing it now until September (it was ordered in late March). They’re blaming COVID-related shortages but I suspect I’m dealing with the same manufacturer that, many years ago, inexplicably delayed Mom’s mission-style bookcases multiple times.

I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but there’s a definite shortage of workmen. Trying to get a new roof, paint, gutters, and retaining wall repaired following the spring storms. Finally got one (1) painter and I have to work outside and help him. He can’t get anyone else so it’s just me and him. I’m not a skilled painter, but I can fetch, carry, unkink hoses, and run the sprayer so he can stay on the ladder. There were similar delays getting roofers (this was urgent) and I’m still waiting on someone to even give an estimate to dig out and repair a retaining wall.

Next week marks the 7th month my boat has been on the hard, awaiting parts. The last prediction from the supplier was the 29th of this month, but I’m not holding my breath. I try not to think about how much I’ve paid this year for an empty boat slip.

I noticed that a local drugstore had a sign saying Metamucil was unavailable.

On the absolute non-shortage side, the local grocery store has carts filled with hand sanitizer spread throughout the store that say “FREE - TAKE AS MANY AS YOU WANT”.

I spotted that, too. Another store was giving out sanitizer with any purchase.

Hallelujah - the cooktop FINALLY arrived yesterday. Now we have to get someone in to install it.

Shout has finally reappeared, but only in refill jugs. It’s pretty much the only brand on the shelf.

I’ve also noticed that lunchbox snacks and kid-sized drinks seem to have disappeared over the last month, but I’m guessing that’s due to a combination of the return to in-person learning and lack of store inventory/demand for those items over the last year.

Arrowhead 12-bottle packs of little water bottles have disappeared. They’ve even removed the labels from the shelves where they used to be.
Snapple diet peach tea. My favorite. You can buy it in liter bottles, but not in the individual bottles.

I have noticed that the smaller bottles of water have disappeared from convenience stores all over the state.

I noticed today that the Capri Sun shelves were completely empty.

Deli meats are starting to disappear. I had noticed that the normally overflowing case at Publix was starting to look a bit bare, but now they’ve posted a sign acknowledging that certain meats might not always be available.

Also at Publix, an employee acknowledged that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are having trouble filling orders for water, but he wasn’t sure why…he said that the store was only receiving a fraction of what they had ordered, and that what little they get disappears as soon as it’s on the shelves.

Common sense.