So what shortages are you personally seeing?

Not new, IMO.

“Ice cream” of the fast food variety. I’ve seen signs at several different places apologizing for having no soft serve or frappes over the last two weeks.

Amy’s frozen meals. I’m a sucker for the cheese pizza rolls and they’re nowhere to be found. At the various stores I’ve checked the cases where they stock Amy’s are mostly empty. Except for the vegetable lasagna. Lots of vegetable lasagna.

I saw a couple of articles in the past day or so saying that Costco is now seeing runs on bottled water and toilet paper, due to worries about the delta variant.

Chlorine tablets and shock for swimming pools. There was already increased demand and pandemic-related production issues, and a fire that followed hurricane Laura wiped out the biggest supplier. Costco and the local pool supply store are sold out. The big pool supply chain has nearly doubled the price.

Blood collection tubes containing sodium citrate. Demand is up due to COVID’s effects on coagulation and platelet activity. I’ve heard rumors that the FDA had shut down a major supplier, but I can’t confirm.

I saw that too, so have gone neurotic about topping up supplies while I have a chance (sigh).

I haven’t seen a shortage of paper towels. Being just shy of 2.50 a roll for the select a size mega roll. There’s a limit to what I will pay.

I had an old flannel sheet, it had a bleach stain so I cut in varying sizes.

Good for you! Keep using cloth instead of paper, it works just as well and allows you to walk softer on the earth.

Boiled ham hasn’t existed since the beginning of the shutdown.

It must be regional. Some of the recent items mentioned Tp, bottled water, and deli meats. They are well stocked for now in Central Tx.

We’ve been using disposables a lot less in general since the pandemic - we have oodles of cleaning rags anyway, but I bought a bunch of reusable waffle-weave dish cloths for a lot of the things we used paper towels for, before. I won’t say it’s cured us entirely but we have cut down.

TP is not an issue here. We had plenty when things started shutting down in March 2020 (as we have a subscription through Amazon). I wound up changing that to monthly vs every 2 months (my own bit of panic buying). That turned out to be overkill and we had quite a stockpile (5 cases at one point) to the point where we were periodically giving a case away.

I have been repainting our media room. Over the last couple months I have unable to purchase gloss paint of any sort, or higher quality paints of dark colors.
I was told that some of the chemicals needed for these paints are in very short supply.
So I have painted the walls and ceiling with a bit lower quality paint than I prefer, and the trim is going to have to wait until …

Yeah…I’ve been repainting the whole house. I’m behind where I’d like to be, only painting room #5 14 months into the project, in no small part to it taking up to 3 weeks to have paint and wall primer delivered each order last spring/summer, before I started going out again with masks. I painted what I could before the kittens arrived, and then paused for a few months when room painting and young kittens seemed like a bad combo. Now that they’re mostly grown, I’m working on the kitchen.

If I could’ve just popped into a store and left 45 minutes later with what I needed last May/June, I’d probably have gotten the kitchen, the smaller bathroom and a small bedroom done by late September too :frowning:

Primer is still hard to find - I had to drive 20+ miles to get oil-based primer for the kitchen cabinets a couple weekends ago because no store locally had any, even canceling on me after accepting my order. The Rust-oleum floor painting kit (which is next on my list after the kitchen) I ordered got delayed almost a month, too.

Of course, had I not injured myself last January to the point of needing months of PT, I probably could’ve begun 4 or 5 months sooner too, so I can’t blame all the lack of progress on scarcity of paint and primer.

Not truly related to the shortage issue, but a followup on our cooktop adventure: As noted, it arrived last month. I knew we would not be able to do the install ourselves, and we have a bunch of work that needs to be done around the house anyway, so we asked the contractor to do the cooktop install. They did have to cut the countertop a little (glad it was just laminate!!).

The guys did all the work, had it in place, and then got worried and had me come check it out: it was not heating up, and they were sure they’d done the wiring right.

It turned out they had never worked with induction cooktops, and just thought it was a regular smoothtop. When I grabbed a saucepan, filled it with water, and set it on the burner, it started those “I’m gonna boil soon” bubbles at the bottom within 2 minutes. They were impressed.

I’m loving my new induction top, but that part is something I’m still getting used to. I’ll take the pan off heat for a bit to wipe out oil or something between cooking phases and if I take too long (15 seconds or so), it chimes and shuts off.

On topic, there still seems to be a backlog with home improvement companies. We scheduled a new driveway and new bathrooms and they had to be scheduled 2.5 months and 2 months out respectively.

Weird one, discovered this weekend: My future son-in-law disc golfs. We went to a local disc golf store and it was empty bin after empty bin. They had many of what you would find at a sporting goods store, but the more specialized discs were out with no date when they’d come in.
I guess it makes sense, though. Frolfing has become very popular since the pandemic began and we have a very limited season to play up here.

I don’t know if this is Covid related, since I haven’t tried to buy them in years, but for the past few weeks I’ve been looking for chicken livers. The Harris Teeter I normally shop at has a space for them in the frozen meats section, but there are never any there.

We got burgers from Whataburger last night, and I’m guessing that they’re having trouble sourcing foam cups, of all things.

Rather than the usual orange and white Whataburger-branded foam cups, we had generic white ones. Same thing with the straws; typically they’re orange-and-white striped like the cups, but last night’s were solid red.

Over the past week or two everywhere is mostly out of spray paint.

Still a dearth of litter and most canned cat fud.