So, what was the iRS's "Secret research project"?

Judicial Watch, the conservative group, has landed another batch of emails from the Internal Revenue Service that raise new questions about the possible extent of alleged targeting of conservative groups.

The new documents could help stoke the IRS targeting story again, as lawmakers return to Washington next week.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the new documents shows that IRS officials had some sort of “secret research project” going that related to the donor lists it had collected – inappropriately, as it turned out – from many conservative nonprofit groups.

It should be noted that the IRS did not give these emails up voluntarily. It was in response to multiple FOIA lawsuits.

When asked for comment on what the secret research project was, the IRS had no comment. I think Darrell Issa might very much want to know what that project was, don’t you?

Go for a third post!

The entire OP is a direct quote from the blog cited in the OP.

The first three paragraphs giveth and the sixth paragraph taketh away.

CMC fnord!
It’d be nice if you bothered to somehow differentiate things you’re quoting from thing you’re saying.

Still beating that dead IRS scandal horse, I see.

The dead Benghazi scandal horse needed a break.

They were secretly trying to create a Venn diagram of the overlap between said donors and club memberships in the local leather bars. Turns out it was simply a solid circle. Glad I could put your worried mind at ease.

The Secret Research Project sought to determine how many hard drives the IRS can destroy in the middle of an investigation before someone goes to jail.

It would be dead if they’d just come clean. WHy does it take legal action to get the IRS to comply with the Freedom of Information Act?

Duh. Because they are hiding things.

At this point, it’s not even the crime anymore, it’s the coverup. They’ve destroyed evidence, they’ve refused legitimate FOIA requests, they won’t answer questions. What is the secret research project? “No comment.”

And now you know why it’s still alive.

And what do you think of the tan suit?


They keep on winning their court cases. Bwa ha. Bwa ha. Bwa ha ha ha.

Yes, that’s definitely the reason. It’s definitely a real live controversy that the public is following intently and not yet another thing the right is desperately trying to turn into a scandal because it has no agenda, no plans, and no interest in governing. It’s real. So is Benghazi and so is every other thing. They’re all real and alive. Keep telling yourself that. Never consider your track record on these matters.

The fact that you’re trying to deflect to my track record speaks volumes. The IRS has been busted destroying evidence illegally and are losing practically every lawsuit brought against them.

Is it headline news? Not really. Will it have an effect on the elections? Nope. But law enforcement isn’t about elections or the headlines. The IRS committed crimes. They will be dealt with. Bob McDonnell isn’t a huge scandal either outside of Virginia, but it’s still important that justice was done. Justice will be done here too. Lois Lerner should enjoy her freedom while she can.

Sure. You’re wrong all the time, but definitely right this time. Seems plausible!

Now you’re just pussing out.

So there’s an allegation that the IRS might be hiding something that might be illegal.

Perhaps. But it’s a trivial issue in comparison to the possibility that the Republicans might be planning on establishing death camps if they get a majority in the Senate.

Will they do that? I have no evidence either way. But they might. Can we take that chance? I say no.

Not equivalent. There is already evidence of at minimum, severe IRS incompetence. But if it was just that, they wouldn’t obstruct justice. We already know they are incompetent. Unless they are so incompetent that they actually have an organization in total chaos even now, where no one knows what anyone else is doing. I guess that’s a possibility.

But no matter what, we should find out, don’t you think?

I’m just pointing out the obvious: there’s no need to take what you’re saying seriously. In fact in most cases it’s impossible to take what you say seriously.