So... what was your first word?

This has been inspired by another thread in the forum, but it’s something I wonder about. What was your first word?

I guess most people’s was some variant of “mamma” - but I’m told my first word was “light,” and a good friend of mine claims hers was “bugger” - but I have my doubts.

And if “light” was the first word I learned, then “aasvogel” is the last. I discovered it this morning and have been saying it happily ever since. Aasvogel. Aasvogel.

Lookit! Light!

Aasvogel. Aasvogel…

My mother says mine was “mess.” I guess that makes sense, since I’ve always been a total neat-freak.

My mother says that the first thing I said was “oh deary me”, a phrase that she gives a good workout.

“Bus” apparently…

I have no idea why!

I asked my this once when I was little… She didnt remember…I also asked her what it was like whenI started to walk,like under what circumstances and such…she didnt remember…Then, in one ;ast hope of knowing that she was actually there when I was little , I ,after looking at my sister’s baby book, asked to see mine…She had one…But it got lost when we moved.

My mom used to have a completely black cat whose name was “blackness” but was known as “cat-cat”. Every morning she would get me out of my room, and walk down the hall towards the kitchen. The cat would follow us down there and she would say “Good morning, cat-cat.” So, as was our morning tradition, she picked me up and headed towards the kitchen. She says, “Good morning cat-cat” and I look down at the cat and repeat “Good morning cat-cat.” It was very meaningful to her, because she was my mom’s favorite cat.

“No way!”

“happy birthday” hee hee!

According to my parents, three things occurred at once:

  1. I stoop up on my crib, with hands on the railers.
  2. My first tooth finally appeared.
  3. I said “Pa…pa…pa…pa…pa…”, papá, daddy, even though mom had taught me for weeks to say mamá, mommy. Took some weeks before I said that. :slight_smile:

My own name.


I am quite proud of mine. My first word was pussy!

I had a toy wooden cat that I really liked.


I my mom always says it was “supercalifrajulisticexpialidocious”, but my mom tends to stretch the truth sometimes.

I don’t know the first word, but according to my baby book, I liked airplanes because they “fly high in the sky”.

I later aced a college course in poetry.


At 7 months old, I’d put my hand up near the woodstove and proclaim, “Hah!” (Hot without the ‘t’).

“Good Girl” Which I have most certainly lived up to (where’s a devil smilie when you need one?)

“da”, a variation of KarlGrenze’s “pa”.


Is IA! IA! a word? :wink: