First words

My niece spoke her first words this weekend. She’s not yet 6 months old. She said, “I love you.” And repeated it.

This is, of course, impossibly cute. Unlike my nephew’s “Good morning.”

So, what did yours say?

Woah…that’s a very impressive one, especially at that age.

Now, I’ve been informed that there are several words that “don’t count”, since apparently the kid isn’t really “speaking”. Things like “mama”, “dada”, and such. They’re just making noise, basically.

So, if we go by those rules, then my daughter’s first word, which remains her favorite word, is “tickle”. Which she will happily show you if you happen to have bare feet around her.

There’s some controversy around that, as I only have some random hippie chick wandering through the woods as witness. But I swear to Og my daughter said, “I love Mama” at 5 months. Said hippie chick heard it as well and did a double-take, turned around and said, “Did she just say - ?” and I said, “Did she just - ?!” and she said it once more, fell asleep in my arms and then didn’t talk again for a year.

My husband thinks we’re silly and were just projecting words into her babble.

ETA: Her first undisputed word was either “Milk” “More” or “Music”, no one can remember. All three came about within a few hours of each other.

I’m not saying you’re right, and and I’m not saying your husband is right, I’m just going to offer a story.

A couple of years ago, we switched our cats to a new cat food. I poured out a bowl of it and placed it in front of out cat Boo.

He sniffed at it, turned and walked away. And as he did, he said to my wife and I “I don’t want that”. He said it with a distinct cat accent, but he spoke those words exactly as you are reading them. My wife and I looked at each other and did a “Did he just…” “Did you hear…” “Did…uhhh”

Now, obviously, the cat did not tell us he didn’t want his new food. But I’d have given anything to have the camcorder going at that moment.

So, maybe WhyBaby said it, maybe not…it’s still nice that you heard what you did. :slight_smile:

My first word was “duck”.

I was an odd child.

My baby brother was a cranky little cuss from day one. His first word was “NO.” He knew what it meant, too.

Ah, that reminds me of when my kids were little and I wrote short verses about them. I haven’t had the opportunity to inflict one on someone in quite a while.


David my son’s a delightful scamp,
An exub-errant scaliwiggle.
I cannot recall his very first word,
But his very first verb was tickle.

May your daughter live long and prosper, Hal.

“Hi Honey!”

This was just a parroting of what his Gramma said, but it cracked her up so much when she heard it come back at her that she talked about it for days.

Blatant hijack/
No kids, but I taught my first dog to say “I love you!”
It was more like “AWW WUFF WOO!!!” at an earsplitting volume.
My first sentance was “Leave 'lone me.”
I think that should be the very first question on aplications for work.

I have no idea what my first word was, but knowing me, I’m sure it was followed by a pointless reminiscence that began either "There’s an episode of Perry Mason where Perry’s client… " or “I knew a guy once who used to say…”

My kid is still in the pre-birth phase…but my first word was “Eat”

We traveled a lot and everyone asked “where do you want to eat?” so I picked it up. I guess I spent hours on the airplane a few weeks later yelling “eat” over and over again, the stewardess brought me countless peanuts before someone explained to her that was the only word I knew…heh…

Brendon Small

My son’s first word other than the mamama dadadah bababa sounds was “auto” (car). We were living in the US at the time, and had chosen to speak only French to him.

Then he refused to say another word for over a year.

My first word was “mook” (milk), according to my mom.

The nurse at the health clinic said that my son was saying “mama” with intent (as opposed to just babbling) when he was 6 or 7 months, but I didn’t believe it, since they do babble mamama dadada bababa a lot in the pre-verbal days. I believed it when he was 8 months old, saw me come into the room, stood up in his crib, made eye contact and said directly to me “mama!”

Between 8 and 10 months, “mama” meant me, and “dada” meant everything else in the world.

His first non-parental word was at ten months when he tried his darnedest to say “cat.” It came out “cahhh…” He sounded like a stroke victim learning to talk again.

It was a torrent after that. He hasn’t shut up since, and he is now 9.

Child #1–“banana”
Child #4–“backhoe” and “towel”

Although I should note that child #4 imitated a wide variety of sounds before he realized he was human. Dog barking, truck backing up (he even used this one appropriately, while crawling backwards).

At about 4 months, my son said “Hi!” to anyone and everyone that gave him a passing look.
His next word was at age one. That was “birdy.” From there, he never shut up.

Very funny. That must have been a riot to behold!

My oldest’s first word was “ball.” His second was “crockpot,” which he said in this funny, growling voice.

My little one says “mama” and “dada” but he hasn’t quite figured out how to use them. When he wants something, he addresses both my husband and me as “mama.” When he’s excited about something, he says “dada.” He’s obviously imitating his brother, who screams, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!” when my husband gets home and spends the rest of the day saying, “Mummy, can I have…” The little one also says baby, puppy and imitates a dog barking by saying, “up up up.”

Number 1 Girl: “boing” (which meant “Bounce me NOW!”)

Number 2 Girl: always been a great mimic, and would repeat back words and phrases like [sister’s name] and “go away” and “I don’t know”. But the earlist word she actually knew the meaning of was definitely “NO!”

She’s a sweet child though - really!

We haven’t had an actual identifiable first word (although he does say ‘hi’, and has since about 5 1/2 months old - I don’t think it’s an actual word, though because he mimics sounds and also says ‘hey’, ‘yuck’, and ‘ooooh!’). He does seem to be working on ‘kitty’, though - as he’ll crawl after the cats yelling ‘ki-eee! ki-eee!’. And of course there’s the requisite ‘dada’, although until a couple of weeks ago, this was his name for our boy cat, Oscar, not his father. He’s 9 months old in a couple of days.

One of my nephew’s first words is in dispute. My sister-in-law insists that it was ‘sit!’, as in ‘sit, dogs!’, whereas my brother and I insist that it was ‘shit’, as in ‘shit, I dropped my spoon’. We came to this conclusion because he said it one night at a restaurant at 10 months old, in his high chair, right after he dropped his spoon (And it was said with the perfect inflection, too). There were no dogs anywhere in the vicinity :D.

My son’s was “cake” (which now that he is 18 and getting a little gut we totally torture him about.)
My daughter’s was “Jimmy”. Her big brother’s name. “say, mama, mama” nope, she wouldn’t do it. Only “Jimmyyyyy”. sigh.