So what's the Nintendo Gamecube like?

I want one NOW!!

Game Cube? Well, it’s like XBOX and PS2, except that it is targetted at a younger crowd, so there are more playful games with all your cute favorite characters.

My nephew just got his. He is 11 and very happy. It’s nice, and techno speak aside, it’s just slightly less advanced than XBOX. Cube will have more titles at the onset and cuter games for the kids.

I’m 34, so I am tossing around the idea of getting XBOX, since my neighbor already has PS2. I would not get Game cube, because I want a product where-in I fall sqaurely in the marketting bulls eye so the games and the game styles fit my desires.

This pisses me off no end. Everything about the Gamecube is a plus for me compared to the other two consoles, but then there is this restriction limiting the console to kids’ games. I thought teens-twenties males made up the largest part of the gaming market. It might still be worthwhile buying a cube after all though. As the platform matured, N64 started to get more adult-oriented games like Goldeneye and the like. I’d like to think the same could happen with the Gamecube.

It may be designed for the younger crowd, but despite the cutesy theme, Super Monkey Ball is ANYTHING but easy. I’ve had hours of fun with that one so far on my Gamecube (I’m 31). I’m also enjoying Tony Hawk 3 (though it is not GC exclusive). Luigi’s Mansion is okay and falls into the Nintendo ‘younger crowd’ trap. Rogue Squadron 2 is an outstanding title, though I’m having a tough time getting too far with it.

I know I will get flamed for it, but I decided against the X-Box because I’m still believing that most of the games made for it will come out for the pc.

I only played Super MonkeyBall on my friends and we had hours of fun Monkey fighting. :slight_smile:

I like it a lot…

And incidentally… Nintendo has more than its share of young and adult themed games. not only does Nintendo do both very well… but their “kids” games are still fun for everybody. (should I even mention how much time I’ve spent on Mario Party. :slight_smile: )

Well, I’ll be getting a GC for the entire resident evil series which is being redone and rereleased. Those aren’t exactly kid’s games.

Is there some major announcement that contradicted the ones I read previously? Because Nintendo said that they were not going to market primarily to kids this time around.

In my opinion, this is a myth. I think this line of reasoning was developed by people who wanted to keep the Gamecube out of the Console Wars, i.e. “The Gamecube is different from PS2 or X-Box 'cuz it’s for kids, and so you can’t compare them.” But despite the fact that, yes, some games are aimed at “children”*, it’s not like there’s any glitch in the hardware that prevents the GC from playing a “mature” game.

*The irony is that just about all games are aimed at “children”… or, at least, the “young at heart”, of which I am proudly a member.

Kids games? Them’s fightin’ words.

As SPOOFE said, it seems that many of the games are kid-like. But that don’t mean they’re strictly fer kids.

Pac-Man was cute, and everybody loved him. Q*Bert, too. Mario-hey, why would anyone want to hug a Italian plumber from Brookyln? Some games look cutesy, but they’re tough on the surface.

Super Monkey Ball looks cute, but it’s tough. Pikmin looks cute, but they say it’s a very good strategy game.

Games like Duke Nukem, Eternal Darkness, and Resident Evil are definately not for kids.

As a long-time Nintendo supporter, I don’t really like them called a “kiddie” company. Sure, their characters look cute, but they can easily kick your ass (which we’ll soon learn in Super Smash Bros. Melee). And their are many popular games from the past (Goldeneye, for one) that weren’t for kids.

Nintendo is a company like Kirby, one of their characters-it looks cute on the surface, but when you get too close, it can chew you up and spit you out-literally.

Give Gamecube a chance. Though PS2 and XBox might crush it, I’m with Gamecube all the way. In my mind, Nintendo doesn’t mean “cuteness”- it means “quality.” (Well, technically, it means “leave luck to heaven” or something like that, but you know what I mean.)

Ouch! That should be “but there are many popular games from the past…” Grammar is important, but only second to stating your case in my opinion.


If metroid had been one of their launch games i would have a game cube right now, kiddie console or not.

Waverace: Blue Storm is definitely not a kiddie game. That game is almost enough reason to buy a Gamecube, IMO.

I have had my gamecube for two days now, and have had a blast with it. I only have Super Monkey Ball and rogue squadron, but they are a blast to play. They are also both way too hard for kids.

I had to work today, but I knew I wouldn’t get many calls. Since there was only one other guy working today, I brought my gamecube to work, set it up in the conference room with the huge tv near enough to our phones we could hear them if they rang, and played for four hours. It was a blast. Made working today while everyone else was off all worth it.


There presumably will be Zelda game for Gamecube. I’ve bought every Nintendo console ever released specifically for the Zelda game. That’s still the sole N64 game I own. I will probably buy one when said game makes it’s appearance. I never bought a Saturn/Playstation/Dreamcast/Playstation 2/X-BOX, and I’m unlikely to do so. Although the Playstation 2 looks tempting (MGS2, FFX or XI or whatever it is and BG: Dark Alliance).

I sure would like to win a Gamecube so I’m drinking lots of Dr. Pepper.

Yes, the Zelda game is set to be releases around Christmas of next year. But, sadly, it has a VERY ‘kiddie’ look to it.

Here is a site with some screenshots and a couple movies.

So, yeah, it looks a little more kiddie, but it will make the animation much smoother, and allow for a larger, more complex game, since less of the resources are used for rendering and such.

So there are only going to be 10 games out for the GC this year & 15 for the Xbox but 720 (imports, etc) for the ps2 are out not counting psx games…?

I saw a GC bundle with three games on the net from a major store for $449.00 (?) with memory card & extra controller.

I think Im going to wait until next year when they are cheaper. I saw the GC & the Xbox on they seem to close at about $50 more than retail. I would like to play the GC though.

Ugh, nevermind. Way too cartoony my taste.

well you can always rent a GC if you don’t want to buy it. I think some BB stores have them for rent.

As to the “will it be kiddie or not” question, I say most definately. Not that that’s a bad thing.
Nintendo has the kid demographic cornered, with PS2 and Xbox nowhere near it. Sony has recently lowered it’s demographic’s target age to try and include a larger audience. MS seems to be skewing it’s target age higher, with some exceptions.

Not that GC won’t have a good number of quality games for grown ups, but they know what age makes up their largest audience. It only makes sense that they would primarily focus on their largest demographic.

It seems that while Sony and MS are making a token effort to include kids to broaden their market, Nintendo is doing the same with adults.

As a N64 owner, I just got frustrated with the sheer lack of games coming out, and then the further few that weren’t overly cutesy.

This time out I went with an Xbox.

It’s, like, about 8 inches by 8 inches by eight inches, I think. Really cool looking little box. Games look pretty good, but I’m not much of a game player (except for Grand Theft Auto III, which kicks much ass).

This was more the look for Zelda Gamecube I was expecting

We can only hope