So What's This I Hear About Michelle Obama Forcing The Queen of England To

Or, presumably, to make with the interracial lesbian bondage butt sex. When, or perhaps better to say if, she offers it.

Hey, that’s nothing. Ya hear the one about Catherine the Great and her horse?

Of course not, they both smoked a cigarette. And they passed it back and forth so they were swapping spit too.

This was as close as they could get because of the rule, “no tongues on the queen”.

And the dildo? Well that was to get around yet another rule, whoch need not be detailed.

BTW, a little known fact… in these situations, it is mandatory to use royal jelly.

American Revolution: 1
King George the third: 0

The queen looks like my grandmother.

I’ll have the rest of the brain bleach, please.

So why the fuss when Obama had a chat with the Marine outside Marine One?

What?? I haven’t even heard of this. If it happened, it didn’t cause much of a ‘fuss.’

It happened. Check the video upthread. The fuss was, as I indicated in my OP, mostly on Fox News and the Brit tabloid press – everyone else was too grown up about it to give it more than a passing mention. My OP was mocking them for getting so worked up about it.

The British press seemed mostly surprised that the Queen was being so tactile (as far as royal touchy-feeliness goes), the consensus being that her and Mrs Obama got on really well. Mrs Obama gave a heartfelt speech at a London school on the visit and was swamped by young lassies afterwards - it was quite funny watching the security people not being very sure what to do with your First Lady being in danger of being hugged to death.

They shouldn’t have been. Curtseying is a gesture of obeisance and is only appropriate if you are a subject of the monarch in question. As a Canadian I would be supposed to bow (although they don’t fuss about it now) but Nancy wasn’t supposed to curtsey in the first place.

I thought as a Nancy-boy you’d be expected to curtsey. :smiley:

From my experience this is true. They do, however, issue very clear instructions as to where and when they will receive particular alcoholic drinks.

My hem line isn’t low enough.

That’s my understanding, too. Tempest in a teapot, IMHO.

And the customary nitpick about her title: she’s the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not the “Queen of England,” as such.

That’s pirouette since '77.

Maybe someday I’ll start referring to her as “Defender of the Faith” just to confuse people more. Or as the Queen of Tuvalu. She’s got a few titles, no reason to stick to just one.

Fuck protocol.

No, it doesn’t look like Fuck Protocol needed to come into play yet. At most I’d say Cop-a-Feel protocol had to be invoked.

Hell, I’m not a subject, but If I ever met the Queen I’d probably bow. How often do you get an opportunity to bow to someone with a straight face? I’d even wear a cape and a rapier for the occasion.

It may be old protocol, but one generally does not appear armed in front of the monarch. That may have gone the way of not copping a feel though…

Wait - if you’re not supposed to be armed, how are you supposed to shake her hand?