So What's This I Hear About Michelle Obama Forcing The Queen of England To

have interracial lesbian bondage butt sex with her?

At least, that’s what I’m thinking must have happened, to judge from the reactions of Faux News and the Brit tabloid press. I don’t presume to judge either woman, I just want to see the videos. (Personally I don’t see the attraction – the Queen of England is no spring chicken if you know what I mean.)

(Gee, I seem to have bought up the entire world’s supply of brain bleach. Sorry about that! :smiley: )

Here’s the video.

She put her arm around the Queen, which some people have interpreted as a breach of protocol. It really isn’t a big deal, although, as John Oliver can explain, it’s dangerous for the First Lady, as she risks being poisoned and devoured.

Ah, finally Martin Luther King’s dream has been fulfilled.

Basic protocol dictates that you don’t touch the Queen, except to shake her hand when she offers it. Few years back, the Prime Minister of Australia dared to put his hand on her back, and he was branded ‘The Lizard of Oz’ by the tabloids as a result.

However there doesn’t seem to have been too much negative press here in The UK - the comments have been much more along the lines of ‘Look! The Queen’s doing girly bonding! How sweet!’.

Royal Officials have come out to say that there was no breach of protocol, as Mrs Obama is not a Royal Subject (unlike the Lizard of Oz).

At least one show was reporting an observer said that the Queen (just barely) started it, and it appeared to be a mutual gesture between the two.

Her office was apparently denying that they issue “don’t touch Her Majesty!” instructions (these days?) as well.

People also keep seeming to miss the fact that the Queen made the first move.

You make it sound like the Queen did the old ‘yawn and put your arm on her shoulder’ trick. (If so she’d need a ladder.) But the press response has been silly. Oliver’s take was very funny.

You forgot “dildo”: interracial lesbian bondage butt dildo sex.

Damn! I always forget the dildo. Guess that’s why I’m not a lesbian. Well, that and one other reason.

I don’t see any big deal about an arm on the shoulder. At least Michelle didn’t try to “stop short” on her.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Of course these same people were surely outraged when Nancy Reagan refused to curtsey to the Queen when she was first lady.

Mark Twain was of the opinion that no American should ever offer any special courtesy to royalty of any kind. I sympathize with that position, but I guess there’s no purpose served to be a dink about it. But still…

I don’t have the cite, but I remember a visit the Queen made to America, some years ago. She was taken to view some kind of model minority housing project. The lady chosen to recieve her had been told about protocol, and not touching the queen, but instead did as she always did and gave the Queen a big ol’ hug at the door. Elizabeth was said to have a very surprised look on her face. She did, graciously, turn down the offer of a fried chicken dinner the lady had ready, although the hostess later said she hadn’t really expected the Queen would be able to stop for a snack.

It’s not cos she’s royal, it’s cos she represents the UK.

Same reason you chaps respect the office of the president, even when the incumbent is an utter arse.

I get to choose whether to bow to the Queen, as I’m her subject (hah, dream on yer Maj). You get to do a slight bow because she’s head of state for a friendly nation, same as I’d do to the head honcho of Japan if he came to tea.

Did the queen invite her over for coffee afterwards?

See, that’s where it all began. Charles has complained about how cold and distant his mother was when he was young. All part and parcel of that “not allowed to touch” protocol that denies them Human Contact.

So a while back, the Queen got a great big helping of ‘human contact’ with a hug from a large black woman. And she liked it. :smiley:

May I say, if the FL is going to engage in interracial lesbian bondage dildo sex with foreign royalty, it better be Rania of Jordan. THAT’s an image to take to our bunks. :wink:

Damn those Obamas and their “terrorist fist-job”!

Respect, but no one has to bow, curtsy, or avoid normal human contact. We don’t dip our flag either.