So, what's up with Saddam Hussein nowadays?

Where is he being kept? What’s he doing? What has he divulged? Has he shaved yet?

This recent CNN article says that he hasn’t given up much, and that he seems to be enjoying the “cat and mouse” of interrogation. Not too surpriising really, that a megalomaniac like Saddam would consider himself smarter than his captors.

For obvious reasons, “they” are not really disclosing his whereabouts. I would guess somewhere in or near Iraq, as heavily guarded as possible. Almost certainly on a US military base or perhaps a ship.

And, yep, he did shave. Looking like his old Magnum PI self.

I’ve heard rumors that he’s dying of cancer, and that putting him on trial might soon be a moot issue. No cites, tho.

Diceman, while you’re here: Is your name inspired by the Luke Reinhardt novel or by that Andrew Dice Clay dude? Props if the former, jeers if the latter.

Wow…Saddam ‘dying of cancer’ would be a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream…