So, when can we hope for the ads to go away?

I’m not a paid member, and I haven’t seen a single ad yet on this site.

Paid member, AdBlockPlus, Firefox, no ads and no squares for any ads. All I see is interface and content, clean as can be.

I’m paid up but If I turn off my adblockers, I see ads.

And they don’t know they’re ads. :wink:

No ads for me, but I run both Adblock and uBlock Origin.

Member. Running Adblock. Started last night on my iPad.

It’s funny how many people feel compelled to share their browser settings. The website is serving advertisements to signed-in, paid members. Whether or not any individual is blocking them is irrelevant. Not everyone views the site from a computer where they have the option of using addons are installing another browser. So the question is whether this is intentional and whether we can expect it to change. I doubt we’ll get an answer soon given recent events.

But I’m sure the non-answer poll will continue.

What he said.

A data point, I use Brave on my phone and just started seeing ads on here.
I just installed the Adblock browser and am trying it out here. Brave has been getting weak as of lately for ad blocking and SMDB is my test bed for a new browser. Thus far Adblock browser kinda sucks, for browsing. Slow jerky locky herky erky sea sicky sort of experience

Once in a while (like once every few days), I see an ad, but I reload the page and it’s gone.

Without out doubt, Brave has been the best of several browsers I’ve used over the years including “big brand” browsers such as opera. It’s just that I never got noticeable ads until the past few months.

Yes, I know it’s three months later, you’re very smart. Shut up.

So, is there any word on when we paid-up members can expect to see ads go away?


The subscription system did not port over from vBulletin. Subscriptions, ads, etc. are on the list of things that need to be addressed/fixed. Beyond that, I do not have any information for you. No information about timelines, possible solutions or anything along those lines has been shared with us at the moderation level.

I thank you and will await further developments (while still checking in from time to time).


I just recently noticed that I’m not seeing any ads here on the SDMB. I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but I do remember seeing them when the board first moved to Discourse.

The thing is, I haven’t done anything to turn them off. I did, at one time, download an adblocker, but turned it off well before the move to Discourse. I can’t even remember what its name was and certainly haven’t turned it back on. At any rate, I see lots of ads on other sites, so it’s probably not that that blocker has activated on me.

So did they finally get Discourse to stop displaying ads for Members?

Same here. I was going to stay quiet about it, so as not jinx it.
It’s nice.

Question: where exactly is it that you pay for a membership to the Straight Dope? I’ve scoured for evidence of such a thing, and I can find none.

Try this thread about the history of membership and what happened to it when we transferred to Discourse:
How do you become a member of the SDMB? - About This Message Board - Straight Dope Message Board

Speaking of ads, it’s an embarrassment to the board for banner ads to appear featuring sketchy or-flat-out bullshit health claims, like the current one where a “Dr. Holly” tells us how eating a cup of something-or-other (beets?) before bedtime will melt our belly fat like crazy.

We don’t hand-pick the ads. Like most web sites, we go through an external ad provider. I am not involved in the advertising side of things at all so I don’t know exactly what options they give us, but usually they only give options for fairly broad categories. Within those categories though, we are stuck with whatever they give us. There’s not much that we can do about it.

Certainly there is, the same thing sites that also rely on ad revenue but whose ads aren’t as sketchy do: go with a more reputable external ad provider.

That’s not much you the mods can do, but it is something that TPTB could do.

That’s a battle that’s been lost for a decade, though. There’s a reason I use Adblock.