So when did Andy get back on the couch on Conan?

I’m seeing tonight that Andy is back on the couch instead of staying behind his podium. On Hulu, I saw that he was there when Sam Worthington appeared last Friday.

When did this happen?

It’s a great move. He belongs there for the celebrity interviews, if not for the “bits” they do after the monologue.

A quick Twitter search suggests they started doing this last week.

Good to hear though; he was always better on the couch. It was just sort of awkward with him as announced. I’m betting too they’re trying to switch it up a bit since the ratings aren’t too hot.

Since the question has been answered, anyone else like his short lived detective show?

I loved it. And I am jealously guarding his Jeopardy! superiority; I really want him to win the celebrity tournament. I was so impressed with him.

I did. I liked Andy Richter Controls the Universe even better. But both suffered from the same fatal flaw.

The comedy was too smart.

It’s a sad state of affairs when shows like According to Jim and Yes, Dear, both run for years and are shown in syndication while Andy’s two vehicles were canceled and faded away into obscurity.

I just noticed it last night and wondered the same thing. Then again, I usually end up falling asleep shortly after the monologue.