So where are we meeting?

Probably about 6 years, ago, I picked up a copy of Games Magazine, which is one of those little addictions that I can’t seem to rid myself of. Even if half of the puzzles are too easy, anda lot of the other half just don’t do it for me. But I always read it cover to cover, and sometimes pick up cool little tidbits in it.
So on that occasion, six years ago, I was on a trip to North Carolina, and lying in the hotel room at the end of a long day. Came across a little snippet of article, which to the best of my recollection, read as follows:

It then said to turn to page 47 for the answer.

Now, I was baffled by the “Turn to page 47” bit, because obviously this is not a “right or wrong” kind of question. But I dutifully chose my answer, and turned to page 47. I had gotten it “right.” :eek: I turned to my ex-husband, and asked him. He also got it right. Moreover, about 99% of the people I’ve posed this question to have also gotten it “right.” And the look on their faces when you give them the answer they thought of is priceless. (I would write it on a slip of paper, hand it to them, and have them read it after they gave their answer) So, in the interest of nonscientific science…

You do the same thing. Pick your place, and then read the spoiler box below. Let me know if you were “right”, and if not, then let me know where you DID pick.

See you at the Eiffel Tower.

*I feel stupid for adding this, but some of the people I have asked did not know the meaning (or had it reversed) so secular is defined as “Non-religious”.
Oh, and the other question.

Anyone else seen this before?

My first time seeing it.

I first thought of the Taj Mahal, since it’s not realy secular but just a burial site. But since there is a Mosque on the grounds I figured if that didn’t count my second guess would be the Eiffel Tower.

OMG! That’s totally crazy. That is *definitely * the answer I picked prior to reading the spoiler box. I’ll have to remember that one! (And no, I’d never seen it before… Great trick!!)

I got it “right” also.

Something must be wrong with me. I picked the main entrance to the British Museum in London.

I picked the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I was thinking, “it’s either the base of Big Ben in London or the Eiffel Tower.”

I probably would have chosen the latter, if I was forced to make a choice. How many other single points are as accessible to meet someone, and famous enough to be a first choice? Red Square, under the overlook where the premiers watched the May Day parade? The Brandenburg Gate? Sydney Opera House? The hall that contains the Kaaba (sp?) in Mecca? The Wailing Wall? St. Peter’s Square?

Both **kittenlm ** and I got it “right”. Pretty interesting. :slight_smile:

I thought Big Ben, too, but never researched it before to know if it had any religious connotations.
For all I know, it could be sitting on top of a church. :rolleyes:
I need to get out more. :smiley:

Ok, researched it and according to it wouldn’t matter.

I guess you could still meet in front of it.

I chose Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

I was half a world away because I chose the top of Mt. Everest.

My first thought was Big Ben, but then I though what if the person I’m meeting isn’t big on flying, or boats, so I decided to meet them at Niagra Falls.

I don’t understand how there can be a “right” answer to this :confused:

It takes a lot longer than a month to get there.

I guess I’m way lazier than most. My answer was “The bench across the road from [my address]”.

I’m not making a special trip just for a puzzle, y’know.

Me, too! So when are we meeting?

Apparently, I’ll be hanging out with BurnMeUp in India.

I picked the Eiffel Tower as well! :eek: Mr. Delaunay picked the Sidney Opera House.

Well there isn’t, but the point of the piece in the magazine (and this thread) was that for some odd reason, a majority of people will choose the Eiffel Tower. I don’t know what kind of data they had to back that up, (I’m pretty sure the number they claimed was 93%), and I don’t know whether it’s a regional thing - (does it work as well with people outside of the US, for example?) but even in this thread, a fair number of people (6, including spouses) picked the Eiffel Tower, which is a lot more than the other non-Eiffel choices. Maybe it’s more accurate to say “The Eiffel Tower will be picked more times than another location.”

So, obviously, there is no right or wrong answer, just one that is easier to predict than the rest. Among the other responses I tend to get are The Louvre, Big Ben, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Just nowhere near as often as the good ol’ Eiffel Tower. I couldn’t even say why *I * chose it - I have no particular desire to go there. It was just the first thing that popped into my head.

Well I guess I’ll be all alone at the CN tower, sniff

Basically I figured the most distinctive thing that is closest to the U.S.

I’m all alone…

I picked the HI youth hostel in Salvador, Brazil. Ah, well…