So where do you depart on typical politcal party stances that you normally vote with?

If you normally vote democrat, what typical democratic party stances do you not agree with?

Same for republicans, or any other political party that you normally align with.

I normally vote republican, but I am pro-choice and for gay marriage. I am probably more libertarian, but a vote for that party is traditionally a wasted vote.

I normally vote Republican, but I oppose the death penalty and favor legislatively-enacted same-sex marriage rights. I also disfavor the teaching of any sort of Biblical creationism or “intelligent design” as that term is normally used in any science context whatsoever. The teaching of such is not a universal Republican position but when it is advocated, it’s Republicans that do it.

I normally vote Democrat because of the social issues. If a Republican candidate was pro choice and pro gay rights, I would certainly consider voting for him/her.

I find myself supporting an increase in unemployment assistance.

In Taiwanese politics, I support the DPP on Taiwan independence but oppose its anti-nuclear energy agenda and some of its social-issues platforms.

I lean left but:

I’m pro gun rights.
I’m anti “community” for the sake of the “individual” in all free speech matters. Fuck Canadian and EU hate speech laws and group bans. My fellow lefties love censorship. See Social and human ideas. This is the issue I vote on. And have a professional hand in.

Like Bricker alludes to, there’s a lot of really stupid shit Democrats do that isn’t necessarily related to an overall ideology. For instance, Obama’s new trade deal that Rand Paul opposes, or new copyright laws. And the issues surrounding alcohol and small business in distribution-based states. I just assume those are graft-related.

Democrats seem to not want to touch:

Assisted suicide
Marijuana Legalization
Prostitution legalization
Actually pushing through the ERA.

I usually consider the Republican candidate to be the lesser evil.

That said,

I think censorship is more dangerous than pornography. (And besides, I like porn.)

I favor abortion and gay marriage, though for reasons that would horrify most liberals.

I think science classes should teach evolution.

I lean fairly strongly left in the current American climate, but my dream platform would be more… I don’t want to say “fiscally conservative” since it has so much connotation, but, “fiscally in control”? “Fiscally realistic”? Not so far as a balanced budget amendment, but there needs to be a plan for paying for what we’re spending. This might (probably) includes raising taxes, but more generally I just mean we should put a much higher priority on sound financial policy rather than having it take a back seat to politics and campaign donations.

I tend to be more hawkish than most Democrats and I strongly support the death penalty, but by and large the complaints I have with the Democratic party is that they don’t go far enough on certain issues.

I’m very Republican, but I think the Defense Budget should be dramatically reduced.

I tend to be more right-ish in my voting… but gay marriage, abortion, “intelligent design” or “creationism”, and marijuana legalization are among the more important missed opportunities from that side of “smaller government”.

I differ from most Democrats in being in favor of nuclear energy. Providing of course, that the construction, maintenance, and operation of these facilities is regulated by well staffed, well funded, and zealous government staff and that the nuclear waste be stored in the safest spot anywhere, regardless of the NIMBY attitude that you might find in whatever spot that is. Reducing carbon emissions is worth a miniscule risk of radiation leakage.

I normally vote Republican, but I agree with Bricker on all of these (I’m still a little squishy on the death penalty issue, but coming around). I also think the drug war has done serious damage our Constitutional protections. Legalization is probably a lesser evil.

I vote Republican, but I feel like the social end of the party is usually out of line with how I vote. (Note: not necessarily out of line with how I live or with many of my beliefs, just out of line with the things that I think ought to be enforced against everyone. Same-sex marriage and abortion being perfect examples. Morally, I am opposed. Politically, I don’t think the government needs to be enforcing morals.)

There are a few fiscal issues I disagree with, but that’s mostly a disagreement of degree rather than of principle. For example, I tend to favor some kind of tax increase right now because I don’t think there’s much we can realistically cut.

I’m often told I should just be Libertarian, but I generally feel like they take every good idea and then run with it to some unreasonable extreme. Free markets are good, but free markets with no regulation whatsoever? Um, probably not so good.

I deviate a bit from the Democratic party with regards to abortion, with my view that it be safe, legal, and rare.

I normally vote Democrat because too many of the Republicans scare the bejeesus out of me with their war rhetoric. And I cringe at their anti-science tendencies, and their need to inject abortion into just about everything (I am strongly pro-choice). But I’m not too keen on Democrats who push for a “living wage” and I much prefer things to done at the state level rather than at the federal level. Democrats seem to want to federalize everything under the sun.

Like many here, I tend to the libertarian side of things, but don’t find the Republicans really supporting liberty all that much, except when it comes to guns and I’m one of those crazy people who think the 2nd amendment is an anachronism. I wish there were more Republicans like Alan Simpson.

I look at the Republican presidential field, and although I am no fan of HRC, I can’t imagine voting for any of the declared GOP folks. The Democrats are no angels, but they just seem to be more on the sane side of things than the Republicans, of late.

Seems that Democrats tend to support the so-called “Palestinians” in the Middle East. I tend to support the Israelis. Actually, that’s not true. I don’t necessarily support the Israelis but I don’t hate them, either (or favor the “Palestinians” over them).

Same with me. Not to mention that when nuclear energy generation is done in other non-US countries (like France), they reprocess the spent plutonium to be used again, thus drastically reducing nuclear waste. The US needs to get on that.

I’m with you here. I’m also not opposed to the oil pipeline, or increased exploration.

Keeping us dependent on the Middle East, and other outside sources of energy isn’t going to drive us to reduce oil consumption. Improving non-petroleum technology will. Until that happens, we may as well keep the oil money within our own borders rather than sending it overseas.

I’m pretty liberal, but I do get that taxes are high. When you think about income tax (25% or 28% for most of us, on the margin), on top of the 7.65% FICA (with the hidden 7.65% more that the employer is paying), that’s a pretty big slice to take.

But I’m not really *Republican *on that issue, either. I see it more like, our grandparents and great grandparents created this, and we’ve got to pay it off. That’s OK. I always wanted to be someone who gave more than he took.

And the way to balance the budget and slowly pay it off is not to reduce taxes (for now - that will be a gift our grandchildren get to enjoy).

The way to pay down our huge debt is to reduce military spending (not armed forces size, which is a great employment program that right-wingers don’t see as socialism, for whatever reason), but reducing spending on more and more high-tech weaponry. Also, we should stop promising new enlistees and officers great pensions for life for eight-to-twenty year “careers.”