What's your political affiliation?

Well, it’s election year again here in the U.S. and I figured that this would be a good time to drag out the ol’ poll on dopers political leanings.

As this is a brand new thread it would be appreciated that you post in this one even if you’ve posted in a previous one.

Basic structure of poll:

  1. What political party you’re a member of (if any)

  2. What country you’re from (to differentiate similarly named parties in different countries)

  3. Where you feel you stand in the overall political spectrum (center, left of center, etc.)?

  4. Miscellaneous comments, if necessary (e.g., you’re a right-winger, but you’re in favor of legalizing the use of crack-cocaine on every third Tuesday)

I thought about including a question about who you want to win in the upcoming election, but with it still months away I figured that some minds might wind up being changed by then making some responses void. If you really want to put down your pick for Prez just dump it in four.

Basic Rules:
No debating. Go to GD or the Pit if you have to.

One post per person unless you make an egregious error and have to correct it or if you want to tabulate responses (I’m planning on doing this occasionally, but if you wanna help knock yourself out)

My info:

  1. No party affiliation

  2. U.S.A.

  3. Slightly right of center, extreme on some issues

  4. I’m currently opposed to the reelection of Bush due to issues such as the invasion of Iraq, curtailing of civil liberties and his economic policy (although I don’t think that it’s as bad as some people make it out to be). There’s still some wiggle room for him, but very little.

  1. I’m a registered Democrat.

  2. United States.

  3. All told, I think I’m a centrist. (I prefer the term “Dorsal Fin,” in contrast to “Left Wing” or “Right Wing.” :wink: )

  4. Politically, I’m a bit of an odd duck. I support legalizing gay marriage, unhindered free speech, and for keeping abortions legal. On the other hand, I’m pro-nuclear, pro-death penalty, and pro-Afganistan and Iraq wars. Basically, I like a Republican foreign policy, and a Democratic domestic policy. (“Make love AND war!”) But, if push comes to shove, I’d rather throw in with the Democrats.

And I’m voting for Kerry, though I have a gut feeling that he’ll still lose.

  1. Democrat

  2. USA, California (“Heil Ahnuld!”)

  3. Left of center. Way left. No, over there. Yes.

  4. I’m actually more of a socialist; I further believe that most people, but especially most Americans, are too selfish and pigheaded to do the right thing without being clubbed into it by the power of the state. I DO, as a matter of fact, think that YOU, Mr. Rightwinger, can’t be trusted with firearms, your own money, or prescription medications. I think property rights and petty personal freedoms are over-emphasized in our legal system, while economic justice and civic rights are underserved.

  1. formerly Democrat, now favoring Libertarian but more concerned with ousting the incumbent.

  2. U.S.A., voting absentee from Japan since Clinton/Dole.

  3. Mildly conservative/pro-business on economic matters, strongly liberal (individualistic, or whatever other word sums up MYOFB) on social matters.

  1. No affiliation

  2. USA

  3. I think of myself as somewhat left of center, though I’ve taken more than one online “place yourself politically” tests that put me somewhere between Kucinich and Gandhi. I guess the American discourse has slid further rightward than I thought.

  4. When it comes to education, public transit, and health care, I think we Americans should chuck everything we’re doing and take up the best models Western Europe can provide. This year, however, by far the most important political priority is to fire George Bush from his job.

  1. No party affiliation

  2. Nebraska by way of Tennessee, United States

  3. Pretty liberal.

  4. Pro-choice, for gay marriage, anti-death penalty, and all that jazz. I also think we should adopt Western Europe’s more successful socialist policies.

  1. New Democratic Party.

  2. Canada.

  3. Loony left.

  4. Sometime next month I shall be seeking the nomination for my third run at a seat in Parliament.

  1. Republican - I have some problems with Bush’s policy’s, but the other major canidates would have the same problems, only moreso.
  2. Idaho, USA
  3. Hawkish Libertarian with a conservative religous streak. :slight_smile:
  4. Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty, want most drug laws repealed, very strongly anti-gun control, pro-nuclear, want Social Security Privatized or scrapped. I agreed with the war in Iraq, but dislike Bush’s increasing of various social programs(see- Senior Drug Plan) / increasing federal involvement in schools. I think the gay marriage issue should be decided by individual states.
  1. I’m a member of no political party. I dislike political parties.

  2. The United States. Kentucky. Hey, it’s nto so bad here. Cold!

  3. Eh. I suppose you could call me a rightist libertarian - I’m all for guns, removing environmental protections, and all that other jazz - but that obfuscates my real position some. I certainly think that war is a symptom of government too powerful and gone mad. I don’t care a whit whether gays get married.

  4. I don’t vote. Ha! Good Fun! People who tell me that I can’t complain unless I vote piss me off. I do what I can to spread the libertarian word; voting won’t do any good until it’s spread sufficiently. A libertarian vote is a waste of time that could be spent working.

  1. I’m not an actual member of any party.

  2. From Holland, living in Ireland.

  3. Pretty far left and getting more and more libertarian.

  4. I wish to state that I do not want to be associated with any environmentalism and/or animal rights. In fact I do not believe animals have rights, though we might choose to treat them well. I just don’t see why certain people go so mad about the protection of animals in view of all the human misery that goes on.

Otherwise the usual leftwing/libertarian trappings: abortion ought to be legal everywhere, against death penalty, very worried about increasing xenophobia and ill-treatment of asylum seekers. Marijuana to be legalised.

Oh and I forgot.

Tax the rich.

  1. Green

  2. USA

  3. I am a libertarian at heart, but they have no electoral chance, so I signed up with the ‘Big Boys’ of the Green Party.

  4. Here in Saudi and in Panama I am apolitical.

  1. Registered Republican

But, I will back out of that an into an Independant mode. Sean Hannity has SINGLE-HANDEDLY moved me from the right toward the middle. Not left! Just in the middle. He’s such a winer. Me thinks he protest too much!

  1. USA
  1. Republican by party affiliation, libertarian by conviction

  2. US; lived in the Midwest most of my life, but now in Se Virginia

RandomLetters and I could be two peas in a pod on 3 and 4

D*mn! I hit Submit instead of Preview.

I want to add that I think abortion should be legal, but discouraged; that something needs to be done to reign in judicial activism; and that the one place I break with the Libertarians is that the government has a place in space exploration, but should not monopolize it.

  1. What political party you’re a member of (if any)

  2. What country you’re from (to differentiate similarly named parties in different countries)
    The United States of America

  3. Where you feel you stand in the overall political spectrum (center, left of center, etc.)?
    Right, but not extreme right. A bit more than ‘just right of center’, maybe.

  4. Miscellaneous comments, if necessary (e.g., you’re a right-winger, but you’re in favor of legalizing the use of crack-cocaine on every third Tuesday)
    **I emphatically do not support a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to one man and one woman. It’s discriminate against polygamists and that’s just not right.

Seriously, though, as a Republican I believe such decisions should be left to the states.**

  1. **Politcal Party **: None of the Above Party.

  2. Location USA, Michigan

  3. Views: Education, Education, Education for our kids; Less TV/gamers Yes, I know, that qualifies me for the death penalty everywhere.Pro-choice, Pro-adoption, anti-death penalty ]( monetarily it’s too expensive to fry them.) Enforcing gun laws/pro-gun, Pro-marijuana for medical situations, Anti-Tobacco (raise the taxes even more.) , Pro-Sex Ed in schools, Anti-10 commandments in Goverment Buildings, Pro-medical assisted suicide, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Hemp, and some form of general health care for all working Americans which will never happen…

  1. Not registered.

  2. US.

  3. Pretty right.

  4. Not happy with Bush (Drug plan, immigrants, uber spending) but what am I going to do, vote for Kerry or Edwards? I.don’t.think.so.

  1. New Democratic Party
  2. Canada
  3. pretty far left
  4. I vote strategically a lot. Last election I wanted Ernie Eves to lose pretty badly so I voted Liberal mostly because I was worried about Ernie privatizing health care. Education is my biggest issue, I figure it could solve a lot of the worlds problems if it was only given a chance. Here at home it needs a lot of work as well.
  1. Independent. Not a citizen of the United States, and not a resident of the UK, so I can’t vote here or there.

  2. UK citizen, US resident

  3. Socially left, fiscally slightly left

  4. I work for a Democratic Florida State senator.