What's your political affiliation?

  1. Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), no registered member but loyal follower with perfect voting record.

  2. Germany

  3. According to this ultra-liberal leftist, I consider myself clearly left of center.

  4. I might be far on the left, but I am a social democrat, neither socialist, communist, nor green. Strongly pro-european (as in pro EU integration, not nationalism on a greater level.)

1) What political party you’re a member of (if any)
Registered as a Republican

2) What country you’re from (to differentiate similarly named parties in different countries)
USA - West Texas

3) Where you feel you stand in the overall political spectrum (center, left of center, etc.)?
When I was in high school, I thought of myself as a staunch conservative. Then I went to college and met the real conservatives (run away! run away!). Currently I consider myself a centrist (I love the “doral fin” designation, Ranchoth). As each year goes by, though, I continue to swing slightly further to the left, especially on social issues. But even as I grow more disillusioned and disgruntled about the Republicans, the Democrats have done little to impress me. I now see both sides as stricken by the same disease – never supporting anything that comes from the other party, no matter how sensible it may be or how badly the country needs it.

*4) Miscellaneous comments, if necessary *
My political stance was best summed by Jay Leno (of all people), who said: “Every time I think I’m a Republican, the Republicans go out and do something greedy. Every time I think I’m a Democrat, the Democrats go out and do something stupid.”

  1. I’m registered as a Libertarian.

  2. U.S.A.

  3. I am somewhat of a centrist according to the Cartesian model.

  4. I generally describe myself as a conservative on economic matters, a liberal on social matters, and a homicidal psychopath on foreign affairs. I belive in ZERO public spending on social engineering of any sort, total freedom of the individual to live their life the way they want, pro-choice, anti-death penalty unless personally administered, anti-anything the Religious Right is For, for the legalization of all drugs, pro-private ownership of assault weapons, progay anything, and pro nuking off the face of the planet any country that f***s with the USA. I tend to vote Republican anyway, but Dubya is giving me serious cause to reconsider this position.

Me too.

Except for the Japan part. :slight_smile:

  1. Registered Libertarian

  2. Orlando(ish)

  3. Probably just to the right of center.

  4. Although I disgree with Bush’s stance on expanded gov’t, amnesty for illegal aliens, prescription drug coverage, and increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, I believe we are safer from terrorist attacks with Bush in the White House. Libya is suddenly cooperating with weapons inspectors, and I think Syria is co-operating in helping us track down Al Qaeda. Plus, we found one WMD, Saddam Hussein. I like how he is running the war better than Kerry would. First and foremost, we have to be safe from terrorism. The rest can come later. Plus, I don’t want a President who will run to the UN every time we get attacked and ask permission for before we retaliate,

  1. Registered Democrat

  2. USA

  3. Slightly left of center, with a dash of Libertarian thrown in.

  4. I believe in the simple rules:

    • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    • Share and play nice.
    • With great power comes great responsibility.
    • All men are created equal.

I cannot support the current Republican party, as I feel they do not share these values.

  1. Registered Republican

  2. New Mexico

  3. Libertarianish

  4. Used to be a single issue voter on gun rights. I’m more concerned with animal rights anymore. The Patriot Act, Gay Marriage ammendment, and Iraq might force me to actually vote Libertarian this year for President. I’m not too wild about the deficit either.


  1. Used to be a single issue voter on gun rights. I’m more concerned with animal rights anymore. QUOTE]

Pro on the gun. Anti on the animal.

  1. Member of no party at the moment. I have been in the past a member of the provincial Green party and the federal Conservative party at the same time (before the merger/takeover of the Conservatives). Much before that I was a member of the NDP, but broke away when I was in college.

  2. Ontario, Canada

  3. Socially and environmentally libertarian; fiscally conservative.

  4. My basic principle: live and let live.

I am…

For legalising all forms of marriage between consenting adults, while acknowledging that a legal framework may have to be put in place for group marriage.

For legalising marijuana and other drugs (subject to limits based on how users/addicts might affect others).

For legalising prostitution and other “sex work”.

For letting aboution remain legal at the option of the mother, though I do not like it.

Note that “environmentally libertarian” does not mean what some might think; it’s not a license for a free-for-all. To me, it means, “you can do what you want, as long as you don’t mess things up for others”. Pollution, urban sprawl, clearcutting, wrecking ecosystems, covert toxic-waste dumping, etc, are all forms of messing up. There is no such thing as an “economic externality”, and this should be reflected in our price structures.

  1. at least third generation Democrat

  2. USA

  3. Left. Way left. Not as left as I used to be, probably, but still very left. Some might still say ‘bleeding heart liberal.’ They would not be wrong.

  4. I was raised by public school teachers, so education is my number one agenda (no vouchers, no No Child Left Behind). Social issues are much more important to me than economic or security ones, but obviously they are all connected.

I guess I am planning to vote for Kerry. I was torn between him and Dean but since that’s been eliminated, Kerry gets the defualt. (Our primaries aren’t for another month.) Kucinich is probably the one it would seem I was closest to, but I think you have to vote for the folks that have a chance. Edwards is ok, too, though.

  1. Registered independent, I believe

  2. USA

  3. I’m pretty far left – somewhere between Democrat and Socialist

  4. I vote Democrat, even though the party’s too conservative for my tastes

  1. Going to register as a Libertarian.

  2. New York

  3. I guess far right, but it depends. See below.

  4. Pro-gun, anti-death penalty, VERY pro-individual liberties (pro-gay marriage, anti-civil commitments, in favor of very strong privacy laws, in favor of protection of anonymity of persons accused of a crime until they’ve been found guilty) [and, as a result, pro-states rights], anti-affirmative action, pro-abortion, economically conservative (pro-business, concerned about the environment but still pro-business), pro-legalization of all drugs, pro-legalization of prostitution.

But I’m probably voting Democrat this year. As long Kerry (or whichever Dem) repeals the Patriot Act and all the invasionary airline laws, I’ll vote for him.

  1. I am an anarcho-capitalist which, for obvious reasons, isn’t a political party. :smiley:

  2. USA

  3. psycho

  4. If a politician is for it, I’m likely agin’ it, and vice versa.


  1. What political party you’re a member of (if any)

Democrat, but really would be green if they could win

  1. What country you’re from (to differentiate similarly named parties in different countries)


  1. Where you feel you stand in the overall political spectrum (center, left of center, etc.)?

Way over to the left

  1. Miscellaneous comments, if necessary (e.g., you’re a right-winger, but you’re in favor of legalizing the use of crack-cocaine on every third Tuesday)

Support gay marriage, anti death penalty, pro choice, pro universal healthcare, tax the rich, free education, equal rights for women

  1. Republican

  2. Illinois, USA

  3. Definitely right of center.

  4. There are some issues on which I haven’t formulated an opinion, but on which I see both sides; I might actually lean to the left if I thought about it long enough. One is marijuana legalization. Another is third-world debt relief. I don’t know much about the issue, but on the surface it seems like a good idea.

  1. Democrat

  2. Currently in California, soon to be Tenessee

  3. Very liberal on most issues

  4. All my beliefs in a nutshell:

  • A woman should be able to have an abortion whenever she wants.
  • Marriage is none of the government’s business.
  • Marijuana should be legal as both medicine and a recreational drug.
  • Private ownership of guns should not be legal, except for hunting rifles.
  • Affirmative action should be slowly phased out.
  • The entire medical system should be socialized.
  • We need tougher environmental laws, and the energy grid should be socialized.
  • On labor, we don’t need more laws, but rather actual enforcement of the laws we currently have.
  • Reduce corporate welfare
  • If we stop messing around with the Middle East, Middle Easterners will stop messing around with us. This would also allow a large reduction in defense spending.
  • I used to be stringently anti-vouchers, but my attitude on that issue is slowly turning around.
  • On immigration, I support the policy that made America great: totally open border.
  • To get lower crime, focus on treatment rather than punishment. Also, hire more Police and pay them more.

1.Registered as Democrat, mostly to influence primary elections. Actually, Democratic and Republican parties in the US do not have members in the sense as it is understood in most countries.

  1. Live in Northern California.


  1. I have unshakable faith in the fundamental goodness of human nature. I think that rights reside in people, not in the income producing property they own. I favor converting all corporations to worker-owned cooperatives. I believe that people should be compensated generously for labor saving ideas up to and including lifetime pension at any age for ideas which increase productivity, the answer to the charge that only private profit produces incentive. I favor fully employing the talents of all people. No more unemployment. Bottom line: the economy exists to provide for peoples material and spiritual needs, not to be a casino for a wealthy class. I envision a society where work becomes a diminishing part of life; a society where we reclaim our lives to live and enjoy the finer things in life. I believe that the life that he Utopians envisioned is now materially possible.

I favor total disarmament of all the world’s armies. Begin with a total ban on nuclear weapons. I favor agressive measures to stop the destruction of the environment and to control current trends which are changing the climate. I favor complete equality of all people. I favor strict sanctions to curb discrimination against anyone in public and private life based on the usual standards. I favor privacy of the individual from government snooping. I favor marriage between consenting adults.

I favor rehabiliting all prisoners and the bulldozing of all prisons. Build universities instead. No death penalty except in cases of fascists. Maybe.

For starters.

  1. Libertarian - formerly Republican - formerly Democrat

  2. Canada, but grew up in the U.S.A.

  3. Right of center

  4. I’ve already done what so many have threatened to do…

++gay marriage
++scripture in school, but only teach humanism
+death penalty (in some rare occassions)

  1. The Rhinocereos (sp?) Party!

  2. Canada

  3. I’m fairly socialist

  4. Gay marriage = right on
    Abortion = it’s a woman’s choice
    Legalizing marijuana = I keep out of that one
    Quebec separation = we Quebeckers should stick around, cause somebody has to make this country look good ; )
    Public health care = absolutely

Now that Indiana has opened primaries, I do not have a registered party.

I live in the USA.

Since I despise tyranny, I cannot be left nor right, as both dogmas are ultimately predicated upon the destruction of human rights and their replacement by some sort of collectivism, ultimately producing a Metropolis-like society. Either this is done explicitly or under the lying propganda of a “classless society”. There is no such thing as a classless society, and all attempts at imposing one ultimately end up creating a new hereditary ruling class and reducing all other people to either slaves or lackeys. Likewise, history has demonstrated over and over that making political dogma the overriding criterion of government invariably leads to misery and vileness. High-flown theory is ultimately meaningless when every single implementation has turned out to be self-betraying. I have healthy and wise distrust for anyone who claims to have some sort of key to history, program, or dogma that is guaranteed to produce “social justice”, “prosperity”, “a better world”, “a return to real values” or any other such meaningless political buzzphrase. Any such claims cannot be trusted, and the motive, the intelligence, or both of the person making these claims is automatically questionable.

The world is far more complex and problems far more difficult to define and solve than extremists of any stripe would have us believe.