Can you be pigeonholed politically?

Inspired by this thread, I found my self wondering why people even bother to identify with a political party. I myself have many interests/traits/opinions that clash with other interests/traits/opinions that **I **have. So I thought I’d toss a few out.

I’m a liberal who owns an assault rifle.
I’m a gun owner who doesn’t hunt.
I lean left, but I think the Democrats tax too much.
I’m pro choice, but I’m in favor of limiting the death penalty.
I’m firmly middle class, was raised upper middle class, but find my opinions out of place with others of the same ilk.
I went to a Catholic college, but I’m non-religious
I’m kinda liberal, but I think Saddam should die.
I think Saddam should die, but I’m not really for Dubya’s timeline.
I think Clinton was spineless at foreign affairs, and that several times he should have used a heavy hand.
Reverse that for Dubya.
I’m all for welfare reform, and a statement like “Get a godd*mned job” has left my lips.
I completely against cuts to things like Head start or educational aid.
I think a dividend tax cut is stupid.
I think an income tax cut is smart.

Heck, I have a lot more, but you get my gist.

What are your dichotomies?

I’m your basic atheist conservative.

Left-handed conservative here.

New Deal Anarchist.

You da bomb!

Pro-choice Republican.


…but you can call me “That Man Who was Thursday.”

Tech savvy luddite here.

In a perpetual state of flip-flopping between parties. As soon as they open their mouth I switch to the other.

Old-fashioned Stalinist. Those who don’t wish to do their bit for the common good are to be obliged to do so.