So where is the added expense

Once again my C band satellite bill went up.
Explanation— Added expense to keep aging C band equipment operating.
I find that impossible to believe.
It can’t be the electronics.
Everyone knows what happens to electronics prices.With time they go dirt cheap.Not only that they can be repaired.
The dish?
I cannot believe that either.
I bought my dish in the mid 80s and its still operating flawlessly.
Why wouldn’t uplink dishes work just as long?Not only that they are easily constructed.
BTW my dish had a tree fall on it.
So that leaves,Gasp, the human factor.
Some overpaid executives need to pad their retirement account.
Can anyone enlighten me as to reasons for raising prices?

The bellboy took it?

… and then, after more time, they go obsolete, and then supply drops until they are very scarce and suddenly very expensive. When they disappear altogether, either a total or partial re-design with newer parts is required.

Additionally, ‘keeping the equipment operating’ probably means having competent technicians familiar with and willing to work with the technology, who again become scarce the older the technology gets.

Could also mean that C band equipment on earth and in space is taking up space (and perhaps bandwidth) that could be given over to other, more profitable, bands, if it weren’t for all those damned customers still holding on to their 20-year-old dishes. Sneak up the price, more of them drop out, and eventually you can cut off the old service and switch everything over to the new one.

Just a WAG.