The future of C band

Way back in the 80s when C band was looking like a great way to use my electronics experience I got the great (cough cough) idea of selling satellite TV equipment. I won’t bore you with the $orry results.

Anyway I have a basement shelf literally overflowing with older satellite equipment that I had the brilliant idea of trading my labor for. I thought it would be like selling used TVs which used to be a money maker.

Now I keep getting calls from Dish TV , that several more channels are going to stop transmitting on C band. So I’m wondering what is going to be done with C band.
The stations that I get are still strong and the picture is near perfect -I haven’t readjusted the dish in years.

Is it just the US that seems to be abandoning it?
Is it still used in other parts of the world?
Whats gonna happen with C band satellite TV?