So wheres all the dope talk?

I’m getting the feeling this place is not about drugs?


We just figured out Blues Clues,
We just figured out Blues Clues,
We just figured out Blues Clues,
Because we’re really smart!


Hey there doper!!
No, this place isnt about Drugs.Its a place for people who like to dispell ignorance with the mighty swords of Logic and learning, or something like that :wink:

The site is dedicated to Cecil Adams, a syndicated journalist for the Chicago Reader.

Don’t worry. stick about and you’re bound to find something to interest you. We’re a pretty good bunch here, from a wide range of beliefs and viewpoints.

If you read some of cecil’s columns here
you’ll see what I mean.

Welcome to the Straight Dope!

Suspicions answered. May as well hang here and read the posts people are making, good stoned reading material.

If I had a penny for everyone that’s seen the banner ad and then asked me why I was looking at a drug site at work I’d be able to buy some seriously good drugs.

And Doper there is lots of good stoned reading material. :wink:

See ya around.

We really should have a disclaimer. The ‘dope’ in the title has about as much to do with recreational drug use as, say, my cat’s name of Chester serves as a reminder for the great, woefully misunderstood president Chester A. Arthur.

Which is to say not at all.

Are drugs discussed? Intermittently. But your bong would probably run out of water by the time you found one on an average day.

andygirl, ya ruining my buzz now…okay, not really, but ya kinda bumming me out.

Dude, what are you doing being stoned at this time in the morning?


For some material you might be interested in, please have a look at Homer’s **I just ate 3 mushrooms** thread, a journey into the posting peculiarities of someone gettig bongo on shrooms.

Ya gotta love those that “wake and bake”.

That cracked me up to no end. I love that show, (Watch it all the time with my Godson), and now I’m gonna be singing that the rest of the day.

Dammit, why not? Mr. Arthur deserves more cats to be named after him!

I think I found a new pastime when stoned. This place is kinda cool. Only problem right now, my damn beer is to big. It’s getting warm already. :frowning:


If none of these names ring a bell, welcome aboard, Doper!

Hey there Doper, your beer isn’t too big, ya just gotta drink faster.

Beer, oh yes, the breakfast of champions.

Coldie wins the prize! Get the hell out of here concrete/jebus/bedboys1-4/Grimhacker.

I am glad this place has the word “dope” in the title… that seems to enhance the stonar amount. I have no idea what the word enhance means… this is not my mothertongue… but it sounds somewhat apropriate… okay… I meant “rise”.

And, no… not stoned right now… :slight_smile:

You ll like it here… nice bunch…


Interestingly enough, when I first saw this thread, I thought “DNFTT”, but declined to comment since I’m fairly new here and didn’t want to step on toes! Guess maybe I’ll stick with my instincts from now on…

I would like to thank God, my parents, the Academy, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, the good people at William Grant & Sons Ltd., and finally, conjaybushacker for being such an easy target :smiley:

thank you coldy - the IPU of course! :sound of forehead being smacked!: D’oh!

I just want to say that I am truly shocked that it took this long for us to aquire a poster by the name of “Doper.”