So, who do you think the other Cylons are?

I’m guessing they all have to be sleeper cells because we haven’t seen any new cylons in a while and all the cylons we have seen are apart of the cylong administration on New Caprica.

so, who do you think is gonna suprise us next?!

“cylon” not “cylong” hehehe, cylong :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care. i just hope the implied threat of revealing Adama, for example, as a Cylon would go away. Either show us who the frak the other Cylons are, or show that the humans were misled and there really are only 6(?) models. I think the possibility that anyone could be a cylon although strong and tense in the first few episodes is now a weak crutch. I don’t want to be thinking every time a new guest star comes on ooo i bet s/he’s a Cylon.

I’m still leaning towad the Raider, Centurion, Base Star, etc being models.


Adama can’t be a Cylon. He has a family and Tigh’s known him for 40 yrs. RDM has said the Cylon agents are all “original” creations and not copies of people. Lee can’t be a Cylon, but Dualla is a possibilty.

No. From Battlestar Wiki where they report on an interview with Ron Moore…

So far we’ve seen seven models: four male and three female.

If they keep this idea in mind, then we should look for people with personalities that wouldn’t be readily confused with the known models.

Reminds me – haven’t watched the show from Friday. 'Bye now.

Dualla is a possibility, her backstory has never been covered more than superficially, she has a mysterious air about her

Baltar is a possibility, the Meatbags seem hesitant to kill him, after all, if he resurrects it’ll be obvious he’s a Toaster

Gaeta is another unknown, his ability to network the Galactica’s network seems almost too convenient, and the Meatbags seem to know he’s a double-agent and do nothing about it

If Baltar’s a Cylon, why did they go to all the trouble to threaten to kill him? They were alone in a room with him. They weren’t planning on letting the humans escape. Why not trip his sleeper code then and there and be done with it. No, I think we can pretty well rule out Baltar. Ellen, too, for that matter. In fact, I think we can rule out any of the humans on New Caprica. That leaves fleet people like Dualla and “people we haven’t met yet.”

I’ve noticed that the new season doesn’t include the number of survivors in the fleet in the opening credits. How many stayed on New Caprica, and how many are still living in the fleet? For that matter, how many ships were grounded on New Caprica besides Colonial One, and how many are in space with Galactica and Pegasus? The battlestars can’t maintain themselves forever without help from specialized vessels.

So we have five Cylon models to go. I guess it makes sense why they aren’t showing themselves on New Caprica. If any of them are sleeper agents you don’t want them bumping into themselves, nor do you want any humans seeing more than one of anybody who isn’t already known to be Cylon.

The problem is Anders and the D’Anna Biers model. The question was asked, “why did D’Anna out herself?” The answer seems to be, “because Anders saw her on Caprica.”

But why didn’t Anders see all the other five models on Caprica? For that matter, why didn’t we, when we got the “inside Cylon society” episode back on Caprica?

Here’s another question. We know Good Boomer told Adama she wouldn’t reveal the identities of the remaining Cylons in the fleet. But, do the Cylons have any reason to believe Boomer hasn’t already revealed all their identities now that she’s turncoat?

Can someone refresh my memory about something? Back when Tyrol was under suspicion of collaborating with the Cylons because of his relationship with Boomer, Balter gave him a death-drug and forced Boomer to reveal how many more undercover Cylons were in the fleet. Anyone remember what she said?

RDM talked about this in Downloaded’s podcast. They didn’t want to reveal the rest of the Cylon models because it would ruin the dramatic tension. We just have to accept that neither Anders or his companions saw one of the 5 models left (and that they only saw one Cavil). The five remaining models likely consist of two males and three females. We don’t know if the model numbers translate into some kind of precedence.

I think I can safely say that at least some of the unseen Cylons look exactly like B-list Hollywood celebrities.

He asked her how many more were hiding in the fleet, and she said…


I interpreted it to mean that meant how many individuals and not how many models, but it might have been early enough in the series where it could have meant either.

I’m still betting Baltar’s a Cylon. We don’t know anything about his background or family, and he’s got this weird psychic connection with Cap-Six. Okay, it may be an implant in his body, maybe not - but for her to be hallucinating in exactly the same fashion is just too weird a coincidence.

I also have a smaller amount of money on Dualla and/or Gaeta, on the theory that it’s someone who’s very close to the Galactica’s control structure, since the big G was the only battlestar that the Cylons could not subvert via computer network. Neither have demonstrated any significant evidence of their humanity (having babies, having someone voich for them, etc.) and either are in a position to do a lot of really bad stuff. I think Dualla’s got the edge over Gaeta, in that she’s insinuated herself pretty damn well into both Adamas’ hearts, as well as into Roslyn’s administration via Billy. Oh, and she’s incredibly cool under stress (behavior we’ve seen with Boomer), an advantage that Gaeta seems to lack at times.

It’d be too bad if Dee was a Cylon. She’s a great kid. If they throw her out an airlock, I might cry.

Amanda Plummer’s Oracle character is a possibility that my wife and I are discussing. She’s a bigger name than most actors on the show, and big-name actors introduced late in the series tend to be Cylons. But - she’s an Oracle, she wasn’t recognized by Xenabot, and, um, that is to say, um… well, there is no three. (Thank Artemis I didn’t put that into a bulleted list. Rest assured, I won’t mention Opal.)

It wouldn’t surprise me if the other skinjobs were unaware of at least one or two of the twelve, or if at least one of the twelve could conveniently change their appearance. I’m not sure if either of these methods would improve the show any, but seeing how Ron’s mind works, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

The real problem with the other covert models is why they didn’t give away the location of New Caprica sooner. I mean even sleeper agents like Boomer still seem to have special programing to sabotage and report on the fleet covertly. So why did it take the Cylons a whole nuke blast to zone in on where the fleet was?

Speaking of which: how fast would the radiation from a nuke blast travel through a galaxy? How close would the Cylons have to be to pick up on it so quickly?

At th end of the opeing two hour ‘episode’ (3.1 and 3.1) there was a short 'this season on Battlestar Galactica" clip, in which Baltar is heard to say:

with a look of incredulous confusion on his face.

Has anybody else ever read a Philip K. Dick story called “The Second Variety”? The Cylons remind me a lot of the Claws.

This isn’t a spoiler because it’s so early in the story–more premise than plot. The Claws were pretty smart about going for the heartstrings. Their models included a little boy and a wounded soldier.

If I were designing Cylons, I’d have a better mix. We’ve seen three white men, one black man, one Asian woman, and two white women. Of the men, only one looks to be much over forty. All of the women are youngish, and all of them are beautiful.

To keep their cover, the Cylons probably need some more models who are older and plainer-looking, especially among the females.

I wouldn’t expect Baltar or any other political figure; it would be too obvious if there were lots of other folks who looked Just Like Him. Also, if he “dies,” he loses his cover.

I think Baltar’s a Cylon because of the scene where his house is blasted by the nuclear strike. No way could any human survive the blast itself or the shards of glass cutting into human flesh.

I have thought this for months, especially after Caprica 6 resurrected. No way she’d die and he’d survive. No way.

Baltar… I think definitely.

Ellen is a good possibility in my book. I still don’t completely buy the story of how she was just “found” on another ship in the fleet. I think they haven’t completely flipped her switch yet.