So who else has never seen a drone pick a guy up from his lawn and land him on the roof?

Apparently this is a thing, but I’d never seen or heard of it before. Very cool! Looks like the Jetson’s era may almost be upon us, but noisier and with (thankfully) different clothes.

On second thought, Yoga pants have taken off, so maybe not.

It looks like a fake to me.

I suspected fakery but in watching several times I wasn’t able to see how or where.

Here’s one that very much seems legit but it’s quite a bit larger than the one in the video I posted. But it carries the guy a lot farther too.

Dude in the first vid looks familiar

I’m actually quite a fan of his stuff - they’re very well edited. Most of them aren’t actually trying to fool you though.

Compilation vid

Wow, guess I was scammed after all. That guy’s really good and seems like a cool guy. Thanks for the links.

I’m not sure how they did it, either.

Several of the comments mentioned a crane. You can vaguely see the reflection of (what looks like) one in the window at 0:08. That’s my guess.

ETA: sorry if that ruins the magic for anyone.

Definitely fake, I have flown a drone not much larger and it couldn’t even lift a brick.

If you want to see the size a drone needs to be to lift a man check out this video