So, who had an arranged marriage?

Sort of a reverso-ask-the-arranged-marriage-guy/girl thread.

Did anyone here have an arranged marriage? How did that work out for you? Is this an incredibly personal question?

I’m not married, and when I am it won’t be “arranged”, but my mom always says that if she had it to do all over again, she’d raise her kids (I have three siblings) to know that SHE would be choosing our spouses . . .

. . . in which case I’d currently be wed to an arrogant doctor with chronic halitosis.

Go, Mom!

(She thinks arranged marriages work better because the couple doesn’t have any “love”-related delusions/expectations getting in the way. Bad Breath Doctor’s mother agrees: “It’s all a crap shoot, anyway.”)

Almost every relative I have, older than my parents, had an arranged marriage. They all lasted, and AFAIK, they were happy.