So who hangs out in #straightdope chat

I’m there darn near daily, but I’ve never considered myself a member of any elite clique.

Did my membership card get lost in the mail?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. It’s like being at a really loud party where everyone is screaming their conversations all at once.**

Finally! Someone says what I’ve been thinking all along. I type pretty damn fast. I can read as fast as anyone around. I’m also young enough to think about more than one thing at a time.

For the friggen life of me I can never keep up with the damn conversations going on in ‘chats’.

By the time I read, post, and submit my thoughts on something, it’s already moved off the screen and into a new area.

People end up confused and asking me what the Hell I’m talking about. I read, type, submit, and we’re back to square one again.

I never go into chats anymore.


I can read, type, and submit pretty fast, but my accuracy sucks. I need to add ‘preview’ to my routine.

I like to go in there every so often :slight_smile:

Let’s see. Right now in #SD, we have:
Jophiel, Gazorp, cykrider, VBlaise, Celyn, iampunha, Gunslingr, Mermaid, rohji, drewbert, GarfSurfn, eroglik, SeaDiver, JuanDCuba, slvrfire, n2o, Caldazar, PepWorry, karynn, Lazarus42, Doobieous, Silo, Nymysys, MaxTorque, Mortwight, Rasa, and finally, W.

#StraightDope: It’s like MPSIMS on speed.

The room can be fun, but just be aware that you can’t know who your friends are. Backstabbing abounds, as witnessed by a rather high number of ex-chatters.

I was there earlier, but I notice Joph waited until JUST after I left to post the names. I’ll try not to take it personally.:wink:

damned european software… can someone give me the address of a US based undernet server?

I know the # I’m using is 6668. What do you need?

i need an undernet server; the one it tries to use is:

but they’re refusing to allow it


That should send you to a server.


If someone has backstabbed you, name them. Name them now. Or else don’t bring this up again. But also, don’t summarize the channel as (paraphrasing) abounding with backstabbing. That does a real disservice to all my friends in there.

I love #straightdope. I love the people who administer it. I love the people who chat there. I love banning that stupid MrDopey. That gives me pleasure. What a dumb bot! Ha ha ha!

I’m going to go out on a limb here,and I realize I’ll probably get a reprimand, and this thrown into the pit, but i feel it needs to be said…

Yeah we seriously back stabbed you after you:

  • Went insane with power several times by kick-banning people for making comments about things you put out in the open yourself (like your open marriage), and for defending people who did comment on your dirty laundry.

  • We really backstabbed you after re-registering the channel after you let it slide for how long?

  • All of the many small stunts you pulled in your quest for chat victim of the year.

Seriously, those of us who do have disdain for you have it because it’s from things YOU put out there. I’m saying these things to you because i see you pulling the victim stunt here, and it’s quite tedious (don’t even try to deny). We got tired quickly of your little games, and we all saw right through you.

It was also tiring to see you running from every little conflict that happened in chat, instead of staying to stick up for yourself. You’re a big girl Opal, stand up for yourself, or don’t bring up any issues at all (which seems to be the case, many, many times).

So here it is Opal, my opinion of you, and your reply that we’re all backstabbers.

So, go ahead Opal, i know youre gonna go off, claim you arent like that an all, but I know it’s all BS. No skin off of my nose.


Silver. You are the chat queen, silly.

We shouldn’t tell them about our late-night nekkid jello wrestling in the chat room…

[big bad guy voice]
[big bad guy voice]

…I’ve gone a few times.

I go there once and awhile. Quite nice… we hit each other with tuna.

Does Falcon know about this?

And if I’m to get a new royal consort as King o’ Chat, I’d like to know about it before it’s decided! Of course, I can’t complain with the choice.