So who hangs out in #straightdope chat

Well, I just tried to connect and couldn’t get in - all the undernet servers were busy. I hooked up the other day but left right away (I was just testing to see if I’d set things up right.)

So who hangs out in chat, anyway? And what sort of sick things go on there? The sicker and more perverse things are, the more likely I’ll be to spend time there. :smiley:

nothing too much, just the clique planning… erm, no, no, nothing much!

Sick things?

why does Felching come to mind? :smiley:
anyhow, I didn’t even know that we had a SD chat on the undernet…
learn something every day

Well, I know the Elite Clique hangs out there. But I’m thinkin’ maybe they wouldn’t notice me because I am so shy and reserved.

I used to. Not in ages though…

Yer pal,

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David B used me as a cite!*

Hey porcupine. I was actually there when you came in.


Mostly just chatting about general subjects. General meaning sex, drugs and rock 'n roll of course…

I’ve never seen all the Undernet servers being busy, and there are plenty of people coming and going as I write this. Normally, the client should keep trying to connect until it logs on. Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds for someone to drop off the server. Give it another shot. If you have problems, message me.

I do. I’m there now, in fact.

Whoa, I have to check this out! I never even thought of there being a chat there. Guess I do come here to learn things, eh?

Ooh, so if I hang out there does that make me part of the Elite Clique? No wonder everyone leaves when I come in :wink:

What’s the address?

Somebody post a link, I promise not to be a nusiance.

Is it just me, or is no one talking in there? Maybe I need a new connection.

I second Mermaids’ request. I’ll behave, I promise. It’ll be like I’m not even there…

Nymysys: Keep trying different Undernet servers… happens to me all the time. We can see you, you can’t see us… weird!

You can get to chat on any Undernet server at #straightdope or use the applet here.

By the way, it’s spelled 31337 clique… :smiley:

I go occasionally . . .

Yeah, I drop by every now and then…

Well I’m probably officially the oldest #straightdope chatter, since the room was my baby, years ago… but I don’t go there anymore so I couldn’t tell ya.

I have been known to poke my face in occasionally.

I haven’t been on very much lately; somehow I’ve been busy as heck. Sucks. Miss chatting, dernit.

I’ve been in once or twice. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. It’s like being at a really loud party where everyone is screaming their conversations all at once.
I don’t go too often, because I like to pop in, see what’s going on, maybe shoot the poop a little bit and head out. But I feel like a hit and run artist when I do, so I pace myself.

I bet it’s hoppin’ right now.

There’s a chat room?! Oh my god! No one told me?!