So who here stinks at board games?

Are you the type of person who never won a game between you and you brother/sister or your friends? Is there an explantion for this or are we just plain unlucky?
The games which I generally stink at are Chess , risk, Monopoly.

I just wanted to share the pain.

I stink at Monopoly. I have literally never won a Monopoly game, no matter who I was playing.

I feel your pain.

I tend to lose games, not all the time, but a lot of the time. I’ve been beaten at Lord of the Ring Risk several times in the last few weeks (although the game itself rocks).

I tend to find that my concentration tends to waver and I make a mistake which everyone capitalises on. I’ve lost 7 games out of 7 in a long running chess match with a friend for the same reason.

I suck at poker too.

Or maybe my friends are just more competative than me and just spend more time learning to play so they can beat everyone else. It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts … or something like that.


oh I rarely win any card games.

Yeah, Me too on the card games. And the board games. I’m pretty good at word games against the computer, or solitare games.

Haven’t a competitive bone in my body. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten my clock cleaned three times since Xmas at “Winnie the Pooh Candyland.”

'Zat count? :wink:

I can’t understand the appeal of monopoly. It bores me to the point where I generally tank out just to get away from it, on the rare occaisions when it does come up.

I love chess, OTOH, and I’m fairly decent at it, but being the only one in the family with any interest in it, I can’t even remember the last time I saw my chess set.

[sub]Anyone still have a full set of the “Dark Tower” game from way back when? I used to love that one.[/sub]


I stink at Scrabble. I’ll be playing, and I’ll put down “hut” and think, “Alright! 3 points!”, and then the person next to me will put down “quetzlcoatl” on my t. At that part, I usually just start drinking…

I’m just competent enough that, when my suckiness shines through, it’s especially crushing. Example: I used to go out with a guy who liked to play Axis & Allies. He taught me the rules and played as my partner through a big gaming session. And then we started to play games against each other. I’d do passably well for the first coulple of hours, and then he would knuckle under and give me a six-hour schooling in how an alternate-universe WWII ought to be fought. And I was just good enough at the game that I could only prolong the agony.

I suck at every board game, but I truly feel that they are a great source of fun and a tremendous way to spend your time.

However, I don’t even know how to play Monopoly. Ugh.

I wouldn’t say that I suck, but I’m not the greatest, either. My worst game has to be Monopoly (which I don’t even remember how to play, and if I recall I found it rather dull). I do better at word games like Scrabble, Scattergories, etc. I’m also fair at card games.

I was never good at Operation, either. I don’t have a steady enough hand.

I suck at chess, I could lose in 5 moves to a baby. If anyone would like to feel better about playing chess come play me. On the other hand I’m OK at other board games, except maybe word games in which I would get lucky to find hut.

It’s not so much that I suck as that I just can’t seem to muster enough enthusiasm for the game.

“Oh, look! I got to move my little frog token to this blue square! Maybe next turn I’ll be able to move it to that little blue square! Squeee!”

How. Utterly. Bizarre.

I usually have to handicap myself in order to give other people a chance. Doesn’t matter which game it is-- I once had somebody explain the rules to a card game at a ski lodge, and I proceeded to win hand after hand for 6 hours, and went undefeated for the entire weekend.

See, that’s why no one invites you to parties anymore. :wink:

[sub]I do love a good run of beginner’s luck, but it can be more trouble than it’s worth in an actual money game. 'Specially out in the parking lot, after the bar closes.[/sub]

Oh man, if only there were an online-board-games room of the SDMB so that I could wipe that smirk off your face :slight_smile:

Ah, how I loved chess…
Learned the rules as a child. Read all sorts of strategies, thinking so many moves ahead. My Dad even bought me a chess primer to help me learn different openings. I even showed our Jr High School chess coach how one could actually win a chess a chess game in as little as TWO moves!

Too bad I SUCK at it…

I’m 42 years old and nearly lost to an eight-year-old who got a chess set and learned the rules on Christmas Day! That game took place on New Year’s Eve! Jeez!

But I RULE at Cribbage.
True story…
I was an advisor for a DeMolay chapter (young men’s fraternity). Other chapters in the area met each Sunday afternoon for several months for a bowling league. An advisor from another chapter thought that we should bring a deck of cards. Maybe play euchre, or gin rummy, or cribbage.
Me-“Um Dale… did you say cribbage?”
Dale-“Yeah. You got a board?”
Me-“Sure do.”
Dale-“Bring it next week and I’ll teach you a lesson!”
Me-<fighting the urge to smirk> “Alllllll-righty!”

Poor fellow had to play me EIGHT WEEKS IN A ROW before he won a match. :wally
I can still hear him saying “Damn cards just AIN’T falling good for me!”

I am a horrible, horrible peson to play board games with. If I loose, I sulk. I try not to, I try so hard to be matur, but always I wind up muttering things like ‘it’s only a game’ and ‘i’m hungry - lets resume this after dinner (yea right)’

When I’m wining, however, I am one smug bitch. Any game except chess, which I always play with a sinking feeling that the other person is about to wipe th floor with me. but Risk, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit…I love them. love to play them, love even more to win them.

My friends and family are all as competitive as me, so we have long, involved * nasty * games.