So Who is Going Get Eaten By the Alligator tonight on Survivor?

Normally I hate “me, too” posts, but I couldn’t resist after reading Connor’s latest. Elisabeth is the Outback Goddess. Young, lithe, beautiful, and she’s got a definite Rosanna Arquette/Olivia D’Abo thing goin’, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Wow - you guys are on top of this stuff! Excellent points on strategy by Connor, minty, & Sunshine. Now I have nothing left to add… :frowning:

[sub]Except to say this…[/sub] :slight_smile:
At this point in Survivor I it was relatively easy to see how the alliance of four could decimate the other tribe. Strong possibility that that can happen again, with Kucha united and Ogakor looking like the snake that ate it’s own tail. However…as Connor points out, Colby would make an excellent traitor. Then again, so would Keith or Tina (although I tend to think they will hold on to a misguided notion of loyalty and keep something of the US vs. THEM attitude). It will be interesting to see how open Kucha will be to accepting members from Ogakor into their tight group. After getting rid of Kimmi, and yesterday’s “Trial By Fire” :rolleyes:, these guys are a solid group. I don’t think they’ll feel the need to welcome anyone.

Connor, got that part with Amber on tape, had to run that one back a few times, y’know? :stuck_out_tongue: You guys are missing out, she’s the TOPS! [sub]couldn’t resist[/sub]

BTW - someone on the radio said that when Jerri’s lying there with Amber getting orgasmic over chocolate, she’s got a bit o’ nip peeking out…checking tape as soon as I get home (and after my boys are in bed…and my wife isn’t looking…)

::feeling like a sick puppy, crawling away now::

I saw Michael on the Today show for about 5 minutes before I had to leave for work this morning. I have it on tape, and I’ll fill everyone in. But he showed his hands first thing, and they look perfect. Said the doctors did an incredible job. Man, is he lucky!

But the weird thing is that he couldn’t tell anybody what happened, not even his family! He said that he told his wife and kids that he just got severe sunburn in the Outback, and they bought it! They didn’t find out until last night, when they were watching it with him.

And I forgot something.

Wildest Bill, I have to ask. I know you were a little tentative on watching the show a couple of weeks ago, because you hadn’t gotten into the characters yet. Are you enjoying the show now? I’m glad they had a kick-ass challenge for you - it was good entertainment all by itself, I thought.

Heck, there’s always something more to add on the strategy issues.

f’rinstance, here’s a possible sub-strategy scenario:

[ul][li]Colby and Keith form a sub-alliance.[/li][li]They pull Rodger and Elisabeth aside and say, “Hey, we’ll keep our tribe from voting either of you two off first, if you’ll keep your tribe from voting either of us off first.”[/li][li]Rodger and Elisabeth agree. Then in meetings with the other Kucha members, they subtly lobby to keep Colby or Keith from getting targeted. Colby and Keith reciprocate.[/ul][/li]
Another scenario:

[/list][li]Evil Jerri (seeing the writing on the wall) goes over to Kucha and offers to break the looming 5-5 deadlock if the Kucha will agree not to vote her off.[/li]Jerri then starts working like crazy, using the time this strategy buys her, to try to make friends (and potential allies) in the Kucha tribe.[/list]

Ahhh…but I don’t think you see just how devious our young Ogawhore is…you see, it was NO ACCIDENT that Michael fell into the fire! It was Jerri’s doing! <DUNT-DUNT-DAHHHHH>

Why do you think we never SAW Mike fall into the fire? You see, what really happened was that one of the cameramen got a cable wrapped around Mike’s feet and TRIPPED HIM DELIBERATELY–in exchange for a private filming with that temptress Jerri, in the forest, with that tub of hot fudge…
[sub]Okay, maybe not…[/sub]
::sick puppy crawls back under the bed::

Hmm, I like the idea of the Colby-Rodger-Elisabeth (and maybe Keith) alliance. Makes good sense for all involved. Colby’s the strongest member of his weak tribe, while Rodger and Elisabeth are weaker members of theirs but a solid duo together. Throw in Keith just to make it a challenge-proof voting block, and I really think you’ve got something.

EXCEPT … it would have to be put together pretty quickly, like before the second upcoming vote. And after last night’s adventures in firetending, I just don’t see anyone from Kucha getting too friendly with Ogakor.

Jerri’s a marked woman. She’s abrasive, plus she’s a threat to win, so she’ll get votes from people who both hate and fear her.

And Elisabeth’s always been the cutest one in the group. Yowch! I suspect she’s going far, but that’s partially because she’s been getting little camera time, at least up until last night.

God, this show is like heroin …

The voting next week all depends on who gets immunity. I don’t think Kucha will vote against one of their own at this point in time. They’ve bonded. But I do think the other team will turn on each other in a heartbeat. No love lost between Keith, Jerri and Colby.

My gut tells me that the next to go will be Tina. She looks emaciated, IMO, and needs to eat. I’d vote her off out of concern for her welfare.

I’m sitting here wondering how Kucha will know to vote for Jerri. Here’s the deal:

  1. She comes across as a bitch.
  2. She’s stated she wants to make trouble.
  3. The “scenes from next week” allude to her being abrasive.
  4. Hi Opal!
  5. Don’t forget her PUBLIC water dousing by Colby - Kucha should know that she’s toeing the line.

Alright kids, have a great weekend! Until Monday!

You had some good strategic points here…but all Kucha has to do (esp. Kucha, since they’re so “together”) is just win this round. That’s it. Then they start picking off the others.

Even though it’s even now…I think we all agree that it’s still Ogakor who’s in a much worse position. Don’t we?

Except that…does Kucha have a leader now that Mike’s gone? All Kucha looked a little unsure. And the only one I think who will step up is Alicia…and I don’t get the feeling that all will follow.


Michael got third degree burns. The body can easily restore the skin if it gets those. However, there are also 4th, 5th, 6th degree burns. Which aren’t as forgiving.

Nope, Shylock. Winning immunity is for one individual, not the whole group. Jeff winning immunity would lock it up for Kucha, but that’s it. If Alicia wins, Rodger, Nick, and Jeff are still susceptible (sp?).

I think Colby/Keith/Tina should endear themselves to Kucha… and then all go in against Jerri.

That puts Ogakor down by one, but if they can join the Kucha group and one of them can win an immunity next week they can then get Amber into a foursome against a Kucha member… in the meantime have Amber cause some havoc amongst the Kucha tribe so they don’t all 5 vote for one person. It’s a risk.

The key for Keith/Tina/Colby would be to really make Kucha feel like you have joined their tribe… Of course if they all five vote for one person then it’s all over and your days are numbered.

Connor: what I meant was if somehow one of the Ogakor people get voted off, then there would be 5 ex-Kucha versus 4 ex-Ogakor. And then, since the Kuchans are so “together” (though we don’t know how long that will last), they automatically can start picking off the ex-Ogakor, one by one, no matter who has immunity.

My question is why is Kucha moving to the other camp site? They showed scenes of all the Kucha members packing their stuff up and moving. Now while I haven’t paid that much attention to the individual camps, Kucha’s looks much nicer. More work went into building an actuall structure and some comforts. Also, Kucha has had much better luck catching fish at thier location.

Sorry, Screeme, I lost track of what you were saying after that… :stuck_out_tongue:



I didn’t see the original “Survivor” on the island, so I don’t know if there’s a standard procedure for this, but my guess would be that, to keep everything equal, both tribes are moving to a new, common camp.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they even have to leave their food behind and get new stocks, otherwise the ex-Kuchas could grumble about the ex-Ogakors eating their chicken legs, their pork ribs, their Michael hands.

But maybe someone who saw the original can tell me how they did it then.

Here is how the merger went in the first Survivor.

A memeber from each team had an over night meeting (with lots of food and wine) to decide which camp they were going to live in and pick a name for the new team.

The camp they moved into got to keep everything. The people from the camp that was abandoned got to bring three things with them to the new camp. The three things were also decided on in the meeting.

And that’s the way it was!


Yea, I am back into the show. That was a good challenge. The only thing that sucked was the prize. Doing all that just for some doritos and moutain dew. Sheeesh. I thought it was going to be a full fledge picnic with hamburgers and hot dogs.

I did feel sorry for Mike. I thought he was cool. Burns are horrible pain. What kind of pain medicine was that they let him suck on? Never seen that before? He definetely gave the show personality and flare. If they vote Jerry off, I think it might get boring.

Uhhh, no. There’s no such thing as 4th - 6th degree burns. The highest is 3rd, and Michael had 2nd.