So Who is Going Get Eaten By the Alligator tonight on Survivor?

I guess it is alligator. They showed the alligator then they show splashing around then they show the helecopter.

So who is going to be the unlucky Crocodile hunter tonight?

Who do you guess will get attacked?

And do you still think they will vote someone off tonight too?

According to the rumor mill, the croc thing is a red herring, just a bit of crafty editing designed to entice.

The injury allegedly happens to KY Joe when he falls off a horse during a challenge and breaks a collarbone. He is thoptered out and back in time to continue playing.

Too bad though. Would’ve been fun to see psychoMike eaten by a croc and then watch him eat his way out…

I read somewhere that the area of Australia they’re filming this on (actually somebody’s ranch) doesn’t have any crocodiles - and the large fearsome man-eating ones live hundreds of miles away.

My guess - Jerri’s lost weight causes her once super-tight bikini bottom to inadvertently fall off while she’s leaning over desperately writing subliminal “Vote Keith off” messages in the sandy riverbank. Colby, seeing this, loses the “cool customer” facade he’s been wearing, and, in a salivating hormone-induced rush, races toward Jerri, unfortunately stepping in some goddamn fish-skin burial pit that the rains have uncovered, splintering his ankle in the process.

In the ensuing confusion, the helicopter arrives at the wrong tribe, landing directly on Mike, whose attempt to become one w/ nature by filling his ears w/ dried pig excrement hinders the attempts of the other Kucha members to notify him of the big whirly mechanical thing hovering above his head.

Well…it’s just a guess… :slight_smile:


Yeah, what pcubed said. But there are crocodiles in the area, but they’re “freshies”, and quite harmless.

Bill, you gotta keep up on you Survivor threads if you’re going to be able to follow the rumor mill at all!

So, does the broken collarbone get Joe kicked off? I would.


Yes, I was wrong, but I was only relaying what the grapevine was saying. Damn inaccurate plant.

It did turn out kinda cool though (not that I think burns and personal pain are funny). I bet the PETA people are smiling rather smugly today - the pig killer gets roasted.

Really whacks everyone’s strategy though. As much of a pain in the arse as he was, Mike at least gave Kucha some sort of focus. And it was nice of Jerri (the Ogawhore) to act all concerned when she read the tree mail too. I gotta believe off camera the entire tribe is doing the dance of joy.

Poor Mike though has gotta be hurting, both physically and personally. He kept pumping himself up as Joe-Camper, Mr. Let-Nature-Take-Its-Best-Shot. Then he goes and gets himself evacuated by screwing up fire-making 101.

The gods of fate certainly have themselves a good scriptwriter this year…

I don’t know. Regardless of how much “popcorn” they were eating, and how much soup they had, Kucha was still weak, and Michael couldn’t have foreseen passing out in the fire. It was a freak occurence, and a damned tragic one for Kucha.

But how exciting was that reward challenge?!? I was on the edge of my seat!

I did get the member right, no? :slight_smile:

I mean, sure, my explanation of the cause was slightly off and whatnot, but I nailed it to be Mike right on the head.

Anyone want to know the lotto numbers this week?

Back to the game…

I thought the reward challenge was pretty damn exciting too; but man did you catch Colby’s pissed-off-ness at the end, chucking the water at Jerri?

Anyway, the strategy for next week’s pretty simple - you know Kucha’s gonna vote as a single bloc against one member of Ogakor (probably Colby, the strongest), so Ogakor’s gotta do the same to equalize the votes. But can they overcome their animosity to each other to do that?

Alternatively, Ogakor could hope that Jerri can do what she did to them against Kucha.

I never watched the original survivor - how would they account for a tie (if Kucha votes as a bloc against one Ogakor member, and vice versa)? The same way as before - previous votes? That means that you’d have to get one member of the opposing team to tell you how many votes other people on that team have got.

I never thought I’d find myself liking this show…but it’s fascinating.


That reward challenge was just too much. What part of “Rotate Right” was Amber having problems with? She had oodles of time but couldn’t find the friggin’ table. Alas, no Doritos™ or Mountain Dew™ for the poor orphans of Ogie.

And popcorn, eeewww. I don’t know where they got the chicken feed, but in this country, who knows what steroids, antibiotics, and assorted animal parts would be in that tasty treat.

As far as next week, whoever wins immunity, the other tribe is screwed.

Originally posted by pcubed

Where can I get some of that chicken feed? :smiley:

Poor Mike I liked him too. He gave the show some personality. And that was a good physical challenge. I think colby was a jerk for throwing the water on jerry. He should have thrown it on amber. Besides I use to like him and he seems to have a bad attitude now maybe jerri should have thrown the water on him.

I have question when the tribes merge do they still have physical challenges?

I kinda got the impression that the water throwing was more of a “Here’s a bucket of water to help you cool off” more than a “Take that you bitch” gesture. Apart from the fact that she’s a witch, it really wasn’t her fault they lost. Did you notice Kucha practicing the EXACT skills they would need? Maybe the Oh-my-gosh-corp tribe practiced too, but it was left on the cutting room floor.

After the merge, there are still physical challenges, but they tend to be more enduracnce based than strength based.

Last night’s episode was nutty! Wow. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Ack! Poor Micheal. I was so sad when he left, seeing Elisabeth and Alicia cry made me choke up a little. I like Rodger’s comment that Michael’s accident brought them closer and showed them that it might not be all about just one person winning.

That physical challenge was amazing, though I can’t believe Amber almost took it. That was so close.

And yes, once the tribes merge, there will be both physical and immunity challenges but this time, only one person benefits from winning each (rather than the whole tribe).

I was left with the impression it was more “Take that, bitch.” He was pissed, and she was an easy target. Just my opinion, of course.
The Oga-whore…LOL! :smiley:

As for the chicken feed, if it wasn’t okay for them to eat, I don’t think the producers would have let them eat so much. They did give them a crash course in “Don’t eat this plant, but you can eat this plant.”

I liked Jerri’s comment about infiltrating the other tribe and making a lot of commotion when she goes down, and messing with people’s minds. What is she planning? She is really a conniving bitch. She strikes me as one of those people who likes to stir up trouble betweeen others and then sit back and watch what happens. I hope Kucha votes for her first, and get Keith and Tina to go along with them. The she’d be gone right away.

Kucha is much more cohesive as a group. They all get along, and work well together. Jerri has done nothing but make trouble and piss everyone off, so I think once they’re all together, they will see what she is up to and kick her out.

ppp, it doesn’t really matter WHO gets imunity next week. If Jerri gets it, that doesn’t mean that Kucha gets screwed, and if Alicia gets it, that doesn’t mean Ogakor is screwed. There will still be 5 votes from each side voting (most likely, unless someone pulls treason on their tribe - I’m looking at you, Colby) for someone on the other tribe. And I imagine they’re going to vote for the person they think has the most votes against them. I doubt that Ogakor could guess that Jeff has the most on Kucha, and I think it obvious that Jerri has the most on Ogakor (Connor runs out to check that last fact - nope, she’s got two - so does Jeff - but Keith has three.). Oddly enough, Keith, Jeff and Jerri are the only three people remaining with votes against them.

What happens if its a tie between Alicia and Colby, or some other such combination? Does the immunity person break the vote?

Personally, I think that when you cast your vote, you should phrase it in the form of a question, so Jeff Probst feels more at home.

LOL. Survivor I was my 1st exposure to the dynamic Mr. Probst, so after the series was over, I was channel surfing one day and landed on VH-1, imagine my surprise.

And you are right, immunity doesn’t really matter in terms of tribal dynamics.

Let’s see how they handle the merger. On the first show, nobody realized the two ambassadors were going off to be treated like royalty, the tribes saved them rice and everything. This time around will people be clamoring for the chance? Only to end up in a hovel with no food 'cause the wiley Mark Burnett is one step ahead?

I think they’ll do it differently. In fact, I think they’ll invite everyone. I seem to remember a clip of Jerri opening a bottle of wine with everyone around at the end of last night’s show.

And I’ve just been thinking about Michael’s burn, and how much it must have hurt. That fire’s been burning for a very long time (even though there was a great deal of rain). Even a fire that’s been burning for 24 hours is going to have some serious embers, and remember him hitting one of the rocks with his bare foot? Holy shit his hands must have been in incredible pain. And then his pleading with the medics to give him anything for the pain. Crikey!

In Survivor 1 they imported snakes & filmed them to give it that spooky look. They probably did the same with the gators.

As for the guy who got on the chopper, he was blowing on the flames with his hands around them & then he breathed in some smoke, passed out & fell into the flames.

Assuming that a tie will be broken (as it was earlier) by kicking out the person with the most previous votes, I think Connor got it exactly right, strategy-wise. Since they’re merging with five members each, and it seems safe to conclude each side will be consolidating their votes against a single member of the other tribe, you have to vote for the person you think has the most previous votes, whether it’s the strongest or the weakest member. After the other tribe’s down by one, then you can try and pick the rest of 'em off one by one.

Now a truly devious tribe would go around bitching and whining about one of their members who has no votes at all, just to make the other tribe think that’s the person with the most votes. Boom, you’ve just won your tiebreaker!

I also agree with Connor that someone is going to turn traitor. I think it’s going to be Colby who is going to defect and form a secret alliance with Elisabeth and KY Joe of the other tribe and vote Jerri off. Meanwhile, he will make his own tribe think he is voting in alignment with whoever Jerri chooses. This strategy might keep Colby around a while, but after the rest of his tribe gets picked off, I wonder if his alliance with KY Joe and Eliz would hold up or if he would be the next one booted.

Right on, Sunshine. I think the Kucha alliance is strong, but at some point, it HAS to break down. And I think that will happen when there are 1 or 2 Ogakor members left. Remember, last season Kelly would have been gone long before the last episode if it wasn’t for the fact that she won like 4 immunities in a row. I think Keith could pull the upset here.

Also, I’d like to amend my answer to who the hottest Survivor is from Jerri (yeah, she’s bitch, but she’s hot) to Elizabeth. There’s just no question anymore. And while Amber’s top almost fell off last night, both Amber and Jerri are seeing the effects of malnutrition. Elizabeth on the other hand is dreamy…

The burns must have been very, very painful. Michael visibly had flaps of skin hanging off!

Has anyone seen him on TV (outside Survivor) yet? How do the burns look?

I’m sorry about Mike’s injury, but I’m happy he’s gone. I’m in a betting pool for the show. Each of us paid in $10 and drew a castaway randomly, and a woman I’ve had some unpleasantness with drew Michael. So I’m glad she won’t be getting the money. Petty of me, isn’t it?

In the long run I’m sure to lose too, though. My castaway is Colby, and I don’t think anyone from Ogakor stands a chance. Kucha’s got it goin’ on: they know what they’re doing and they’re cohesive. Did you notice, when Mike got medevacked, everyone was consoling everyone else? Nick rubbing Elisabeth’s shoulders. Alicia and Jeff hugging. Rodger hugging Elisabeth.

At Ogakor, despite Jerri’s lust for Colby, there’s very little evident affection between the members. They will very easily be divided and conquered, as Jeff said.