Survivor II - What did they have against Debb?

I mean, I can see one or 2 votes, but the footage shown sure didn’t show us why they voted her off. I thought for sure that obnoxious Kimmi was going to be the first to go.

I thought Kimmi would be voted off. I knew it wasn’t going to be Jeff even though Deb was plotting to have him booted. I think that’s why she was voted off first. She showed herself to be a schemer early on so they got rid of her.

Can’t decide who is this year’s Rich. I think Michael and Jeff both have that smug and obnoxious quality. Kimmi has got to go. Elisabeth is another Colleen. She won’t do anything productive but she won’t piss anyone off either.

Ok, here is my bit on the whole Survivor/Mole/Temptation Island crap floating around on TV.

STUPID. Damn. Exactlly what I want to watch. A whole bunch of people sittin around backbiting and occasionally running around looking silly.

Now then. I was at my favorite pub and saw the last few minutes of the show. I did see that one dude throwing up. They were wanting to kick him out because he was sick, but yet Debb got kicked off. Anyone take a close look at Deb? She was the least attractive of the bunch. Now before I go any further, I am not like this normally, but I am observant. I could care less what someone looks like, as long as they treat me and mine good. Then we can be friends.

But it was so obvious. It was the same way during the first show (not that I watched but I hit the website after that whole bru-ha-ha with the last Survivor being released on the net before the last show). Even that old guy was better looking than any of the first three to get kicked off the Island.

Anywho, I think the whole show is schlock. Mundane and Pointless… Survivor. May it die a quick and painfull death.

Perhaps it was something to do with the fact that her luxury item was eye liner!

My guess would be that she was the most annoying and didn’t fit in or attempt to fit in with the group. Also why waste your votes on Jeff, if he really is sick he’ll be gone anyway. That’s like a freebie…

I just watched that show for the first time tonight because the person throwing the bash was–get this–getting paid to watch it! (Long story, and not mine to tell.)

That person who was ganked was obnoxious, both in her mannerisms and in her actions. She was short with the others, asserted false expertise, and failed to deliver. Plus, she contrived to get someone else booted at the outset. That, in my opinion, was the fatal move. The only thing that the others have to go on is the others’ actions and what they say, so the first schemer to rear his/her head represents a threat to everyone else.

I’ll let someone else denigrate her profession, which is (perhaps unfairly) not highly regarded by many Americans.

Also, let me say that this is likely to be my very last post ever on this subject. I found that show to be mean-spirited, overly produced, and possibly staged in parts, so I don’t think I’ll be watching it again.

Unless, of course, someone wants to pay me to watch it.

Sledman nailed it. She was a a bitch and didn’t try at all to be a part of the “group,” especailly early on, that’s a sure way to get the votes against you.

robgruver, if you think it’s dumb, why look at a thread, post to it, etc.? As I said during the threads in the original run, I think there are many stupid shows on TV. I don’t watch them, and I certainly don’t bother posting to threads about them. :wally

I love you, Gazoo. Debb got kicked off solely because she started lying way too early. The key for early survival? Shut your mouth and don’t get noticed. Get a feel for the other contestants, and THEN start lying. But then, I’m dead last in the SDMB Survivor pool…

Kimmi is younger and better looking than Debb. Also, loud obnoxious people often make for good TV. That’s why Kimmi is staying.

Are any of them going to walk around naked this time? I expect a woman to win this one, since a man won the first one. It may turn into a beauty contest.

I agree with SofaKing, Gazoo and Connor. She tried to scheme too early. They need to work together as a team at this point. She was asking everyone who they were voting for, and was trying to get them to vote for Jeff. Jeff also thinks she’s a liar, since someone told him she said that he said he wanted to leave. Maybe there’s an alliance among them already?
It’s hard to tell exactly why they all voted for her, though, since we only see an hour of footage from three days worth of stuff. I was kind of surprised to see it so one-sided (7 to 1).

As for the other group, I can see the older woman (Marilyn? the one with short gray hair) being booted first.

CheeseHead, apparently, someone is going to get nakey. I think it’s Kimmi, but I’m not sure.

Did you see the abs on Alicia? Someone’s been doing their sit-ups!

Yeah. Deb sucked. She was trying to scheme way too early, and she was obnoxious. Basically, her trying to get everyone to vote for Jeff was the nail in the coffin.

Why doesn’t anyone like Kimmi? I think she’ll be the first to get it on with someone else/walk around naked. I think she’ll last a while since female bartenders are usually good at being friendly and getting people to like them.

And it’s NOT fixed dammit! It’s just poorly edited. CBS wanted us to be surprised that Deb got voted off, so they edit it to make everyone think that Jeff is going to get voted off. As soon as I saw Deb go first and they showed her vote for Jeff, I knew that Jeff wasn’t going to lose.

I can’t believe I’ve been sucked in… I didn’t even watch the first Survivor.

Deb was annoying from the start - she would talk over other people instead of waiting to be heard, very abrasive. And the obvious scheming! what a bitch!!

She wouldnt take any advice on the fire thing, because *she * read the books! :rolleyes: I would have let Micheal try, as he actually hunts and camps - but oooooooh nooooo she wouldnt give it up.

For that tribe, Kimmi is totally next, Jeff is tough and brave (considering how sick he is, and never complains, keeps working etc) he will gain their respect. There are enough grown-ups in the tribe : Jeff, Micheal, Rodger, to find her antics annoying.

She is next.

As for the Ogakor, the men are turning uut to be pretty decent, I dont see one of them going first. Mitchell, the songwrite is a goof, but he is like 10 feet tall - very usefull in challenges!

I see bongo-girl Jerri, or Amber (the one with no personality or purpose) as the first to go. Maralyn is the new RUDY! She isnt going anywhere yet.

Did anyone catch Colby talking about bringing his texas flag? DROOL God he is SO handsome!

Keith is the cook, so even though he is a bit ‘take-over-ish’ they want him for his skills.

I am not obsessed. (go Kel Gleason!! Go Ogakor!!!)

I was out, so I only caught the last half hour or so. Was the first show an hour or two hours long?

I saw that Deb didn’t seem to be going out of her way to make sure that she got along with the others. She came across as a real know-it-all too. I think the first vote simply came down to who they liked the least.

Since all of the votes shown (except for Debb’s) were for Debb, I wonder if everyone voted for her (two votes were not shown). Do you think they discussed it ahead of time, or did they all just dislike her that much?

Soka king said it best. She was a bitch, and a blatant schemer. What, if any, competence did she bring to the table? Why was she ragging on Mike about the shelter? The other old guy didn’t seem to have a problem with his input.

They really painted Kimmi as the idiot shrieking about banalities that first night. I would have throttled her.

And I loved the aspiring actress who just couldn’t seem to understand that once fire a was started it would be portable. So the chef tries to incorporate her by letting her bang on her drum and, guess what, she plays the damn thing like a spastic monkey!

Bull dog is going down fast. She decided upon gold hoops?!

I recall reading one of the women put in her audition tape that she liked to sunbathe in the nude. Wondr if that played any part in her being selected?

The shoe designer is cute, but what the hell was with her hair at the tribal council?

That personal trainer was incredibly cut!

I’m hooked. But from now on I will tape them, and watch them fast forwarding through the commercials.

I sat through that show last night. And I want that time back.
It is SOOOOOO fixed.
Ok, nobody knows how to make a fire. Nobody tried to learn before they were whisked away to the island? Nobody ever started a fire w/o matches before? In all of their lives?
Not only did nobody know how to start a fire, thus condenming themselves to a whole night of cold and hunger, but the next day it’s their challenge? What, the Survivor producers KNEW nobody could start a fire?
That doesn’t seem odd or suspicious to anyone else?
The whole show is soooooo dumb that I cannot believe the first one was popular, let alone there’s a second one.
At least with other TV shows, everybody knows it’s not real. The problem with Survivor/The Mole/Temp Island is that it’s fake, but everybody wants to believe it’s “real”.

pepperlandgirl, no offense, but please see gazoo’s post above. The first challenge on the first series was fire as well, becuase fire is so important to these groups. And if you noticed, Deb continually mentioned the fact that she read many sources on how to create fire without matches, but none of them were working. I chalk it up to wet grass and tinder (as it was raining all day).

lolagranola, the final vote was 7-1, or so the web page says here:

It is surprising that everyone else voted for Deb. I wonder if there are any mini-alliances forming that the producers didn’t show.

On the fire issue – I’ve done it myself, to earn my camping merit badge in Scouting. It’s not easy. You get better with practice, but I don’t know anyone who can guarantee a quick fire start just with wood (flint is cheating, just like matches are).

It seems, then, pretty realistic that they had problems with fire.

  • Rick

Wasn’t Debb the one who was in engaged to her step-son?

The other thing you have to remember is that all the contestants saw the 1st Survivor, so they know how Rich won that one. As soon as they saw Debb trying the same tactic, out she went.

They did show all the votes at the very end, with a voice-over by Deb, talking about why she thinks she was booted. It showed all 7 of them in turn holding up the paper with “Deb” written on it.
As for the fire, thing, it did show someone using a pair of glasses trying to start a fire. Maybe it was too cloudy to work? The one group on the first series did that, using someone’s glasses (I think it was Gretchen), and then they won that first challenge and got the matches, too.

I can’t believe how stupid people are. Posit: If you watched the first Survivor and knew you were going to be on the second, wouldn’t you practice making fire at home before you got on the plane? I would. The idiot who tried to make fire in Survivor II was holding the glasses way too far away from the tinder she was trying to light. You have to concentrate the beam of sunlight and therefore adjust the distance from the glasses to whatever you’re trying to light.

Geez, don’t these people go camping?

My prediction: Kimmi should go far, far away, but they’ll keep her in long enough to irritate the shit out of all of us first. I’m all for throttling her!