Kimmi's boobs (Survivor II)

Boy am I heartbroken now that Kimmi’s gone. So she was a little grungy, so what? I would have gladly scrubbed her back, giving me an excuse to “accidentally” undo her bikini top, letting all kinds of new revelations (well, at least two) come a-poppin’ out. :slight_smile: OK, they’re not real, so what? They were fun to look at for five episodes…and now they’re gone… :frowning:

(Must really thank the producers for the boob-fondling scene after her tribe wins the shampoo.)

That guy Jeff – Evil Jeff, not Dorky Jeff – must be as gay as all the rumors claim. The group shot of Kucha shows him elbowing Kimmi in the chest and not even noticing.

And what’s with TV Guide, claiming Kimmi was going to go nude on her birthday, “a la Richard Hatch”? Didn’t happen! Bait and switch! (Can we Kimmi fans sue TV Guide or CBS for false advertising???)

Seriously, it was kind of refreshing to see someone actually giving up a shot at a million dollars because of their moral principles. Kimmi beats Alicia, Jeff, JERRI!, Mitchell, Tina and even Maralyn in the personal integrity department. And she might even be equal with Kel.

Im sure Playboy or one of the other mags might offer her a photo spread. :slight_smile:

      • She is the looker. - MC

OK, are we talking about the same Kimmi here? The dirty hippie? Elisabeth is the looker on that show… :slight_smile:

They said she was “most likely to.” They were joking around! They did a silly one for all of the contestants. Remember, just because a yearbook says one person is “most likely to succeed,” doesn’t mean they will.

Kimmi looked sorta dirty, in a dirty “I’ve had too many sexual partners” way, in my opinion. And I agree that Elisabeth or Elizabeth is the hottie.


Know it, live it, love it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Elisabeth is a cutie, too, but man… Amber…

I don’t think Kimmi’s boobs are fake. They seemed a little too jiggly for that. Tina is the one on the show with an unmistakable boob job…(they still look pretty good though)

At there’s a link in a bulleted list called Is this Kimmi, and if so what happened to her? That link is to a picture that pretty much explains that her breasts have implants.

I’d link directly to the picture, but I don’t want the wrath of the mods.

Yeah guys, it’s Amber all the way. Elisabeth? Pah!

P.S. I don’t even watch this show.

Have American males lost their taste for boobs??

Everywhere on the Internet, guys are saying, “Oh, Elisabeth is so hot, she’s cute as a button,” or, “Oh, Alicia, she’s so hot, luv that six-pack!”

Well, guess what gentlemen? Those two chicks have NO BOOBS!!!

You gentlemen are obviously not boob men. I doesn’t like a chick who’s cute like my daughter. Neither does I like a chick who looks ready and willing to kick my ass. I likes ‘em round an’ curvy, like a woman should be. (Basically, Kimmi looks more like a real-life average woman than any of those anorexics on the show.)

AND A BIG OL’ WIDE MOUTH, FOR GIVING ME THE BEST BJ OF MY LIFE!!! Hey, it would shut her up, momentarily. :wink:

So they’re implants – big deal. Taste the same as real ones.

The fact that they’re nice an’ floppy indicates that they were really, really well done. :slight_smile:

“Dirty hippie”…I love dirty hippies, being one myself. Hippie chicks are the BEST. I volunteer to personally bathe every inch of her dirty, smelly, beautiful body!

I wish I’d been picked for the show. I’d have been her special friend…helped her carry water…looked for insect-free fruit together…maybe brought a little rat poison as my luxury item and slipped it into Alicia’s pork chops…

Kimmi! The REAL WOMAN of Survivor! And probably the real winner after the show’s over, if yuh know whata mean…

(Don’t look for skinny bitch Jerri to be offered any acting parts. No one wants to hire a person who rifles through other people’s stuff. Kimmi would have never done that.)

My best boob experience was when this girl with big floppy natural titties was bouncing on top of me.

Her boobies were so floppy that they would make this wet, slapping sound every time she bounced up and down. (I LIVE in hopes of hearing that sound again!)

She noticed me groovin’ to the boob music, and she immediately grabbed her titties, one in each hand, and scolded them: “Hey! Quiet, you! And you! Shhhh!”

And then she administered a sound spanking! :):):):):):):):):slight_smile:

OK, I lied about the “spanking” part. But still, that would be Kimmi, all the way!

Kimmi is a vegetarian. So I wouldn’t want her for a girlfriend, we all know what they won’t do :slight_smile:

Holy cow. Somebody write this date down. Montfort and I agree on something. Oh, and Montfort, take a look at the 5th item in this list. I think I may like her a little more now. :smiley:

On second thought I’d like to withdraw my statement on Elisabeth, rather my woman of taste on Survivor is Mad Dog, the old woman spice really does it for me. Plus she’s got some pretty big knockers.

Hahah, just because she’s cute doesn’t mean she has taste.

Personally, I prefer this link. :smiley:

Y’all are Crazy.

I am all about Elisabeth. Amber is OK. Alicia is OK. Jerri can burn in the eternal pit of doom for all I care.

But Elisabeth makes me have to head to the bathroom halfway through the show if you know what I mean. (Or bedroom or anyplace relatively private.)

(No I haven’t lost my taste for boobs, but put boobs on Kimmi’s face! ACK! I could never see past that face man, she could stop a clock!)

You guys (or tclouie, at least) think Amber has small boobs? Well damn–there’s no hope for me, now is there?

      • That’s because, as I said, she is the looker of the bunch. It’s called the “bimbo” look, if you (or your girlfriend) doesn’t have it.
  • As fas as being a hippy vegetarian, at least her idiocy is out where you can see it. The ones that hide it are the ones you gotta watch out for. - MC

IN an interview I saw last night, Kimmi said she would have done, but she was voted out a mere five days before her birthday.

So now we know just what fools those guys in Kucha really are…