Jerry from Survivor is the most useless piece of shit ever!

It’s sad, I managed to avoid the first survivor, but i ended up watching the new one, and I can’t stop. What’s the deal with that lazy douchebag Jerry? She sits on her ass in the creek or in the tent, badmouthing the only people who actually go out and try to get food or wood for the tribe. If someone compliments her, or tries to do anything nice, she is suspicious and figures they’re lying to her. What’s this waste of skin done? She made bannock out of flour and water, woopie fuckin’ doo! She gets the dumb bitch who couldn’t eat a fuckin’ worm to search Cal’s pack, finds nothing, but still spreads rumors that he’s hiding food from her useless carcass! Good plan, vote the one person in the tribe who knows anything about survival off the island. Now i see next week she’s gonna start fuckin’ everyone to stay on the island… I guess she isn’t totally useless after all, she can spread her legs.
I thought Kimmi was bad, but Jerry has to be the most annoying fucking whore I’ve ever seen, if I was on the island I woulda drown the bitch after the first day.
I hope they vote the chef off next, then there’ll be nothing but a bunch of worthless goat felchers left in the tribe, though I’m sure Jerry will start blowing all the remaining guys to get enough protien to keep her mouth running!
Jerry you c*nt, may you catch syphilis and be stuck on the island slowly watching your nose rot off your face!
Oh, and retired cop-bitch, you suck!
Sorry folks, but that show really got me going, now I understand the appeal.

I was also lucky enough to miss the first one, but caught a few pieces of tonight’s show. Don’t know much about Jerri, but that vegatarian chick has got to GO!! How did she even get picked. “I won’t eat mammal, I won’t eat fowl,… blah blah blah” Well, boo felching hoo for you. DIE you bitch!! DIE in the outback and see how many of your furry little friends don’t jump at the chance to suck what little brain you have out of your sun bleached skull!!!

But even worse was the ugly ass ex cop. Apparently she and Cal agreed to vote Jerri out, but she screwed him. He would’ve gotten voted out anyway, but she renegged (sp?) on her part of the deal. If I was him I would’ve ratted on her before leaving: “We agreed to vote Jerri out, but now I’m leaving. And now you’re all living with her. Good luck.”

Just say no!!

People, people, people… there’s a very simple, 10-step program to use to get over your Survivor addiction.

Step 1: I come over to your house.

Step 2: I hit you 9 times.

Problem solved!

Thanks, I needed that. Sometimes I start thinking of all the things I’m missing by working night shift. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.

I cant beleive they voted off Kel!!!

I hope the whole fucking bunch of them STARVE!!!

That conniving little whore will get hers - fuckers!! I cnat beleive they voted off KEL! He was the best one there, the rest are SO LAZY! they think a flag is a real shelter, and they dont hunt or fish!

Starve OGAKOR!!!


Spiro T. Agnew


I’m SO glad someone already started a pit thread about that fucking bitch cunt whore. If I was Kel and I heard her saying I was eating behind everyone’s back I would have bitched her (and the rest of them) out so bad. They’re on their lazy fucking asses because they think they can survive on rice and fucking flour alone? Someone needs to tell Jerri that this isn’t fucking hollywood, sleeping around isn’t going to get you anywhere. Too bad it isn’t really “survivor” because I would love to watch them all starve to death for being retarded.

And that old, lying, backstabbing white haired motherfuckin bitch. She’s another one. I would love to choke her for a few minutes and watch her face turn blue.

And fucking vegetarian annoying bitch Kimmi. Why could she eat a worm, but not a cow brain? A worm is not a vegetable, it’s an animal from the earth. What a fucking asshole. I hope she starves to death for not eating fish if they ever catch some more.

They should just rename the show to “popularity contest in the outback” and be done with it. It has nothing to do with surviving, and I’m not going to watch it anymore. I’m just so mad that I wasted two hours of my life watching the first two episodes.

Friends and SNL primetime forever!

Jerry’s bad, but that Kelli chick has got to go. And I’m with you, kellilbelli. Kel might have been inept at fishing, but at least he was doing something while everyone else looked content to sit on their butts.

And I cannot believe I’m actually watching this show…

HA! I was just emailing back and forth with a friend about this! That Jerri is a bitch on wheels! I agree it’s completely weird that whenever anyone tried to be nice, she gets all pissed off. How DARE the chef guy try to smooth things over (he also did that on the first show when she was pouting about the fire - he let her play her silly drum for everyone!). And how dare Kel try to share his razors with the others after they accuse him of hoarding food and then go through his stuff. And did you see the way she was smiling when Kel got voted off?? She was so pleased with herself because she managed to get everyone on her side. She’s twisted. She better start handing out sexual favors to EVERYONE on that team (Mad Dog included) because it seems like her greatest gift of Survival is manipulating people, so she better get crackin’.

Man, why do I watch it? I vowed I wouldn’t. It’s like crack, that show.

Remember how they edit these things. Remember how they made you hate Dick last time? I fear they may be setting us up similarly with Jerri.

Similarly, they didn’t show anyone other than Mike catching fish for the one tribe, but the beanpole’s comments suggested that other folk had caught fish.

As far as Kel is concerned, my buddy just stopped by and said the NY Post had an article suggesting that while Kel was off by his lonesome, some jerking was involved, but not of the beef kind. I’ll see if I can dig up a site.

It reminds me of high school all over. The “cool kids” just sit around and mock anyone who is trying to do something. I guarantee I would be out of there the first vote.

I really hope you mean that Kimmi chick…
Here ya go. Don’t know about you guys, but I definitely believe everything I read. Especially coming from as reliable a source as this.

I have a special interest in this (and the original) show…I got a call-back from them after sending in my tape and stuff. Didn’t get past the second round, but I can’t help but think “That coulda been me, if only I’d…”


Yeah, Jerry is a bitch crack whore, but she’s an attractive bitch crack whore so she gets good air time, which is a good thing as far as CBS is concerned. You’ve got to wonder if there are out-take videos of this tramp somewhere. (rememebr, all the taping of this was done last fall)

D’oh! Man, I am not doing well with similar-sounding words lately.

I studiously avoided the first series, but due to the ravings of my sister, thought I’d check out the first two eps of SII. Gott in himmel. I’ve seen more than my share of worthless shite on TV, but the hoopla over ‘Survivor’ beggars belief.

Set up a show that is basically a live-action version of ‘Lord of the Flies’, staffed with with a horde of self-absorbed, evil-minded mercenary prats. Stir in a host with a PhD in smarmology. Edit the results in the most misleading manner possible.
Great googly moogly, if you all have any sense of shame, if you are at all concerned about our tenuous grip on civilization, please please please stop watching this travesty immediately. And ask everyone you know to do the same. Otherwise CBS might continue to foist this festival of deceit on us indefinitely.

Gaaack. Aaargh.

My god is that true. It ends up actually not making it misleading anymore to know this, since you can tell who ISN’T going to be voted out because they show people talking about them. Last episode they showed people talking about Jerri (supposedly Maralyn and Tina were supposed to vote for her) and as soon as I saw it I was like “DAMN! They’re keeping that cunt whore on the show longer!”. Notice they never showed a single person say they were voting for Kel. Nor did they show anyone say they were voting for Debb. I can’t believe people are actually surprised that every night the person you think is going to get voted off doesn’t. 7-1 both times? You mean there’s no footage of everyone planning this? Bullshit.


I have not watched Survivor or Survivor 2, I have not watched Big Brother, The Mole, or Temptation Island. I will not feed the insanity. Now excuse me while I do my superior dance :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. They went into Australia in late December. They’re still there now. The producers want to leave as little chance as possible for the winner’s name to get out.

Please ignore my above post. Its completely wrong.