Dumbest Survivor?

I was going to start this thread last week (Mar 27) after watching Daniel getting the boot off of Survivor Amazon.

My god that guy is thick (headed that is). Everytime he spoke, I kept thinking that there is no way they should let this guy play with the machete.

But this week, they focused more on Heidi and I think she has pulled into the lead for dumbest Survivor contestant, EVER.
To paraphrase Heidi, “Us cuter, smaller girls have less fat to burn then the older, fatter woman and shouldn’t have to work as hard.” :eek:

Holy F*. Does she listen to the crap that comes out of her mouth? I hope one of the other woman Survivor’s to go medieval on her ass.

I have watched every Survivor series, and I can’t remember anyone this dense. “My name is Heidi. It is spelt B-I-M-B-O.”

Who would your vote for dumbest survivor be?

Colby had a conjugal visit with his mom.

Colby FOR SURE. That guy could’ve easily won the #1 title but he did something so stupid… that I forgot what. (Shows you how much I care to remember details from Survivor 2)

Colby pretty much gave the million to Tina, that was stupid. But I think the dumbest had to be Silas from Survivor Africa.

Who was the guy with two earrings who’d admire himself in his sunglasses before heading to tribal council?

I don’t remember his name, but one of the guys on Marquesas brought his skateboard along to the beach.

But I agree, every time Heidi opens her mouth she makes herself look more stupid.


Robb with two b’s? I think it’s the same guy.

It was Robb from Survior: Thailand who brought the skateboard. He was pretty dumb.

I agree with Heidi being Dumbest, though. Voting out Joanna, annoying as she was, was a stupid, stupid move.
Keeping a weak, sick member who doesn’t work and wanted to go home and voting out a strong, hard-working member who is the only one able to catch fish? Yeah, that’s a good idea. :rolleyes:

Don’t forget that in the cute girl alliance, Heidi is the brains of the outfit. What does that say about Jenna and Shawna?

Ryan and Daniel were their male equivalents, which I guess makes Matthew the Tambaqui Heidi.

In past year’s we’ve seen Jan, who simply didn’t have a clue; Silas, who thought he was too good looking to be voted off; Marquesas Rob, who thought he was a Corleone but ended up being a Barzini; Sarah, who depended on the untrustworthy Rob for protection; the Gang of Four, who acted like they had a majority when they didn’t; Shii Ann, who didn’t notice that there hadn’t been a merge; Amber, who spent the entire show as Jerri’s shadow; Kimmi, who blew it all over vegetarianism and name dropping.

But my vote for dumbest Survivor of all time goes to — Robbbb (with extra b’s).

I’m positive he knew what he was doing. He gave it to her because he felt she needed the money more; he had already won the SUV. She then paid off all of his debt/bills/whatever as thanks.

To be fair, I don’t think any of the Marquesas Survivors realized that there hadn’t been a merge. They all looked pretty shocked.

Don’t forget Dr. Sean from season 1. He not only had the alphabetical voting strategy, but he also told the rest of the survivors about it.

Yeah, but remember that the all the members of the former opposing tribe just happened to have names that came first in alphabetical order. And Sean felt that by doing it that way, he could avoid pissing anyone off, and remain friends with everyone. It wasn’t a great strategy, but if he had somehow managed to make it to the final two, it might have paid off.

Also, I agree with skater that Colby knew what he was doing. When it came down to it, he decided that friendship and respect were more important than a million dollars. I don’t know if I would have made the same decision (I suspect not), but it wasn’t stupid.

As for my vote, I’m torn between Robb Two-Bees and Rob the Godfather. Although really, it’s a tough choice—there are so many idiots to choose from.

Does Heidi has breast implants?

Dirk, the super Christian from SURVIVOR 1, came immediately to my mind, but then the question is sort of like asking “who’s the most self-obsessed drama queen from any season of The Real World”?

Answering in the Southern vernacular, how’s this…

Does a cat have climbing gear?

Believe it or not, there was a whole multi-page thread devoted to this topic. Search for “Heidi’s boobs.” I only glanced at it, but I think it turned a little ugly toward the end.

Consensus: Hell, yeah!

If she talks about the young girls boobs and bodies one more time I’ll vomit-and I like boobs.
Sampiro-Dirk Been? He’s from not far from here, he’s been on local tv a few times. Nice guy actually.

Ghandia for turning a minor incident into a Shakespearean drama. The only dead body at the end of her self-created drama was her own.