Survivor 3/13

Okie Dokie, here’s your weekly Survivor thread. Who’s going tonight ? What’s the “date” all about ?

I think Shawna is going to go tonight. Her whining is going to get on everyone’s nerves.

I think the date has something to do with a switch.

What do you think ?

Well, I’ve gotta say that Shawna looks too obvious, but they may be actually showing us ahead of time who’s going. I think it’s either her or Alex. I don’t get why Alex is targeted, but all the spoiler sites are pointing to him. If he does go this week, that’s a pretty good indication that Shawna goes next week, since they had time in Loser Lounge to hook up. Also, neither of them has been reported as showing substantial weight loss, which clearly points to a boot pretty soon.

I’ll vote Shawna just because sick and irritating tends to result in a short stay on the show.

I really hope they don’t merge/switch. I really want to see how far down the women’s camp will slide. Not out of some gender based machismo, I just like to see people on reality shows suffer for their idiocy.

That said, I will guess that they have teams made up of 1 man and 1 woman for the reward challenge.

Well for the men its either Matt or Alex, so picking one of the two isn’t much of a stretch. Same thing on the ladies side. There are just 2 people on the fire. Miss Quits Alot or Miss Oops My Alliance Exploded in My Face.

As far as the Spoiler sites go, they are either chalk players, laughably inaccuate (remember last year) or simply ripping off an early feed. Other then realitynewsonline most of the other sites kind of, well, suck.

Speaking of suck, here are my predictions: As the men swept the challenges last week, and they were actually survival skill based, we now will see the return of the much dreaded Survivor puzzle time IC. The ladies win, and the votes come down to Alex or Matt. The smart vote would be Alex (plus he has been playing the game WAY too openly from the beginning). Matt’s fishing and cooking may save him for a week.

Looks like an individual RC based on the previews.

The “date” looks like a set-up for a swap, which seems to be what Heidi is talking about in the preview when she says she was “totally shocked” the morning after the date. With the title of the episode being “Pick-up Sticks,” I’m guessing Dave and Jenna somehow pick their teammates, as the oldsters did at the beginning of Thailand. Look for mixed-sex tribes before halftime tonight.

Not much on the challenge(s) in the previews, except we do see Deena and Dave paddling like hell in separate canoes, so it looks like there will indeed be a physical challenge tonight.

Vidcap spoiler below:

[spoiler]Vidcap analysis reveals that Matt is in the canoe behind Deena, and they’re both wearing yellow buffs. Clearly, this is post-switch, so we know Jenna, Deena, and Matt are on new Jaburu. It also looks like Deena and Matt are ahead of Dave in the rowing challenge, so New Jaburu wins immunity.

Best guess on new tribes, assuming Jenna and Dave somehow pick their teammates and prioritize choosing their personal allies:

Jenna, Heidi, Deena, Matt, Rob, Alex (New Jabbathehut)

Dave, Roger, Butch, Shawna, Christy, Jeanne (New Timbuktu)

As for the boot, the tribal switch makes it more likely that if Shawna’s tribe loses, she will get kicked out tonight. No matter who her three new tribemates are, they’re going to have no patience for a physically useless and annoyingly whiny girl. At least one–and probably both–of her original teammates (Jeanne? Christy?) will go along. Say goodnight, Shawna.

If Shawna’s team wins, Alex’s injury (mentioned in previews) makes him a good candidate for the walk of shame, and the switch may not leave Roger with enough allies to prevent him from paying the price of being a bigoted (and probably sexist) asshole.

All I can say is, if I were one of the guys and was switched to the women’s sorry excuse for a camp, I’d be pissed.

The switch can make for some interesting dynamics come the merge. Both present teams have sgnificant rifts. Will be interesting to see how the combined “subteams” bond/conflict. My lame prediction is this could make for one of the most evenly balanced post-merge situations yet. Unlikely any single alliance will make it to the post-merge team with enough votes to dictate things.

Interesting show tonight. I can’t say I blame Heidi for what she did…she knows this guarantees her spot for at least one more tribal council, and if she can hang on long enough she can be reunited with her “cute girls” alliance at the merge.

That said, I have to say I really hope Christy figures out some way (maybe buddying up to Butch?) to turn the tables on her. Heidi has some Karma payback coming to her.

Is it just me or is Heidi looking…well…ugly? Frizzy hair, bony body, splotchy face, buggy eyes. I don’t think she qualifies as being “cute” anymore.

And Jenna’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, is she? “Well, Dave, let me tell you all about our tribe…who’s friends with who, who hates who, who we’re going to vote out next…I’m sure you won’t use it against me, will you?” (bats her eyelashes)

AHHHH! I just realized I didn’t post any spoiler warnings or tags!

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t hate me! (Or worse…pit me…shudder)

I’m really disappointed the groundbreaking boys-against-girls thing has gone the way of all flesh so soon in the game. I’d hoped they’d maintain it as far as the merge.

The swap seems to have played out much like it did on Survivor: Africa.

The Alex-suffers-a-major-wound thing was way, way oversold. But at least when it happened, it was funny.

All I can say is tonight’s ep makes me really, really wish that that annoying twit Shawna gets the boot, and soon. Though I think it will be even more amusing to see her whine and mope if True Love Alex gets kicked for fraternization next week.

Blech. There are people I like in this game (Dave, Deena, and poor Christy who can’t help but wear her heart on her sleeve), but the Shallow Useless Twit Quotient for this season is way up with the Boobsie Triplets and Alex.

Does ANYBODY have a plan this season? Brian was a giant jerk, but at least it was fun to watch him playing the game. Nobody this time seems to have a clue, except maybe under-the-radar Butch.

This was my first episode tonight. Wow. Interesting stuff. Heidi’s supposed to be cute? Gag. She’s blonde and has big implants, and I know to a lot of people that equals being cute…but she’s really one homely chick. Did she start out so skinny? She really looks like she’s borderline anorexic. And her eyes look all buggy. Or maybe sunken? Yikes.

Heidi was semi-cute to start with, though the implants are hideous. There’s a post-game photo of her where she looks like she was in Survivor: Auschwitz. Not a good look. Jenna’s already starting to be swallowed by her bikini too. Not good for the “cute girls.”

Because this board ain’t big enough for two Survivor 3/13 threads:

Moving on, I’ll mention a trick I’ve used before. While the show made every attempt to build tension out of Heidi’s vote, I knew how she was going to go. As the votes were being cast, I looked at my watch and saw it was 8:57. I knew then that there wasn’t enough time left for a tiebreaker and Jeanne was going to lose a 4-2 vote.

What you’ve missed in previous episodes is that Heidi has repeatedly refered to herself and her two core allies, Jenna and Shawna, as being the cute girls. In fact, being cute is not only the basis of their alliance it seems to be their whole strategy.

Makes me wonder how deep Dave’s strategy is running. Based on what he heard from Jenna, he may have figured out how dumb Heidi is and picked her for his team because he knew he could manipulate her.

I feel sorry for Deena. It’s clear that Alex, Matthew, and Rob will be voting based on looks. And considering the collective brainpower in the new Jaburu tribe, they’re going to blow the next immunity that’s any more intellectual than a Junior Jumble.

I think that’s exactly why he picked her. “I am the key factor,” Heidi pontificates. No, sweetie, the guys picked you because they guessed (rightly) that you were the only one dumb enough to be turned from her alliance.

I loved Dave’s respone too: “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about my tribe too…” and he goes on to tell her name, age, occupation, and favorite ass. While she gave away her entire tribe’s political stucture (as well as her feeble intellect could grasp it, anyway).

I guess it says something about my optimism that I was actually surprised that she could be so stupid.

Oh, and yes, I also thought Heidi looked absolutely hideous tonight. Lack of modern conveniences has not been kind to her.

Shawna, on the other hand, bless her vacuous soul, looks more beautiful all the time. Pity she’s such a useless idiot.

I thought it vaguely amusing that almost every voter spelled: “Jeanne” in a different way, including “Gene.”

Heidi spelled Jeanne’s name as “Gene”… my God is she a dumb blond or what? or am i missing something here because I’m assuming “Gene” is spelled as a guy’s name, like in Eugene.

Funny how Shawna got that extra boost from the merger.

oh well, now the dynamics have changed, I’m sure gonna miss the guys vs girls thing. Looks like the guys will end up on top at the merger, but who knows.

Bah. This show just lost 90% of what made it interesting, IMHO, and I’m not referring to “Gene”. Deena’s screwed, which is too bad, because she’s one of the smarter ones around, it seems.

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. I know calculating probabilities is beyond you, but you could at least try to count them on your fingers. Stay with the alliance, and if you lose, you’re in the same position you are if you leave the alliance. So…if you stay with the alliance, the WORST that could happen is equal to the BEST that could happen if you left the alliance, PLUS you have a 50% chance of ending up on top. I think possibly that thought might have popped into her little head for a while, rattled around, and then dribbled out when it was replaced with, “But he’s CUUUUTE!”

That’s why I’ve always thought it would be cool of Peachy to read the votes at 8:50, and after the person left say to the remaining Survivors… “So why’d you do it?” ? :slight_smile:

Heh. I did the same thing.

Last night I noticed for the first time what a great smile Christy has.

I haven’t gone over the other threads. Did anyone else mention how uneducated Jeanne seemed? “I want to initiate Deena as the leader.” It’s “nominate”. Seems to me there were some other things she said over the past few episodes that made me think she wasn’t processing information very quickly.

I got the impression that Deena’s strategy of voting off Joanne may have been blown, and she knows it. While giving Joanna the boot might cost them in the challenges, I think she knew Deena knew she could not manipulate Joanna as she could the others.

Deena didn’t seem at all pleased when the men got to camp. She’s not a “cute grrl”, so she will have less influence over the tribe and Team Bounce may boot her. She would have done better to keep Joanna. Joanna would probably have been disgusted at her teammates’ raging hormones and might be counted on to counter the guys’ votes.

But it’s five in the morning. It’s hard enough to remain vertical, let alone think about strategies.