Survivor 2/27

I didn’t see a thread, so I thought to start one. I hope no one minds.

So, who do you think is going to go tonight ?

If the boys go to TC, I’m thinking it might be Daniel.

If it’s the girls again I’m thinking (hoping) Joanna. She seems so nasty, the way she treated Christy last week. She hates the idol so much, maybe she’ll try to throw a challenge and get voted out as a result. Didn’t she ever watch the freakin’ show before ?

Got me by 3 mins.
Here’s my predix from the other thread (which the mods can close anytime they happen by.)

*I’ll go out on a limb and say the guys lose immunity, and Roger gets the boot.

If the women go, it’ll be Joanna.

I’m hoping for some good moralizing by Joanna when they try to hook up the guys and gals.

Will this be the week that the women finally get a roof over their heads?*

Man, sorry about that Dinsdale.

Hey, I got you to waste your 700th post by unecessarily apologizing to me!
Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for 1000.

Jeez, I didn’t even notice.

Daniel for the boys, Joanna for the girls. I put my Piranah Pool points on the guys losing immunity, but CBS has been remarkably tight with the video previews this week, so that’s a total guess.

And I’m guessing three shots in Joanna’s “Praise Jesus!” drinking game.

Hmm should be interesting this week.

I think the girls lose again-- Christy gets the boot after making all those friends at the last tribal council.

I predict more strife at the women’s camp and some alliance forming at the men’s. Oh, and more stupid puzzles.

So, minty - are the exact words “praise Jesus” needed to drink, or would “praise the lord,” the many names offered before, blaming something on the idol, or even upcast eyes suffice?

If so, I’m gonna need to pick up another bottle.

I’m picking Roger, assuming the guys will make a bold move to try to eliminate a strong competitor early on, a la Hunter. You got Robb, Daniel and the restaurant guy as a block. Maybe Rog pissed off Alex enough with his gaybashing. Or the rocketman might see him as a threat to be eliminated - or resent the ousting of Ryan. I dunno. Daniel is a nonthreatening mope - can be picked off at anytime.

On the distaff side, I’ll guess that Christy’s disability protects her against at least one more vote. JoAnna was an easy pick. I don’t know how the others see Jenna. She doesn’t seem to do overmuch around camp - but then who does? The DA could also be an alpha target.

But I’ll stick with my original predictions. Much as it pains me to disagree with the mighty minty.

I don’t think Joanna will get the boot even with the incessant references to the good Lord. She’s one of the strongest (physically) in the pathetic women’s camp. They’ll need her for some work to be done. I’m guessing it’s Christy that gets the boot if the women lose and the dope Dan gets the boot for the guys. And i think the men will win immunity, the women must be barely surviving at camp, the men are faring a lot better and physically and emotionally speaking arent as drained as the women.

Christy on the woman’s team, Daniel on men.

Christy made such a stink last week they have to dump her. Daniel lost a key ally on the first show.

If they do the whole “girls gone wild” thing I hope CBS puts the uncensored video on the web somewhere. Not because I want gawk at 'em, but for the humiliation factor. :smiley: They probably thought, hey, it’s just a few people here, who cares? It’d be funny if everyone they knew could see 'em on the internet. :smiley:

As invented by yrs trly in last week’s thread, the rules are simple:

As I recall, the total last week was three drinks, including one on sheer principle for her assertion that the reason they got rained on in the rain forest was because of the immunity idol. And don’t forget to pay attention to Joanna’s post-boot speech whenever that happens, as I’m figuring it will include at least two shots.

Would you believe they managed to put Shawna’s nipple in one of the previews. It’s linked on the front page of Shawna may walk away with more cash from that little boo-boo than any of the other contestants take home as prize money.

Daniel on the guys side, Christy for the women.

And, I’ll be bold and say that it will actually be Christy. Since I am within spitting distance (75th overall) of mintygreen, I hope I am correct.

Well if it is Christy, you’ll make up almost all of the 31 points you’re behind me in one shot. :smiley:

For tonight, ABT says:

The girls win both IC and RC and Daniel is voted out.

I think we found out the answer about Heidi’s boobs. They are definitely fake. Not that it matters much, she’s still a cute girl.

I think it was obvious from the beginning of the show who was going to lose the Immunity Challenge this week. One tribe focused on who they were going to vote out and the other tribe focused on work around the camp. I was surprised by the votes. I didn’t expect it to be a sweep.

I cleaned up on immunity and the boot, but damn if the rest of the episode didn’t kick my butt. As did the four shots courtesy of Joanna. Hallelujia! (Okay, it was actually four sips of a homemade martini. Close enough.)

The preview for next week looks kind of interesting. I like the piranha fishing competition (I’m guessing reward challenge on that one) and Shawna getting sick is an interesting twist too. I cannot, however, conceive of Burnet giving us such an obvious boot just before it happens. Therefore, I’m predicting either that the women win immunity again or (more likely, IMHO) the men win immunity and the women boot Joanna.

Christy did a decent job of not being a whiny idiot this episode.

Rob’s scheming is going to kill him eventually, but not for a while yet.

Roger won this round, but will not get withing sniffing distance of the finals.

Deena is doing a good job leading the girls, which may well lead Jeanne’s scheme to backfire on her.

Heidi should have spent WAY more money on that crappy ass boob job. HEL-LO! Saline folds all over the place!

Jenna is cuter than I thought at first (nice twisted smile) but I still hate her.

Alex and Matthew could stand to develop personalities.

Dave is no rocket scientist.
I think that about wraps it up. :slight_smile:

I really liked the RC. Very fun.

And that is why I hated hated hated the IC. We’ve seen the exact one before, and I didn’t like it then.

Shawna, Heidi, and Jenna are complete asshats. “The prettier” girls? Oh My.

The golden moment of the show tonight is when that one guy (does it speak volumes about how much I hate this round’s contestants that I haven’t learned their names yet?) commented after the RC that Joanna was annoying with her constant “Jesus for Jabaru!” remarks. His response of “I didn’t know that Jesus had a vested interest in Survivor” just killed me. :smiley: