Survivor Amazon 2/20

Yep, it’s your weekly Survivor speculation/discussion thread. Who smuggled in the granola bar? Will the men bounce back from last week’s trouncing? Will Jenna’s freshly-boiled undies get soaked in the rain? And most importantly, who gets the boot?

Me, I gotta think Janet is toast on the women’s side, and Daniel’s the dead man walking. The sick person always gets the boot pretty quick, and Daniel was the other half of the lazy alliance that got targeted last week. I can’t see anybody else taking the walk of shame this week.

Also, may I suggest a Survivor Amazon drinking game? It’s a simple one: You take a drink every time Joanna gives a shout out to God. Last one conscious wins the game. :smiley:

Ooh, I am so in on that drinking game!

Re: the granola bar. Perhaps naively, I have a hard time imagining anyone would be that stupid after the Jerky Incident of S2. Possible that the producers put it there just to cause trouble?

I think the women are in good shape for the challenge this week(as long as they don’t have to do any cryptography). Since they outnumber the men now, they can sit out Janet. I think it would be fun if they won again, just to see the men’s reactions.

I’ll put in my vote for Janet, she was the sick middle age woman, right?. Or for Daniel, chinese guy?, if the men lose. I apologize for the characterizations, there’s just too many people to keep straight after just one show.

I think the, ahem, strong voiced woman snuck in the granola bar, except that for some reason I thought it was beek jerky. Either way, she seems like the likely culprit.

I missed the “Next week on Survivor!” clips from last week’s show…I heard people mention something about the locked mystery box that was in with their supplied. Does anyone know what’s up with that?

Now I have to go to work early to pick up the vodka.

I would like to see Jenna voted off, I’m not sure why but does she ever irritate me. Ah, I was just reading her bio, and it lists one of her hobbies as ‘sleeping’. Way to go.

Christy is the only gal on the cbs site that lists granola bars as her favorite snack food. Although a couple others list health bars…not sure what the difference is.

I like watching Survivor to see how people will apply knowledge they already have about living in the Wild and how they figure out how to do some things once they are there. If I was on the show, I would be trying to weave a better roof, catch fish better, show people how I learned to make flint knives… and be the first one voted off, probably.

One thing that comes up commonly in challenges is walking across a long narrow beam. I can’t believe that anyone has never seen a tightrope walker: A long stick or anything else that increases your moment of inertia makes it easier to cross without falling. If there are no 20-foot fiberglass poles in the vicinity, two large rocks held with arms straight out really helps.

Since on last night’s IC the contestants were not eliminated for helping teamates when they neared the end of the beam, nor for crawling along it (when it seemed clear the intention was to tightrope walk across), I doubt my idea would be prohibited

It was fun watching the smug men get their comeuppance (thanks to easy tip Daniel). The now smug women should have lots of fun in that downpour without shelter. Heh heh heh.


On the TWoP website, they’re speculating that it’s a plant by Mark Burnett, placed there to cause trouble (read: drama for a good show).
Since the contestants are basically strip-searched before they leave, I don’t know how someone could sneak food in.

On second thought, I guess I can think of one way, but I sure wouldn’t want to eat it. :eek:

Granola bar spoiler below (but no info on the identity of the granola smuggler):

Probst has said in at least one interview that they don’t know who it belonged to, but he thinks one of the contestants finally managed to slip something past the producers.

Okay, everyone drink.



“That’s the reason we got rained on last night. We brought that idol into the tribe.”

OMG, did she actually say that? I need another drink just on principle.

I think that this just might be the first incarnation of this series where I don’t want ANYONE to win. What a bunch of fookin’ idiots, every last one of them. :mad:

I am so totally hoping Christy kicks butt, but she seems determined to dig her own hole. Okay, bitching about how the girls couldn’t be bothered to build a damn shelter is justified, if not real smart. But when you wake the dummies out of slumber, don’t suddenly decide you’d rather go fishing! Sheesh, it’s like she’s never watched this show before.

On the other hand, everyone on the women’s side is peeved at Joanna. As I predicted last week (Hi, Lib!), the God stuff is really getting on people’s nerves. She’s the next one off the women’s tribe. Christy is a close second, but not yet. (Please, girl, get your act together!)

Over at the men’s tribe, Roger proves to be a homophobic asshole. No surprise there. He’s on the chopping block too, but he’s not first on the list. Daniel will still be first. The main character over there is still Rob, who cracks me up with his confessionals. I still think he’s plotting and scheming too much, but he’s going to be a lot of fun until he finally gets kicked. He’s looking at Alex as the person to help kick Roger, but the guy he really needs to be looking at is Butch, who is still the key to that tribe.

Naked bathing girls next week. :cool:

I’m bringing ME! I think I’ll also bring some crab muffins. They aren’t an Elvis dish, but they’re still pretty tasty.

Ignore my previous reply. Obviously that was supposed to go in the DFW party thread. :smack:

Christy seems to be giving them all the ammunition they need to boot her. She needs to start playing the game or she’s going to be the next person voted off.

She’s pretty lucky though. She doesn’t have to hear Joanne going on and on about the idol when they’re trying to sleep.

I admit I laughed my head off when the one lady caught a fish and was so excited she dropped it back in the river.

I was right there with ya dude! One of the fun parts of watching this show for me is seeing people who try out for and get on this show and have no clue how to do anything beyond ordering chinese food, or are vegetarians.

On the same note, why in the hell is the black girl crying about an “idol”?!?! Like she had no clue that there was an immunity idol. Shut the F*#@ up.

Didn’t you just love Janet’s comments at the end? It was some to the effect of “To all those middle aged women wanting a change in their life, I suggest a new hairstyle.”

My thoughts exactly. Christy’s deafness is a hidden luxury, if only she knew!

“I’m gonna talk all night [some blather I didn’t catch]…”
“Can you do it in a whisper?”

Holy crap, she is annoying!

And Christy…That “Me vs. Them” attittude, understandable though it is, is going to get her booted. It’s a shame, because she’s probably the most competent of the women as far as survival goes. But that chip on her shoulder is going to cost her the game.

As for the TC vote…I don’t know for sure without going back over the old votes on the CBS website, but I think this is the first time that 4 different people got votes. And I wonder if the 5 votes for Janet represent an actual alliance/voting bloc, or just 5 unaligned people who voted the same way (since she was a rather obvious choice). So far, we haven’t seen any politicking or alliance making at all in the women’s camp. That doesn’t necessarily mean none is happening, of course, but I wonder…

And hey, ladies! Turn your damn canoe over when it rains!

For the guys, the only one I’d started to develop a liking for (apart from Rob, whose blatant scheming at least makes for good TV) is Alex. And he earns more points tonight for telling asshole Roger off.