Survivor 10/16/03

Here it is, your weekly Survivor discussion thread. So who goes this time? Darrah and Ryan O. look like they’re the outsiders in Morgan, but I’m betting that Drake blows another immunity tonight (though not on purpose this time). So the more interesting question to me is who’s on the outs at Drake.

Michelle looks like the outsider after voting with Burton last week, but I’m not so sure how on earth those alliances actually came together. Jon certainly deserves a boot, but I suspect he’s going to be around long enough for the audience to really work up a fevered hatred for him (i.e., another episode or two). How will Dread Pirate Hagrid fare upon returning from his visit with the enemy?

And just what is in those smoothies Probst is serving up in the previews. Eeewwwwww!

I agree with you that MB is going to fix it so that Drake loses IC again…and Michelle is definitely my pick for the boot from that tribe. If Morgan manages to lose again, in spite of all the helping hands MB is going to throw at them, I think that Darrah is gone.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Rupert. What I would like to see if for Rupert to point out how blatantly awful Andrew is as a leader and for there to be a revolt and have him booted. As for how Rupert will re-assimilate into Drake when he’s released after the RC, I’m not sure…I think it will depend on how Morgan does in the RC and whether Drake thinks Rupert helped out a little too much. He’s going to have to do some serious talking to convince the rest of Drake that he hasn’t shifted alliances.

I made the mistake of reading some spoiler stuff on another site, and it made me very, very unhappy. I’m hoping that it’s more speculation than true spoilers. I’m going to stick with reading ABT’s weekly picks from now on.

Um, didn’t Drake lose IC last week on purpose?

Yes, but I believe that even if they hadn’t thrown it, MB set up that challenge in order to give Morgan a fighting chance at winning. My statement above, however, could’ve been worded better…what I meant is that MB wants Drake to lose again so he’ll fix it so that happens, not that he was (solely) responsible for last week’s loss.

I’d like to see Jon go, just for the expression on his face. He seems to think he’s so in control…

Point taken, although I still think that Drake could have beaten Morgan easily, being as Morgan doesn’t seem to have eaten in the first twelve days or so…

I think despite the effort of MB et al to spike things in favor of team Loser, they still lose anyway. Buh Bye: Darrah.

I also predict Jon says something stupid. I predict Rupert will dumbly help out the tribe that can’t wait to vote him out if they get the chance. Show them how to get food Rupert- that will help your team plenty. :rolleyes:

Results from tonight’s show, skip if you haven’t seen it yet…

OK, Michelle totally deserved that boot. First off, she went into this episode a loner, she was kept totally out of the loop in last week’s vote. Then, after agreeing to play up her inability to eat the yucky stuff, she chugged it totally straight-faced and killed any chance they had of Morgan picking her for the face off. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Drake could have dominated that event if she’d just done what she SAID SHE’D DO in the pre-IC discussions. Idiot.

All I have to say for the rest of the episode is…man, I HATE Osten.

I wonder how much of Morgan’s recent sucsess is due to the psychological factors that were made so much of & how much is simply due to the fact that they have culled the herd so far down now that they have much better chances in the challanges now …

I 100% agree that Michelle deserved to go, but if I thought I could win the next immunity challange w/o him I would have voted for Shawn – I agree with Michelle in that he seems very likely he will switch if still onboard at the merge

I don’t think Morgan has won any challenges yet on their own merits. The won last week’s IC because Drake threw it. They won tonight’s RC because they had Rupert. They won tonight’s RC because Michelle screwed up Drake’s strategy. I don’t think there’s any big psychological advantage for them now…they still have the same old stupid, useless members that they did before, and I think Drake will kick their ass next week. The week after that is probably the merge, so it will cease to matter.

I just want to say that I have never wanted to smack around a Survivor player as badly as I want to smack around Jon.

I concur. That guy’s such a dork. I keep waiting for Rupert to stand up one day, calmly walk across the beach to where Jon is sitting, and squash him like a bug.

They might as well have painted a target on Michelle. She was the obvious outsider to any alliance, she was not a major contributor in camp or at challenges, and she screwed up her one chance at redemption during the challenge. Even the producers couldn’t work up anything more than a token attempt to make it look like Sandra or Shawn might go.

It’s hard to say what the real deal is with Jon. He continues to look like a total butthead on the broadcasts. But the other players don’t seem to dislike him as much as they would if he actually did act like this continously.

And Osten. What can be said? I’m staring to half believe my joke that he was secretly planted in the show by Burnett to intentionally screw up. The man is scared of water, trees, snakes, birds, germs, and hard work. Maybe his only strategy for this game was hoping they’d film this year’s series in downtown Manhatten.

I 'm glad to see Jon is still catching alot of Probst hate. I don’t like Darrah, but glad to see her and Probst collectively put Jon in his pace at IC.

I had to work late and missed the whole show. Like Felix said to Oscar “You are my eyes.”

How did Rupert do with Morgan? Did he help them win the RC? If so, how did Drake handle it?
What annoying, stupid things did Jon and Olsten do?

Certainly Rupert was an asset, but I think Drake lost primarily because of their poor boat handling skills.

How dumb are Morgan? “We couldn’t figure out how to work the sling.” Come on, it’s a Hawaiian sling, fer chrissakes! It’s not as if they had to figure out how to do something hard. I wonder if their VCRs all have 12:00 blinking on them? What did they think that rubber thing was? A carrying strap? Aiyiyi.

He convinced them that the tide was getting higher each day (phases of the moon and all that), and that their pathetic sand moat and log barrier was not going to stop it, so they should go ahead and move the shelter already. And he taught them how to use their fish spear, and of course caught a mess of fish for lunch (partly because he was hungry himself, I’m sure).

As for the RC, it’s as Johnny L.A. says: Rupert helped a lot, but Drake did horribly anyway. Although who knows how they would have done if they’d had the Pirate?

After Morgan won, Jeff gave Rupert the option of spending one more night with them and enjoying the reward, or going home immediately. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn he went back right away. Nobody at Drake seemed annoyed that he’d been such a big help to them at the RC (possibly because they were too busy sucking to notice what he was doing).

Oh, the usual, mostly. Osten objected to moving the shelter, because it would make them closer to the jungle, and a snake might get him. His basic attitude was “Hey, we’re not wet yet. Let’s wait until the ocean gets here before we worry about it.” In a rare moment of common sense, the rest of the tribe overruled him.

I’ll let somebody else rag on Jon for you, because he really doesn’t bother me much. He’s a bit obnoxious, sure, but I feel the way most of Drake seems to towards him: a kind of bemused tolerance. (He reminds me of a couple of guys I used to pal around with in my crazy teenage years, actually.)

I want to see a tribe consisting of Jon and Osten. Jon is SUCH a dumbass! I haven’t wanted to see anyone get crushed so badly since Jeri. Actually, I think Jon is worse than Jeri. Arrogant little prick. Johnny Fairplay? What the hell was that?

Rupert, OTOH, is the anti-Jon. Not only is he the best player in the game physically, he’s the smartest, and he realizes the danger he’s in excelling the way he is. I hope he pulls it off.

Looks like Dread Pirate Hagrid was really playing it well between the two tribes. When Morgan won the RC and sent their tribe member (can’t remember who it was) over to loot, Rupert pulled him to the side and said, “look, I know what I want you to take,” and then offered them the rice because he knew they had only a couple of handfuls left. Then he even said, here’s some more! Pretty good strategy on his part. I’m afraid that his days will be numbered once they merge. They all know what a strong player he is and they will want him out of there quickly to get rid of the competition. Of course, he could just win all the ICs and take home the prize.
Probst to Jon: What’s this? ::holds hands across chest with two fingers on each hand pointing out::

Jon: That’s Jonny Fairplay. This is the F and this is the Y and I’m all in the middle.

Baggins111: SMACK!

As annoying as Jon is, he was the one who suggested Michele pull the fakeroo.

Poor dumb, lazy Osten.