Survivor 10/9

I posted this in the 10/2 thread but then realized it was better suited in the 10/9 Survivor thread:

How about this for the next reward challenge? The Morgan tribe finally wins and as they raid the Drake camp, instead of taking an obvious material item, they take Rupert. Was there anything stated in the rules against taking manpower?

Although I do think it would be hilarious, I’m not entirely certain it would work. But…so many things could happen as a result that it would make things very interesting. Rupert could either feel proud of his strength and go all out for his new tribe giving them a new found strength or he could sabotage the Morgan’s challenges putting them even farther in the hole. But…if he sabotaged, the Morgan tribe could easily vote him off the next challenge. They could even warn him of that in advance. Now…that would make things interesting.

I was just looking at the rules at, and I’m wondering why Rupert hasn’t been thrown out:


I love Hagrid as much as everyone, but I’m tired of Burnett letting popular players get away with anything they want.

Munch, I’m confused. Which of those rules do you feel that Rupert has broken?

I’m guessing stealing. He stole the other team’s street shoes in the first episode and traded them for food and a knife (?).
We never saw any response from the other team, though, so we don’t know if they even realized what happened.

Yup, stealing. And I don’t think the other team would need to know, either. Burnett knew, as did the rest of the production crew.

Well, the rules that you quoted specify that stealing or misappropriating food is a no-no…he didn’t steal food. And since Burnett makes and enforces the rules, I’d say that he pretty clearly didn’t feel that Rupert pirating (the theme of this year’s show) the shoes during the first episode broke any rules.

Just curious… Is it stated that the punishment for breaking the rules is always and only expulsion?

Lib: No, they don’t mention a scale of punishments for various infractions.

Jadis: Yeah, I suppose you could read the second quote as such. But stealing is still against the law, regardless of how small.

Resurrecting this thread, since tonight is the episode. What do y’all think is going down tonight?

My prediction is that Morgan loses the RC again, but Drake gets cocky, throws the IC challenge and boots off Jon.

I’ll put my money on Sandra. And by “money” I mean “guess”.

I’m going for Morgan to lose both, and for a mutiny against Andrew. Andrew booted.

If the commercials are not just more misdirection, Olsten could finally get his wish. Not only that, but if Morgan wins the RC (Commercial announcer voice: "You’ll be shocked at what they decide the “need”.) perhaps they will take Rupert.

I Morgan takes Drake’s booze. That would be an excellent misdirection of the “someone gets liquored up for the immunity challenge” comment on the site.

I heard Lil on a local radio station today:

She mentioned that she never did meet Rupert. Which makes me believe that he’ll definitely make it to the merge. If someone can clarify on who meets who after they get voted off, that’d be great.

God, I hate those boxes.

I’d bet the current rules would prohibit this, but it’d be a great idea for future shows. If players themselves became prizes it would finally break up the tribe allegiance that has created so much predicability in the past. Of course it raises the question of who the Drakes would have taken in the last two challenges.

Did I really type that?!?

Please insert a “will bet that” where appropriate. :smack:

I’m guessing Drake might talk about throwing a challenge, but not the RC. They want that buried treasure.
Now remember, Jeff said the buried treasure contained enough “bounty” to last them awhile. Should we take him literally? Is the buried treasure a huge stash of Paper Towels? :smiley:

Or, as another poster mentioned, is it their packs they had on the boat? That’s my guess.

I don’t think they’re smart enough to do that. Andrew’s got Osten and the other guy on his side. I think they’ll boot Darrah first.

Darrah or Jon. I think we start seeing the challenges biased in favor of team Loser and they win it. Jon takes losers walk.

Darrah is gone soon though.

I would love the see the tribal counsel if Morgan loses both again- that would be a classic.


BiblioCat, you’re probably right. I was just hoping, and hope springs eternal. The notion that Morgan wins the RC and takes booze seems plausible, but it also could be that Morgan is the tribe that stumbles upon the treasure, and a part of it is booze. The idea of Jon being smashed at TC is just too obvious.

Libertarian, I would love to see them mutiny against Big Chief Andrew, but with his little alliance, I doubt we’ll get one.

He also has what’s-her-name in his alliance… Tijuanda? (not sure I’m spelling that right)
Andrew and Osten and Tijuanda seem to be a tight little group. What about the other Ryan? Is he part of their alliance? Or would he go before Darrah?

I’m just really hoping Drake doesn’t purposely throw the IC to get rid of someone. If they do, they’re idiots. If they’re seriously considering throwing a challenge, I’m wondering exactly why. Is someone (Jon? Sandra? Burton? The other semi-cute guy whose name I can’t remember? Or someone else?) pissing off everyone else and they really want them out? Is it too much work supporting eight people? Catching fish? Too crowded in the shelter?