Survivor 10/23

Okie dokie, who’s on their way out and who’s in a good spot ?

I’m a little worried about Ruppert. I love that guy, but since he spend a few days with Morgan, I’m concerned that Drake might think he betrayed them.

Oh Please, Let Jon be the one to go !

The teasers I’ve seen make it sound like Rupert may be in trouble. All I can say is that if he goes this early I’m done with the show. And the sooner they can jettison that turd Jon, the happier I’ll be. A total waste of skin.

I like Sandra, Tijuana, and Trish okay. Osten is a nothing. Ryan O. is pleasant enough but you have to wonder why he even signed up for this thing since he has hardly any skills. Andrew is a mixed bag, but I can tolerate him okay.

The rest of them are just not that impressive. Rupert has my vote for winner, but that means he’s in danger of being seen as too hard to beat, meaning he’ll probably go soon.

I just hope they toss Jon soon – sooner than Rupert.

Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here. The “biggest lie ever seen on the show” that’s been hyped wasn’t told by a contestant - it was told to them (and us) by Burnett and Probst. Jon and Osten aren’t really players: they’re actors who are only pretending to be contestants when actually they’ve been paid to be as annoying to their tribe mates as humanly possible.

Tell me it doesn’t have a certain plausibility.

Well, the fact that they’re spotlighting Rupert possibly being in trouble during the previews pretty much guarantees that Rupert is perfectly safe. I don’t think that Drake has any worries whatsoever that he betrayed them when he was with Morgan…he seems to have a pretty tight alliance with Christa, Sandra and Jon.

I’m not sure what I think will happen tonight. I’m hoping that Drake will win the IC and that Osten will be booted. Maybe Osten gets a life-endangering bite from the big, mean pelican that he’s so afraid of, and his teammates are so tired of him shrieking like a little girl that they finally jettison him.

One can dream, right?

Shawn is the last member of the Burton-Michelle-Shawn alliance that got trumped when Jon switched sides in Drake’s first vote. He’s the logical boot for Drake. I’m also convinced Drake is headed back to TC tonight, thanks to the previews trying to scare the audience into thinking Rupert is in danger.

Darrah goes bye bye tonight. I think we might finally see a decent IM difficulty wise again. Doing fish-shakes for immunity is beyond stupid.

The only thing Rupert is in danger of is excessive crack exposure. Shawn is the next to go on that tribe anyway. After that Jon will get a unpleasant surprise.

As I wrote before, Rupert’s biggest danger will come in tonight’s episode. If the Morgan’s win immunity, there’ll be a 5-5 split after the merger. Rupert’s too popular to be the first target but if the Morgans can eliminate some other Drake and get a majority, Rupert will be the first to get “pagonged”.

I have to agree with Minty. They want you to think Rupert is in trouble, which means that Drake is the likely one to go to TC, and also means that Rupert isn’t really going anywhere. If Drake goes and doesn’t vote off Shawn, I’ll drink a seawater and blood clam smoothie.

If Morgan goes to TC, I think they should get rid of Osten. He’s annoying, and they don’t need his muscles around after the merge. If they are more shortsighted it would be Darrah, but they’ll probably keep her as long as she keeps showering out in the open.

… oh, but they aren’t looking when she showers, remember? They’re all “respectful” of her privacy and such. Apparently more than can be said for the camera crews, but …


Let’s say bu bye to Jon the jerk or Darrah the dingbat!

HAHA, Jon is gonna be fucked in the near future! Now he’s outnumbered on his tribe and seriously pissed off Morgan (whom I was actualy liking tonite) making an alliance with them less likely. Lets hope everything comes to bite him in the ass next week.

I hope so too, I can’t stand Jon.

Andrew is looking better to me this week. He’s not a great leader, but I like him more then I did.

Maybe this should go in a spoiler for now.

What the hell is wrong with Trish ? Trying to get rid of Ruppert is one thing, but it was dumb to tell Sandra about it. I’m happy she’s out.

Sandra just joined Christa and Ryan O. in the “People I don’t mind winning if Rupert doesn’t” category, and Shawn may be a dick but at least he voted right.

Talking of dicks, jeez what is Osten doing there? He’d better be the next Morgan to go. He threatened a bird? And he can’t even hold the same weight as Christa? What are those muscles for?

It’s funny how Jon’s certainty about how to play the game is gonna get him out in the very near future. That was really stupid pissing off Morgan like that. But that did answer my question of a couple of episodes ago as to whether Morgan knew Drake threw the challenge. Who here thinks Jon was the most surprised of them all at the counsil?

How does the merge work? One day Probst shows up with a boat and puts everybody on it to a new island? After the merge the immunity challenges are personal, right? That’s why everybody’s scared of Rup. And the lie? It’s Olsten. He’s not really a pussy after all. When the tripes merge he’s gonna whoop all of them.

It took Jon to grow a pair on Andrew.

My wife and I laughed SOOOOO hard when the penny dropped on “Johnny Fair-Play” at the Council tonight. Once he realized he was duped and he closed his eyes wishing it wasn’t true that he was outsmarted…that was too funny. I can’t wait to see the sparks fly next week.

Jon, here’s your “FY” back at you.

Didn’t see it coming. But admit it, Trish has been such a non-entity that any move on her part would have been a surprise. I’d have bet that Shawn was the one to go. (But not a seawater and blood clam smoothie. You might want a chaser on that, Skammer.)

Biggirl, here’s the way it works. At some point, usually but not always when they get down to ten players, the tribes merge into one tribe. The show makes a big deal out of it; new name, new bandanas, new flag, etc. But the big factor is that all challenges are individual from that point on. Only one player will win the reward (although often he or she will be given the chance to share it with one other player). And only one player will have immunity and be safe from being voted off. Everyone will go to Tribal Council and vote (including the immune player). Because of this, players like Rupert, who were valuable because they won challenges for their tribe, are now vulnerable because of their ability to win challenges for themselves.

It’s looking like we’ll have a 5-5 merge. Past practice has been that each tribe has tried to convince a player from the other tribe to switch over but this rarely happens. This year, with Jon so vulnerable now, it might. (Of course, being a dick during the looting didn’t help Mr Fairplay.) More often what happens is the two tribes expect there to be a tie in the first post-merger TC and try to guess which player is the most vulnerable to a tie-breaker.

Rup dropped a bit of a peg in my eyes tonight. He tried to start something against Shawn, then when it backfired he went up to Shawn as a best bud, It ended up working, but that’s the kind of little thing that might jump up and bite you in the ass when you are already a huge threat because of ability. Especially because they didn’t really play it up at all in editing.
I guess I have to go with you guys now. Osten has to be a plant, he does every chalenge just enough not to be obvious, but he cannot possibly be that wussy at everything. In order to get that kind of body you need a lot of dedication and work and heart, but in every single thing he has done on the show he has none. And I now have to believe that he is throwing stuff.

Hee hee. The tripes. What Morgan wouldn’t have done for some tripe at the end of the reward challenge.

I guess the reward challenges are individual too, right? If you get to pick a buddy every now and then after the merge, then Christa has positioned herself pretty well. She’s pretty strong on her own and if she keeps sweet on Rup— that’ll go a long way.

I think Osten’s body is the result of lots of steroids in a short amount of time. Probably just for the show. His muscles have deflated since the beginning of the show. I don’t think that would happen if it had taken him years to build his body. Rupert doesn’t have big puffy muscles but he’s strong probably just from using them in his daily life.


John must die. The look on his goofy face when they voted off Trish instead of Rupert was priceless. Anyone else get the feeling that Andrew (Hate when Jeff calls him Savage) was going to sit there FOREVER just to pay back John for being such an ass. “Well, you actually lost 7. How could you NOT know we threw that challenge?” Downside to pissing off your opponent, John: It motivates them. Even with no lobster and steak in his belly or a pillow at night, Andrew kicked your collective scrawny asses. (Well, everyone except Osten Powerless, who is doing good if he makes it out of bed in the morning.)

Trish - What was she thinking? Drake: You don’t cut loose your fish-catcher when you have 18 days left if you don’t know how to catch fishies yourself.

Sondra - She’s one mean woman. I can’t wait to hear her exit speech or her questions to the final 2. She has no chance of winning, even if she makes it to the final 2 because she has no diplomacy skills at all.

Sean - Dodged another bullet. He has a good chance of sticking around because he’s lower profile than old Rupe. Much as I’d like Rupert to win, I think everyone recognizes that strength is an adversity post-merge. Ryan from Morgan also has a decent shot of winning because he tends to fly under the radar. And he’s nice and kinda cute.