Survivor 10/23

It doesn’t even have to be steriod-induced muscle tissue. Working out in a gym to produce cosmetically appealing muscle mass would bring the same results. Osten really is carrying useless muscles compared to people like Rupert.

Dread Pirate Hagrid knows now that his head is on the chopping block. Not that I didn’t think that he would expect it. The (highly skewed) previews of next week show him going off on Jon. Hopefully Rupert has a plan. I do want to see him win.

Trish had been flying under the radar until she made her blunder tonight. She popped up and got picked off.

Brownie points from me to PunditLisa for the line, “John must die.” Although I didn’t find him as obnoxious tonight as in previous episodes, he still acts like a spoiled brat.

Did anyone else think that Christa looked like either Pippi or Wendy with her bug bites on her face? She was a real player during the IC and stayed in as long as she could. It looked like she was in some serious pain. I was proud of her and of Drake - nobody faulted her for not winning. She still reminds me of an ex, though. ::shudders::

I just wanted to say that I can’t believe how much of a pussy Osten is. Christa(!) carried as much weight as him!

what the?!?!
how did?!?!

i guess he has muscules, but mentally he’s about as strong as a 5 year old.

Pretending to be weak has to be a part of Osten’s strategy. The alternative is too pitiful to contemplate.

John finally got his comeuppance. Yes, it was satisfying.

That being said, that was a close brush for Rupert. If he had left, the show would have basically been over for me.

I have to admit that I had my very first (and probably last) moment of Jon-like tonight. When they were moving the bamboo around to elevate it off the ground and Shawn was whining about how it probably wouldn’t work and shouldn’t we conserve our energy and pretty much being Osten, Jon called him out on it. And all Shawn could offer in return was “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Hehehe…of course, we’ve all been saying that to Jon since this season began, but hey…in context, it was pathetic. :smiley:

Jon is a dead man walking. Oh I wish, they took out Rupert, instead of Trish. I love him and all but they should be thinking about trying to win the $1,000,000 and Rupert stands in their way. I think Jon was smart in casting his vote for Rupert, too bad he didn’t have the majority to pull off the power shift. How did he think that Sandra would be on his side? Didn’t they kinda not see eye to eye before? Drake is getting more interesting when they start picking each other off. I bet they regret the so-called throwing a challenge back at that chess/checkers pushing match.

I can’t wait to see the new twist/lie for next week’s episode. Something about the past coming back, maybe something to do with ex’s like Big brother? hehe that would be funny. I’m thinking it’s more to do with the people that got booted but who knows until next week.

oh and Osten has got to be the biggest pussy and suck or the greatest actor in the world. I can’t believe this guy signed up for survival in the wilderness and it’s like he’s never been camping in his life. Not to sound like a racist but do African-Americans swim or go camping? Seems like most of the African-American contestants on Survivor don’t really know how to swim or don’t really have that much survival/camping skills. Why in the world would people sign up for a gruelling 39 days? oh wait, i forgot about the $1,000,000 …

He makes me sick! Oh yeah, he was gonna get the pelican all right. He was scared of the pelican, and ashamed to admit it.

I loved that pelican. I’m not afraid of snakes, but I can’t really see them as great pets. A pelican, however - now THAT’S a team mascot! If poor Osten wasn’t so terrified of Pete, they really should have made him part of the team (maybe ask Jeff if they could trade Osten for Pete).

This is starting to look like the idiots vs. the morons to me.

Morgan is a bunch of clueless dopes as far as basic survival skills, although nobody is making any egregiously stupid strategic decisions.

Drake, OTOH, is doing pretty well physically, but they don’t seem to have much of a clue how to play the game. The most basic strategy, rule numero uno, is you don’t start getting rid of your strong players until after the merge.

And Rupert’s speech at the TC had me screaming at the screen, “No! Shut up! Don’t say shit like that before the vote! Just keep your mouth shut!” And Sandra too. It worked out all right, but it was dumb to make a scene right before the vote. They should have just quietly stuck to the strategy, and raised hell after.

And Shawn too, talking to Jon before the TC. He was supposed to just agree to vote with Jon & co. , and then quietly stab them in the back. But he couldn’t resist saying (something like) “The person leaving will be the one who least expects it! It’s going to shock everyone! (Tee hee!)” He’s lucky Jon was too self-involved to pick up on it.

Still, it was great to see the look on Jon’s face when his plan backfired, and I’m SO glad Rupert didn’t leave tonight. That would have taken all the fun out of the show, for me.

Another great moment tonight, Ryan talking about Osten: “If you’re afraid of the jungle and you’re afraid of the sea and you’re afraid of birds, why are you even out here?”

And yeah, I gained a bit of respect for Andrew tonight, though I still can’t stand the smarmy bastard…but he looked like he could have held that weight all day!

Ferrous, I actually thought Rupert was very well spoken at the TC. Perhaps it wasn’t the best thing to say in front of his team mates, but at least he was sincere without coming across as brash. I hope Rupert wins.

Sure, I agree. I love Rupert. He might be my all-time favorite Survivor contestant. I just think that it was a bad idea to be making waves like that right before the vote. He had a plan in the works, everything was going fine. He had nothing to gain by going off like that, but he just might have annoyed someone (Shawn) enough to change their vote.

…Eh, there probably was not much danger of that really, but it made me nervous.

Man, those bug bites on Christa’s face…apparently, elevating the shelter didn’t do any good, unless those happened before the shelter was raised. <Shudder> Could you imagine getting bitten that many times on your face?? Although there was nothing all that impressive about her character at the start, she is beginning to shine…first with her show of diplomacy as the looter and now with her show of strength in the challenge.

And what about Andrew with his mental toughness? He was not only holding an enormous amount of weight but he was not even faltering. His tears we a testament to his determination and drive. He is definitely ones of my favorites.

Onto Jon…whew…he was amazingly annoying as always. Could you imagine living with the guy? Ugh. However, I will be sorry to see him leave if only for those looks in Probst’s eyes whenever Jon opens his mouth. Utter dislike…now that’s amusing. :smiley:

It was interesting to hear the comments about Jeff’s remarks and questions when the Drake tribe left tribal council. I’d like to see that part again. Now I’m not entirely certain if that was part of today’s episode or if it was in the scenes for next week. Did anyone else catch that part?

And, Ferrous, I agree with you. I was thinking the same thing when Rupert starting his little speech. Although I was fairly certain Shawn would remain true to his word, I was thrown a bit when Shawn made some comment after voting about now being the one to run the show. I wonder if this was edited in somehow from a different episode. If he would have voted Rupert off, I could understand the comment. But voting Trish off doesn’t really give him any more power than he had before.

Rupert seems to have a habit of saying things he perhaps should keep to himself. The comments he made regarding throwing an immunity challenge were not a good idea, in my opinion. “I told you so’s,” are never a good thing…especially in a game like this. I’m afraid he may say something down the line that just may rub someone the wrong way which will lead to his departure. Although he is one of the power players he has to remind himself not to let his position lead to any sort of cockiness. Once this happens, players are usually voted out soon after.

Right. And it’s especially a bad idea at TC, because Jeff is so quick to pick up on any sign of dissent and ask awkward questions. So that even if the rest of the tribe don’t make much of it originally, Jeff is sure to ask embarrassing follow-up questions.

I agree with most of you. Rupert is half the fun of the show for me. But what is it about him that we all like so much? I can’t figure it out.

Andrew’s face during the weight challenge was amazing. You could see how much of his strength was coming from concentration. Can you imagine Osten ever understanding that kind of strength?

That had to be Christa’s source of strength too. She’s a strong woman, but that was an enormous amount of weight. She was really focused until the load became unbalanced.

Speaking of unbalanced…how can Jon be for real? Neither he nor Osten have any redeeming qualities. It is as if they were chosen because they bring out the worst in people.

How about a list of Survivor Superlatives?

Survivor Most Likely To Take the Life of Another Survivor?

Survivor Most Likely To Be Found Floating Face Down At Sunrise?

Survivor Most Likely to Disappear (and why)?
(For this one I nominate Christa who will be totally eaten by bugs.)

This is, IMHO, the BEST Survivor since Australia.

Osten = biggest pussy alive. If that were a true pirate crew, they would’ve killed Osten and used his carcass for fishing bait. That’s about the only way that worthless bum could contribute.

After tonight, I’m madly in love with Christa. What a tough woman, holding all that weight longer than Osten. I wanted to run and hug her afterwards (glad to see Rupert did). Her loyalty to Rupert is touching as well.

When Jon gets voted off, I want him to go with a bang. I’ve not despised a Survivor tribe member as much since Jerri Manthey and I love how Jeff seems incapable of concealing his disdain for him! What a jackass he was at TC tonight. Million dollar man, my ass.

Andrew was a huge revelation tonight. I realized that he’s been decent all along, but I disliked him because he’s on that awful tribe. As much as I wanted Drake to win, I couldn’t help but smile widely at the image of a jubilant Andrew collapsing after winning the IC. He deserved it and I hope he finally gets rid of Osten before the merge.

Darrah’s got a torrid body, but there should be subtitles on the screen whenever she speaks. I rarely understand more than a word or two per sentence from her. What a fucked up accent.

Trish…what a bitch. I absolutely loved Christa’s comment when she voted “You stabbed the tribe in the back. You have no idea how to play this game”.

Ferrous, I think it was Sandra — not Jon — who said that the person leaving would be the one least expecting it. I disagree with you on Rupert’s speech. As the leader of his alliance, he needed to show strength and resolve.

The emergence of the Rupert-Shawn alliance was the most interesting aspect of the show to me. Shawn’s statement during his vote that this is now his game threw me at first. I thought for sure that meant a vote to oust Rupert. But now I believe he meant that his new alliance with Rupert will carry him forward a lot further than he would have gone otherwise.

By the way. What the heck was the “biggest-lie-ever-told-on-television-ever-!!!”?

From what I’ve seen elsewhere, it’s something that the Survivors still don’t know. So it will presumably be revealed at the reunion, meaning we won’t find out until the end.

Zoe wrote:

He looks like a youthful Santa Claus?