Surviver 10/2

So, who gets the boot this week? I think they’re playing us by showing Jon in trouble. He’s an enormous ass, and they haven’t given him much screen time at all, so I’m sure he’s going to stick around for a while to annoy us as much as he annoys Jeff. But somehow I think Tribe Moran might actually pull one out and send Drake to Tribal Council. As for what happens there, I just want my Hagrid to hang in some more!

I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that Morgan loses immunity again. Andrew gets the boot.

Andrew is the one I hope goes, Ruppert is the one I don’t want to go, but probably will.

Rupert or Jon for Drake. Lil for Morgan. But I’m not confident in any of those predictions.

This is not going to be a good week for me in the Scurvy Dog Fun Time Quiz.

… just wondered why people think Rupert is going to go if Drake loses. I haven’t seen any real indication that he’s in danger. He seems popular around Drake, isn’t really annoying (like Sandra) or weak (like Jon) or ignorant (like Shawn). Have I missed something?

As for predictions, I’m going to predict that Barnett let’s Morgan get beat again this week and they’ll send Lil home because she just isn’t fitting in with any of them. I think they’ll feel like they need to keep Andrew around for his physical capabilities (like Osten).

I predict that Morgan will win the reward challenge (which will be something lame that Mark Burnett pulled out of his patootie in order to give Morgan a fighting chance) and they’ll take back their tarp from Drake. However, I think that Morgan will lose the IC (is it the “sink the other team’s boat” challenge that I keep seeing in the commercials, or is that the RC?) and they’ll boot off Lill. Andrew is annoying, but I think they’re too chicken to boot off a physically strong member at this point.

Morgan: Lill
Drake: Ruppert or Sandra

Realhoops, if I were on Drake I’d vote off Rupert. He’s a strong character, but he hasn’t done anything that other people can’t. I have a feeling he’s hogging the fishing duties, which can breed resentment. They haven’t shown any reactions by other players to his behavior, at all, so I’m wondering if Burnett is editing out bad feelings against him. Jon could very much be working behind the scenes against him.

Sandra is annoying, but the only annoyance she’s been has been in the presence of Morgan, not Drake. She was indispensable in the first episode in the village, and her actions there have given her an entitlement to their possessions. I think there’s a lot of respect for her in Drake that we haven’t seen. I wouldn’t be suprised to see a Jon-Sandra alliance that takes them well into the merge.

I agree with Jadis.
I think the RC will be a puzzle or something easy that Morgan can win so they can get their tarp back and maybe get a little measure of self-esteem back. I wonder, though, if they will take back their tarp or if they’ll take something more valuable. Now that they know about this pillaging, do you think they will try to hide certain things when the person comes? Hey, pirates bury their treasure all the time. Why not hide the valuable stuff, like the fishing spear or water jugs?

I think the “sink the boat” challenge may be the IC.

If Morgan loses the IC, I think Lil will go, unless Osten starts whining about getting sick again.
If by some chance Drake loses the IC, I think either Jon or Sandra (is she the the one yelling at him in the previews?). If Sandra is seen as a trouble-maker they could decide to dump her. I think more people dislike Jon, though.

Morgan: Lill
Drake: Jon

I continue to cheer for the Dread Pirate Hagrid!

For their sake, I hope it’s not a puzzle. Those idiots couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag.

Lil is probably next. She’s been very helpful to her team, she’s the only one that seems to have more than one brain cell, BUT she doesn’t fit in.

If / When Drake goes to TC, I think the guys will vote for Rupert, and the women will vote for Jon.

Biblio, I could see Morgan taking some serious revenge on Drake’s camp if they win the Reward Challenge. I think they took their loss last week extremely poorly, and will be completely unable to remember the events accurately when they get to Drake’s tribe. I expect to see some attempt at sabotage, as I’m sure they will try to remember Sandra’s taking of the tarp as (does that sentence read correctly?).

Munch, I don’t know what kind of revenge they could take. And anyway, it’s just one person coming to take an item (and that’s if Morgan even wins the RC), and we don’t know if Drake put the tarp up on their shelter.

If the Morgans do win the RC, and want their tarp back, I think the Drakes are smart enough to help take it down, rather than just sit there like petulant 5-year-olds and let their shelter be dismantled.

I’d like to see some footage of Sandra returning with the tarp. I’d like to see her teammate’s reaction to the tarp, and what she told them about the Morgan camp and how they have nothing compared to the relative luxury of the Drake camp.
I hope we get to see that this week.

I’ll predict that Morgan will win one if the challenges tonite, but I think it’s more likely to be the RC. And Drake is probably smart enough to hide the speargun (if that’s allowed).

I predict Lil goes home. She’s not that strong, and she doesn’t fit in. No way they get rid of any of the men.

Why don’t we see more of Drake? The show is more than half over, and it just seems to focus on Morgan.

On rupert:

I did see at least one player (male, I don’t remember which) rolling his eyes when rupe caught like 20 fish after that same member was so proud of having caught 1 or 2. But it’s all just editing.


I probably shouldn’t, but I’m finding the Morgan tribe’s complete losingness highly amusing. I’m glad they’ve let it go on this far, and I hope they continue to let it go. I really liked Jeff’s comments at the TC about how it seems like everyone’s OK with how they’re doing. Sure, it’s great to have a positive attitude and all, but you need to have some sort of realization of the reality of your situation. I’m sure they do, of course, they’re just not showing it.

Good show, overall. I missed the previews for next week - anything interesting?

Good job, Morgan. Vote off the person who makes your fire. God, I hate that team. Which probably means one of them will win it all. I mean, seriously! What the hell were they doing in the Reward Challenge? Osten and his boatmates looked like they were just rowing in circles. They’re totally useless.

I really hope Morgan doesn’t get anyone good in the inevitable tribe switcheroo. Watch–they’ll get Rupert (man, he kicked some ass in the immunity challenge tonight!), and I’ll be totally conflicted on who to vote for.

Eek! Sorry–I should have warned about the spoilers. I’m sorry to anyone that I spoiled. :frowning:

Wow. I never expected Burnett to throw a challenge for the winning team…that IC was so stacked against Morgan, it wasn’t funny. I’m beginning to suspect that his apparently deliberate team makeup is in fact deliberate…and that the spin of this season is that he’s going to let the loser tribe completely decimate themselves. Which, IMO, would be really interesting, because the longer Drake goes without having to vote out one of their own, the more they bond and the cooler it’s going to be to watch them be forced to start picking each other off after Morgan bites the dust.


Two things that stood out to me tonight. Osten appeared to sink his own boat. Instead of remaining seated, as Rupert did while pushing down on the other boat, he stood up and managed to flood his own boat instead. Brilliant!

I also liked Tijuana’s (sp?) viewpoint on the tribe at Tribal Council. She said she felt Morgan was a focused tribe. I guess they could be, I just haven’t figured out what it is they are focused on.

I wish they would have shown a bit more of the second piece of the treasure map Drake won. I’m hoping we’ll see more of that in the next episode. Like Magayuk, I was hoping to see a bit more of Drake.