Survivor 10/23

I swear, you guys! If I watch Ugly Betty and record Survivor, you people start a Survivor thread and no UB one. If I watch Survivor and record UB, you people start an UB thread and not a Survivor one. Geeeez!

Anyway, not the MOST exciting episode, unless watching idiots reveal their secrets to people who aren’t even in their alliance except on another person’s word is what you consider exciting.

Is it just me or is Fang one of the stupidest tribes ever, on aggregate? First, Sugar giving the idol to Ace. Then Ace securing an alliance that’s only provisionally going to give him a majority on the tribe (did they even show Matty drawing Ken into that alliance switch? Their conversation about who to vote out sure made it seem like Ken wasn’t in on it.). Then Sugar telling someone who they don’t know for sure is on their side that she gave the idol to Ace. Then Crystal getting all crazy-eyes about making sure that everyone knew her crying wasn’t a sign of weakness (you don’t get to define that stuff away, hon). Then Kelly running her mouth of at TC, which contravenes directly the cardinal rule of Tribal Council: “Thou shalt not run they mouth at Tribal Council, lest ye end up booted in ye reare”.

All in all, a spectacular segment in the continuing stooooory of a tribe who’s gone to the dogs.

What little we got to see of Kota was fun…I love Randy. He’s a dick. He’s a loudmouth. He’s an ass. But he’s SO MUCH FREAKIN’ FUN! “Wah wah wah” I died.

Dan is, refreshingly, the lone idiot on Kota. “I’ll just eat four times as much as everyone else is, and I’m sure no one will mind.” How’d you get to be a lawyer being that dumb, huh?

It always amazes me when participants in this game do not seem to have benefited from watching the past seasons. Ace is not that subtle. I can not believe that these fools are not seeing the manipulation. The excuse that they need to keep him around for the challenges was dealt with by Crystal: With Ace, they still have lost eight out of the ten challenges. He is much more of a threat in the social side of the game, and dumping him would be the smart move.

Crystal needs to get eaten by hyenas. That bitch annoys the snot outta me!

Why did Crystal, an Olympic champion runner, have to drop out of that running challenge before Ace and Matty? For an athlete, she sure hasn’t been a big help in the physical challenges.

I hate Fang, except for Sugar (who doesn’t even seem to be trying) and Ken. I like how she let everyone know that she had the idol, then told Ken up front that she had given it to Ace, then took it back. Now, won’t everyone think Ace has it?

One thing that watching Crystal on here has made me realize is that Olympic athletes are HIGHLY specialized. There is a huge difference between running 100M at training weight and running 1/4 mile carrying 40 pounds when you’ve been out of training for however many months/weeks Crystal’s been. It’s one thing to say that you’re a gold medal Olympian, but another entirely to perform as one a year or more afterward when you haven’t been in training.

On Ace and his possibly fake accent - how likely is it that someone from the UK would use “Benedict Arnold” as the term for a traitor? Do Brits learn about the American Revolution in that great detail? I’m taking that as further evidence that he’s an American who just uses the accent to pick up chicks.

If you listen carefully, Ace’s accent disappears now and then.

Now and then? If Ace were a robot, the accent vocoder would have to be analog, because the damn thing dips up and down like it’s on a rollercoaster.

Something I hadn’t thought of that has been mentioned over at TWOP…

Sugar GAVE the HII to Ace. Doesn’t that mean that, for all practical purposes, Ace now OWNS the HII unless he gives it back to Sugar? So when Sugar took it back without his permission, it became a lump of wood for her, right? So if she tries to play it, it will be defunct because she was not given it by Ace, to whom she transferred ownership?

I’m kind of hoping that they actually do flush it out soon, to tell the truth. Watching this one work out will be interesting.

I was completely flummoxed by Sugar’s decision to give the HII to Ace. Her rationale had something to do with the fact that the others had discovered it – giving it to Ace would make sense if she thought burglars were going to go through her things and steal it…but otherwise, WTF? If you think someone is holding the idol, there’s a good chance you’ll vote for them to “flush it out.” Giving away the idol under these circumstances is an express ticket to Loser Lodge.

I’m getting a little tired of being jerked around by the editors – I now assume we’re being jerked around now. So when the pre-TC machinations started (Kelly! No, let’s blindside Ace! Give away the Idol! Take it back!!..) I predicted that it would be Kelly. And it wasn’t even close.

And yes, Randy is a dick. I hope Crystal hangs around long enough to go up against him in a challenge, where she can dump him in the pond and he gets eaten by a hippo.

I dunno, I think it was pretty clear from the conversation they had that Ken believed Sugar was going to take it back. One possible consequence is that everyone might now believe even more strongly how easily lead Sugar is.

Ace is American. From the CBS bio: “Born in New York but raised in London, Ace attended the prestigious Hill House School in Knightsbridge.” His hometown is listed as Naples, FL. I agree he uses the accent (when he remembers) to his (imaginary) benefit. He’s a pretentious schmuck.

Ordinarily, I’d say that’s a good question. Historically, Jeff & Co. have been specific about saying the Idol must be conspicuously and obviously handed off to complete a valid transfer (thus eliminating the possibility of a stolen idol), but in this case, we did see Sugar subsequently tell Ace she’d taken it back, and Ace didn’t seem to have a problem with it - at least, not that he voiced to her, when she told him. I’m sure he was weighing his options during that conversation - I wonder what the producers would have done at that point had Ace cried foul and demanded she returned it, though that would have been catastrophic for him in-game.

Yeah, I agree. I didn’t follow her reasoning, and I don’t think Ace did either, but he obviously took advantage of the situation (which turned out to be temporary anyway). Sugar seems to me just a little too sweet and naive for this game. She’s going along so far just willing to trust almost anyone (even while acknowledging Ace is a snake), and she’s reacting far too emotionally to last through the tribe politics, especially post-merge.

Agreed on both counts, but only if we can get rid of Crystal afterward. She’s bitchy and useless and contributes nothing to the game or her tribe. At least Randy is fun to watch, as jayjay noted.

No he isn’t. He’s just an asshole.

Eh. I may be biased. He reminds me of my aunt’s husband a little, in looks and in disposition. A curmudgeon, but aiming most of his barbs at people that I quite agree deserve them.

His bio is hilarious. It begins:

“Randy Bailey wants to be personally responsible for crushing the hopes and dreams of all other contestants with delusions of winning SURVIVOR. He considers himself a ruthless bully who enjoys picking on those that were not blessed with his strength or intellect.”


May be a gender thing, but he truly comes across as a total jerk to me – and not in an amusing way.

Nope, not a gender thing. I get a huge kick out of him, too.
Dan, now - that’s a jerk.

My daughter got to meet Marcus a few days ago. His mom is her Spanish teacher, and he dropped by the high school and gave all her students a thrill. She says he’s very nice and even better looking in person.

Apparently they took pictures, too. If I get hold of one, I’ll post it.

I’m so torn… This has been the most boring season yet for me. Especially after the zany hijinks of Fans vs. Favorites. But astonishingly, I find myself loving to hate Ace and Randy (for different reasons.)

Randy’s a jerk, he’s an ass, he’s kinda creepy, and I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him for 5 minutes. But he’s the only one who seems to have a grasp of the game at all this season, and he has an uncanny knack for telling it like it is, making just the right moves, tweaking the others at the perfect time, and fading into the woodwork at the perfect time.

I have to admit, from the way they were making Dan out to be such an idiot I thought that Kota was going to lose and then kick him out. His law practice might take a bit of a nosedive after this, as he has repeatedly shown himself to be absolutely clueless.

I also think Randy is getting progressively funnier to watch. The only problem I see is that his game is so subtle that if he gets to the end he may have trouble convincing the others of his awesome.

Ace… Fang would have been better off kicking off Ace, then Crystal at the next one. Get rid of all the pot-stirrers, even if they are some of the stronger athletes on the team. They have a better chance of winning without them.

On another note, merge next week, or just a fake out?

The promos seem to indicate that both tribes go to tribal council this week. And there are two immunities up for grabs. What makes you think it is a merge?