Survivor 10/1 [SPOILERS]

This is getting to be a joke. But they definitely voted off the right person…finally.

I was just looking to see if there was a thread!

I was out tonight and forgot to record – could you spoiler it for me? (Hey wait – aren’t you in So Cal? Isn’t it like 8:30 there?)

Maybe it was just because of Ben, but I didn’t mind Russell at all this episode. However, I’m tired of him getting all the screen time. We’ve barely seen any of the purple tribe outside of Good Russell and Shambo. They need to start losing so we can get to know them.

And what’s up with the combined reward/immunity? Is it going to be like that the whole season? I’m not a fan.

Also, can we add SPOILERS to the topic title?

I hope I did this right – haven’t used spoiler tags in a while.

Russ H. is still an asshat, Foa Foa still sucks, and Ben got send home with extreme prejudice. Emphasis on the “prejudice,” I think. Oh, and Probst is still the host, sadly.And also: my husband totally guessed Jaison’s education AND future occupation by listening in on Tribal Council. “Oh, gawd, he’s an Ivy-league educated lawyer, isn’t he?” (Since Stanford is the “Harvard of the West,” I figure he gets at least partial credit.)

I was surprised that someone back east hadn’t started one.

Ben bites it because he was a douche. Unanimous vote.

The challenge wasn’t that awesome, and I think Russell (the good one) should have gone with function and screw what the women wanted.

Yay! Hope everyone gave him an earful on his way out.

Oh, Tribal was…interesting.

Poor Natalie! Stuck right in between those two and involuntarily used as a visual aid by both…

Oh, and Good Russell, I kind of love you, but that was some creepy shit. “I gotta take care of my women, and since my wife and daughter aren’t here, you’re all my women. And I’m gonna take care of you.”

Ben sucks smegma-dripping donkey balls.

I got riled with the, “This is a lady! She says ‘Please’ and ‘Yes sir’!” Yeah…and she’s quiet and subservient and doesn’t stick up for herself. I would have clocked him.

Fuck off, Ben. Jaison, meanwhile, I love.

Russ H. is still not that much of an asshole to me. He was smart to change his direction at tribal; hubby thought his ego and not wanting to change course would get in the way. I told him I still don’t buy his “I’m so eeeeeeeevil” act and that he would be smart, rather than stick with the RussHole character, and change his vote.

He did.

(Since it has aired all over the country, okay not to spoiler box it, yes?)

I wonder why Jeff sends the visiting tribe member away from tribal council prior to the voting? The only thing they miss is learning who gets voted out and everyone on the opposing tribe learns that soon enough anyway.

My guess is to avoid having anybody from the other tribe know whether or not the HII has been played. Kinda silly this early in the game, but they have to be consistant.

They also don’t learn what the vote count was. If it isn’t unanimous, you’d get info on who else was on the block and how much danger that person might be in.

Yeah – since the visiting member doesn’t do anything but sit there at TC, it’s almost a bigger benefit to the other tribe, since Nice Russell has been sending outliers and “troublemakers” (insofar as there appear to be troublemakers in Galu). I would personally send an SBD type, who can suss out information without giving anything away. Nice Russell has sent people who won’t shut up.

I have to wonder sometimes (sometimes?) about these people. Like, OK Shambo, you think yoga is a waste of your time and whatever. But does your tribe appear to be in a dire situation? No? So then why not just respectfully decline and go waste your time on your own in the swamp some more? Or go get water yourself so you have a legitimate reason to bitch? Otherwise, what is so fundamentally offensive to you about what amounts to a team-building exercise?

Hello, people: you need to give people a reason to vote for you, and a truly spectacular she-mullet might not be enough for everyone.

Yeah, Shambo does seem to be setting herself up to be the first person voted out of her tribe should they ever get to Council. Personally, I thought the yoga was cool.

That is very close to being a legendary mullet, isn’t it? It’s like she’s a female Hercules and she’s wearing the hide of the Nemean Poodle as a trophy of the kill.

Damn. That’s exactly what it looks like.

I’d been burned by so many previous machinations that fizzled out, that when Jaison started targeting Ben, I was :rolleyes: right. It’ll last until Russell decides it shouldn’t happen.

Apparently Russell is good at figuring out which way the wind is blowing, and knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. And various other metaphors.

Of all my imaginary internet friends, jayjay, you’re my current favorite.

Nice to see the ‘race and puzzle’ challenges. They NEVER get old.

This was the first episode I’ve seen, and relatively satisfying.

No doubt we need to see more of the purple tribe - I have no idea who any of them are (except Good Russell, who was actually more than a little bit of an idiot). And I kinda liked Bad Russell. So whatever.

Before the final vote I turned to my wife and said “Well, now we find out if Russell is a player or just an asshole”. And Ben went home, so Russell is officially a player. Absolutely no reason for him to stick to his guns instead of voting out the person who his strongest allies want gone.

Oh, and jayjay, brilliant! :smiley:

Awww… blushes