Survivor 12/3 *spoilers*

They should really just change the title to Survivor: Schadenfreude, because the post-merge tribal councils have been wonderful. Combine clueless Shambo with John going from “That’s curious” to “Oh crap” in a second, and mix well.

And it’s nice to see some cracks in Foa Foa. Frankly, it’s time for Mick and Jaison to do something other than blindly following Russell. And the two wins are just enough of an ego boost to get it done.

Also, a note to Survivor editors, knock it off with the silly tricks you learned in film school. Didn’t you learn your lesson with the slow motion hatchet throwing from a few seasons ago?

i think this week’s episode showed us how really clueless Shambo is.

She thought because she had a dream that Dave was going out that she was calling the shots. Russel pretty much masterminded that whole ouster of John and will probably have good ammunition on Shambo vs Dave so he can pick which one he wants out next week, that’s if the others don’t turn on him like the previews seem to suggest.

Seriously I need to see Shambo gone ASAP. She only gets stronger as the game progresses because she becomes a swing vote. Unless they play it like how the deaf girl flaunted her swing vote status (a really old survivor season if i recall) and got voted out for being exactly that by everyone that tried to court her.

I loved how crucial the reward challenge advantage in immunity was for Jaison. I have no idea why people think food is worth getting over something that can actually help in an immunity challenge. It’s not like they’re not used to feeling hungry and can’t tough it out for a few more days.

Wow, Shambo really is crazy. Clueless and completely crazy.

Am I imagining things, or didn’t the preview from last week show Russell releasing the chickens and causing havoc in the tribe? Why wasn’t that shown?

I fear Shambo is stuck with us until the final episode…her cluelessness makes her perfect “someone who doesn’t deserve the money even though I was a jerk/liar/schemer” opponent when up against the jury.

“Bird Go Free” was in the clip show on Thanksgiving. He attempted to set the chickens free while Erik was still on the show. Apparently the birds were too stupid to get out the cage.

I think they just showed him unlatch the coop. He didn’t leave the door open with a stick or something so the chickens can actually get out with ease. Yea, too bad they didn’t have some sort of follow up on that dirty deed of Russell.

I’m pretty sure Shambo won’t make it to the end. Unless my whole being is totally opposed to that idea and i reject out of fear that she might win it all. She has this cocksure arrogance about her, like when she plays the martyr role that no one likes her when in fact she doesn’t even care to be part of the tribe. Last week’s clipshow showed Laura getting “close” with her and yet she shrugged it off as she shoulda just left me alone to sulk and cry all by her lonesome. If she really wanted to do that she shoulda just got up and left. Even this week, she had that dream and was positive Dave should be voted out and had this air of arrogance that she knows best when in fact Russell has been stringing her along for her vote power. Russell is playing her so badly that he used her hate for Laura to get Laura out, which Russell has been wanting since the day of the merge. Now that she tasted the power of bloc voting with Foa she thought she had the ultimate power of choosing who goes out. Like how can someone think like that unless they’re some sort of egomaniac. It was one week of voting out a person and now she’s the one calling the shots. Like seriously, I can’t wrap my mind on that one. Just because she wants Dave out because they had a tiff on preparing chicken and then having a dream, she thinks she has the ultimate power to pick and choose who goes out.

I’m rambling, but that’s my burning hatred for all things Shambo for you guys. She needs to get voted out for me to be happy with whatever happens in this season’s installment of Survivor.

So, inquiring minds want to know–was the chicken as bad as over-boiled chicken can be? Or was it ever so tasty plus yummy fatty broth to drink?

Agreed. Very lame they left that ‘plot’ thread hanging.

I wouldn’t trust next week’s promos too much. Last week’s promos were cut to strongly suggest that Mick was going to be voted out this week. Then again, tonight’s promos sure did seem both reasonable and convincing, so I don’t know.

I can’t believe how much I’m pulling for Russell. That whole “it was my mistake, but you gotta go” was cracking me up. Too perfect. “These people should be covering their ears when I talk, because if I make a mistake, you have to go.”

Shamwow is Rupert in drag - whining, bitchy, entitled idiot declaring her “visions” are sent from God (sorry, I gotta give props to the editors for her vision segment - that cracked my shit up!). She’s turning into Annie Wilkes. I can’t imagine the tantrum we’ll see next week after this tribal. This season’s final tribal is going to be SchadenfreudeFest with all the bitter blindsided jurors - I hope and pray that Shamwow joins them soon so she can be shunned at Ponderousorosa and have time to sit and sulk and come up with a really embarrassing Poor me-you used me-you were mean to me-I’m a Marine how could you not love me? whiny question.
I can only imagine how happy everybody was when Shamwow won the slug guts. It made me happy. Very, very happy.
"I’m confident that nobody is going to vote me off because I didn’t give them a piece of apple pie.” will go down in history as one of the dumbest things ever said in this game.

Jaison, is right, though.

Shambo will flip-out now that they have mini-betrayed her. They should not have done that.

“Will flip out?” She’s pre-flipped.

Yeah. But I trust Russell is a good enough manipulator to get her back in line. Probably he’ll swear on his (already-dead) mother’s life that he’ll let her pick the bootees for a while. And since both he and Shambo want Dave gone, that’ll work for a little while.

So, what do you think Russell dream elimination line goes after that? I’m thinking once he gets Galu down to Brett & Monica, it’ll be time to get rid of Jaison and Mick.

I’m having trouble figuring out who Russell could possibly beat in the final. Despite the fact that he’s played a really good game and probably deserves to win, all the bitter people he screwed will likely go out of their way to give it to someone they think is more ethical, aka anyone else.

Ethics?!? This is Survivor. Ethics are for losers.

I hope the Foa Foa folks are smart enough to know there only chance is to have 3 Foa Foa in the finals (or 2 Foa Foa + Shambo). Galu would vote for Galu! Has anybody watched any of the Ponderosa videos, are they worth it this season?

They don’t get to see his edited manipulations though like we do. He’s played that well - Eric and Laura hate their own tribe more than him. Kelly was just a victim of circumstance. John’s the first to really have any animosity towards Russell.

I didn’t catch all of John’s post-vote wrap-up, but I distinctly thought I heard him blame Galu (!) for his ouster, not Russell. Which surprised me.

Has Brett said anything this season?

i think he said something in the lines of Galu are a bunch of retards compared to Foa and it was one of their most stupidest blindsides to do and he’s glad to be away from the Galu mental deficients.

and no, we’ve never heard much from brett, either he’ll get to the finals to say he played under the radar or the editors are telegraphing his eventual ouster due to the fact he gets no camera time and not worth the effort developing since he won’t go far.

As for Jaison being smart about not burning the bridge with Shambo as per Galu. I think it was a great insight to his gamesmanship. However he doesn’t know that Russell has Sham vs Dave angle to exploit. I think he’ll figure it out soon and realize that he’s being played hard by Russell. I think that’s what the previews are trying to develop. Although i prefer Russell, Jaison might be a threat as he pieces together the vote manipulation by Russell. I wanna see Foa go at each other sooner than later so the weak Galu have something to fight with. Galu had way too much arrogance and they paid the price, they need to get their shit together and do something soon or they’re all done.

I think this season is great only because of the fact that Russell is a crazy good player, even when he makes mistakes, even when he doesn’t know who’s going home, he’s prepared. I found it funny too when he accidentally told John he had the HII and then started planning right away to get rid of him. I really hope he’s not going home anytime soon.