Survivor 12/17

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So, who totally knew Natalie would have coconuts crash down on her once they started showing her talk about prayer and God and so forth?

I saw that coming a mile away.

It was risky, but I think Russell made the right move. He can vote Brett out next round without too much trouble (especially since he’s a huge jury threat), and at the Final 4, he’ll have Natalie on his side no matter what and can vote out the bigger threat of Mick or Jaison - probably Mick. He might have to deal with a tie, but I feel like Jaison will vote for Mick pretty easily. And in a Jaison/Russell/Natalie Final 3, Russell has a great chance to win.

Keeping Shambo another round would have unnecessarily complicated Russell’s endgame. If Russell wins, it’s this decision that did it, IMO.

It was classy exit speech by Shambo. It will be tense in Ponderosa-ville for her. She will shunned just as she was early in the game.

It is definitely a pro-Brett jury. The FF4 absolutely cannot let him get near the final 3. I don’t think Brett is very good poker player. I think if he ever got a good hand, he face would light up like a xmas tree.

so happy with the vote on Shambo. At least now I know I will be watching future seasons of Survivor. I think Russell came to see that he needs Mick to win immunity so they can get Brett out. I don’t think we know if it’s a final three or final two just yet, but i think Russell has to convince the jury that he’s the most deserving due to sheer determination and ingenuity for finding three HII’s, using one of them wisely. I’m not sure how Jaison or Mick can win because the seem to be more of the non-vocal type. Jasion did the whole he was involved in every decision spiel last week. Nat can use her charm and demeanor to set up some sort of she got info from Galu to use them. Mick not too sure what he can say. Russell can play mastermind. Brett all he needs is for it to be an immunity win run, if he’s in final two or three, he’ll win for sure.

I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be a final three, unless they vote out two people in one tribal. There really isn’t enough time otherwise.

And I’m not sure that Brett is a definite win. He hasn’t don’t much other than win a few immunities. I don’t think those Galu people really hate Russell at all.

Also, Brett voted with the members of Foa Foa in almost every instance – he didn’t really have Galu loyalty… unless you count loyalty as flipping on everyone as soon as their name came up in conversation to get rid of them. IF the jury were to vote based on game play - Russell would definately get it, IMHO.

Those Galu people really like Brett. In post game interviews, at least 3 at secret final two alliances with Brett, and he didn’t screw them over. Apparently, Natalie adores Brett.

how do you think that Brett needs to convince his former alliance to vote for him? I think it’s in the bag for him if he makes the final 2 or 3 because the fact that he was in their Galu alliance that got ass-raped by Foa. I dont see how they can side with someone like Russell who has the “played hard” but kinda rubbed the Galus the wrong way plus supposedly raked in $2million last year. Jaison doesn’t come off someone that Galu liked either. He acted smug around them and somewhat standoffish as did Mick. It was like they never really talked to Galu, where as, we saw Nat and Russell actively poking and prodding Galu to see where things were at.

If it were a final three of Brett, Nat, Russell. I think Brett would win. And that would be the hardest case scenario for Brett too, since nat and russ “played” the hardest out of the Foas.

If Brett’s not involved, I see Russell then Natalie on top of the charts, followed by Jaison and then Mick. But all the negative info on Russell could bite him in his ass and give all the others more ammo to throw against a Russell win.

The finale is on Sunday Dec 20th, if you guys didn’t catch it. 2hr finale.

Followed by a 1 hr reunion show. Should be no football delays because FOX has got the double-header.

I Fast-foward through all the commercials, are they having a fan favorite award? It would be interesting if Russell would win. I really interested if the public really hates him. I can’t imagine a front runner for fan favorite, other than Russell.

shambo might win the fan fave award if that article from last week’s thread has any bearing. I dont see it but I think Erik in one of his interviews with that Shambo is more likable than what is being presented. She may seem crazy and all that but Erik said something like he doesn’t have a beef with her because she seemed so innocent and gullible. But that’s only his view of the real goings on with Shambo, not sure how the rest of Galu perceived her. I think they didn’t think too highly of her and her of them. The reunion show might be good but I’m not sure how much light can be shed on the Shambo negative edit.

I *hated *him at first, but unlike most other contestants, he actually was able to back up all his claims about the game being so easy for him, and being able to manipulate everyone, etc. so it wasn’t just ego talking. The other players really seemed dumb compared to him, especially with him finding all three HIs… He is clearly the best player in this season, if not of all Survivor (rivaling Richard Hatch.)

You know, she became a lot more unattractive to me when she starting babbling that prayer nonsense. Then I turned down the sound and she magically got hotter.

Yep, you can vote free at:

$100,000 to the winner, which I think will be Russell, not Shambo.

By the way, I’m pretty sure Russel Hantz has already filmed another Survivor for the Feb-May season(Heroes vs. Villains).


Tagaloa and Nafanua rule here, not your puny western gods! Behold, the fury of coconuts!

I love that Foa Foa stuck together from when it was 4vs8 all the way to now when it’s 4vs1. I very much hope that they vote out Brett at next TC so the four Foa Foa will have stuck togther to the end. It’s remarkable that there have been no Foa Foa betrayals in all 7 votes, especially considering that there were big Galu betrayals in pretty much all of them.

I want Russel voted off now. He is an arrogant prick. He has been in trouble a couple times but the idol saved him.

Eh. I’m in the “Best Survivor Player Since Richard Hatch” camp. If he makes it to Final 3, he’s the one who actually deserves to win it most. Nobody else still there has played as hard as Russell has. That doesn’t mean that he’ll win, of course…it’s really almost impossible to tell if a jury is going to be reasonable and award to the best player or if they’re all going to be the “My question is YOU SUCK!” bittercakes type.

If Russell gets to F3, and the jury is actually looking to give it to the best player, Russell wins the million. If Russell gets to F3, and the jury is Bittercakes Central, Russell probably doesn’t win. Any other prediction requires knowing who’s going to be the F3.

But he’s been right. Russell has always been oddly tuned-in to what’s happening on the island; when he comes across as arrogant, it’s because he knows he’s not going home.

I do wonder how Russell’s wealth will play to the jury, now that the cat’s out of the bag on that. Will they vote for him for being a better player? Or will they give it to someone who needs it more?

(Assuming Russell makes it that far.)

Oh, that jury should be epic bittercakes. In watching the Ponderosa clips, John and Eric are the only ones talking to her, and she is making no effort to change that. Dave is wisely avoiding her, and she is baffled that Eric actually thinks she was a traitor to purple, since she turned that around and slammed them. ?!?!? I honestly have no idea what the hell she is talking about, but her question at tribal should be a doozy. I sure hope she doesn’t supersede my expectations.