Survivor Finale, 12/20

Well, we’re off to a roaring halt as the football game ran 20 minutes late. :rolleyes:

This ought to be interesting; if Russell goes on the Walk of the Dead Survivors, his remarks should be priceless unless he totally censors himself. I see Nat for the win at this point.

I’ll post after the first boot, if and when it happens. C’mon, CBS, c’mon…

Why does Russell have shaved armpits?

Started on time in Michigan.

Man, Russell has lost weight! He actually looks thin, now.

I’m starting to wonder if Brett just might do this thing.

Don’t they usually do the memories-of-past-survivors walk when it’s down to the final 2 or 3?

God I hate these types of challenges. I want the final one to be a “you gotta want it more, 'cause you’re going to stand on this pole for 20 hours” rather than, “here’s a complicated hand-eye-sense-of-balance game we just make up” and last 5 minutes.

Yes, they do it at Final 3 after their big breakfast.


Awww, Jaison. He was my pick to win at first and I’ll never forget his great smackdown of Ben the racist. But he never recovered from the rainstorm and has just been an Eeyore ever since. I’ll miss him and if he were a woman, Russ would have targetting him faster. Bye, bro.

I think Russell just won it. I think he can persuade the jury.

And he might win the $100,000 from the home audience…and he’s on next year!

So what should he do?

  1. Keep Brett, giving him a chance to win. He’ll gain some votes from the jury, in theory, and Brett may lose to Mick.

  2. Keep Mick and Natalie and stick with the plan.

Hmmmph, he won’t be getting any of my votes. I was rooting for the nasty underdog on BB11 last summer, but I can’t bring myself to root for the former drug-dealer and all-time misogynist.

Whoops, they did the walk of the dead before final challenge and F3 breakfast. I guess they wanted Brett around so that somebody could say something about the early Galus besides, “Wasn’t he the old guy that fainted?” or “Wasn’t she the girl Ben was so nasty to?” or “Kelly who?”

The title of this series ought to be: “I should be playing with Superstars!!”

Russell is acting extra smug tonight. Natalie for the Win!!

Stick with the plan. Bret won’t be as pissed off on the jury as Mick would be.

One can hate Russell for his arrogance, but if he isn’t the winner it’ll be the most ridiculous vote in Survivor history.

Aw Brett. Oh well. This will be the least suspenseful TC in history–only fun part will be seeing the jurys’ faces when Russell waddles in wearing the immunity necklace.

…aaaand off he goes. I would have chosen Brett FTW but he wasn’t getting a winner’s edit. Nice guy, I’d buy his shirts and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

Great variety of WTF?! looks from the jury tonight (including my cleaned-up Jaison–like John, he looked better with the beard). Aside from Dave they seemed to be anti-Russell looks to me, but maybe it was just astonishment at the end of Galu.

Looking forward to the speeches, Mick’s in particular.

Why do so many women(on Survivor) think “strength” is shown by being aggressive and unforgiving? That chick with the wacky hair sounds like she wants to be a strong, modern girl, but she sounded bitter and pathetic.

What was her name again?

Interesting Final Tribal Council.

I’ll admit it, I had to look up “feckless”. If I had been Mick, I would have answered “Yes I may be feckless, but that is because my beard is covering up my freckles.”

So Brett wants to go a “Bro-date” with Mick. At least Mick did give him a snarky answer.


Stupidest jury ever.

Stupid stupid angry jury.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Wow. Terrible choice.

I hope Russel Hantz wins the $100,000 “player of the season” award.

That was my last Survivor. Fucking idiots. Next time they should give the million to a rock around the campfire, it’ll have done as much to win as Natalie did.