Survivor 12/10

Uh, it’s 8:22 and they are at tribal council.


What are they planning?

No spoilers please! It’s 5:27 here… and I don’t trust myself not to look at this thread! I’m a sad, sad little man.

From CBS:

Can’t wait!

Except for the two tribal councils part, that was the most misleading preview ever.

If Mick had a set, it could’ve lived up to the previews.

Have they ever done two tribals in one episode before?

I don’t think so, but they have had two eliminations in the same episode. Usually the second one is a surprise “pop quiz”, no time to “strategize”. Or it’s one from each tribe (they were going to do that this season at one point but GoodRussell collapsed from exhaustion during the immunity challenge and they canceled the votes (which is probably why they had to fit two whole episodes into this one)).

Technically yes, the finales usually have two or three Tribals. And they have had two tribals when two different tribes have gone to tribal council. Double Elimination.

But I think you are asking if two tribal council on two different “survivor” days, besides finales? And the answer to that is: I don’t think so.

Did Monica really say “Skin-til-la” when she meant “scintilla”? Finally Brett speaks. And he speaks at Tribal Council, when he says “Bye Dave”.

Was anybody else bothered troubled when Russell came up to Natalie when she was hanging up her panties?

I’m not sure voting out Russell right now was the best plan. Without Russell, Shambo might easily turn on Foa Foa. An I think they’ve learned from watching Galu that voting out one of your own is a slippery slope.

I finally figured out tonight what Probst’s habit of calling Dave “Dave Ball” all the time reminded me of…

The kid in Arrested Development who went around shouting his name while punching the air with both fists. “STEVE HOLT!”


And I still think he looks like a demented, evil folk singer. Peter, Dave Ball and Mary…

Of all of Russel’s moves this season, not playing the idol at TC was his best. It was a pure poker play - he knew that he could be beaten, but read the other’s cards and made the right call.

The rest have to make him play the idol next week or the game is all over. I think Mick and Jaison will realize this and force out he idol. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.


Gutsy move.

I don’t think it was a poker play at all. I think Russell knew with certainty that he wouldn’t be voted out. Earlier in the episode, he is saying he’s got his tribe exactly where he wants them, and they’re all running around telling him what’s going on.

I think there was a time edit and the above quote occurred later in the episode. In order to maintain dramatic tension at the second tribal council, the editors shuffled his quote to make it appear like he was talking about something else.

Had there really been any sort of tension, Russell would have played his idol. Russell’s decision to reveal his idol at tribal council is for different reasons which also benefit him.

Right now, Natalie and Shambo are telling Russell exactly what’s going on, so any move by Mick or Jaison can be acted on by Russell beforehand and will be nipped in the bud.

Monica played her only card, trying to stir up trouble by repeating Jaison’s info about Russell’s oil money. Jaison was trying to plant that info on the sly to the jury through Dave and Monica. After some skillful interrogation, Russell got Brett to reveal Jaison as the source.

What Monica doesn’t realize is the “secret” about Russell’s wealth is almost certainly a Xanatos Gambit for Russell. If the “secret” is kept, the Foa Foa are more likely to stick together and take Russell to the finals, thinking he is vulnerable to the jury vote. In other words, the other Foa Foa will stay loyal and keep Russell because they believe they hold power in a secret that will win them votes against Russell. From each of Natalie / Mick / Jaison’s POV, they are more deserving of money than a rich oil man, therefore the jury will also think that way.

If the “secret” gets out, it also helps Russell by reducing his overall threat level in the eyes of the tribe which again benefits Russell. Furthermore, Russell has the opportunity to identify who leaked the info, which helps Russell assess trust. The only possible downside is actually losing jury votes, but I think Russell will be too persuasive to allow that to happen.

At tribal council, when asked about Monica’s “stirring the pot”, Russell had a very good answer - when he said Monica was on the wrong team from the beginning, if she could have been on his team she would have been a “good” player. I think that may have been a complement … in a weird Russell sorta way.
Also, wasn’t it weird how Monica and Brett flipped on Dave? For people that talk about trust and doing the right thing, none of Galu seem to worried about how they look in the end when they have all turned on their (former) tribe members.

So what’s up with the Ponderosa videos? I’ve watched both of Dave’s and the first one of Monica’s, and they get about 2/3 of the way through and then just go nuts.

shit shit shit, I really thought Shambo was going out the first 1/2 hour tribal. The whole shambo saying if they don’t vote Dave out she’ll have a talking to Russell. I thought that was the death sentence for her. I fell for it was too easy. At least the Foas have a collective brain and kept the votes on Galu until it’s time to feed on themselves.

Brett, if he continues to win immunity he’ll be starting the turmoil within Foa early. I doubt he can pull it off tho. And I think he’s next. I really prefer Shambo going out but I think now everyone will take her to the end or Russell to the end. They’ll use her complete cluelessness to the John ouster as proof that she’s no mastermind. Russell’s riches will also do him in if he can’t convince the jury he’s the real player behind all the moves. Jaison did well for himself planting the seed that he’s in control at equal footing with Russell. He’s playing it smart for end game not sure he can last that long for losing the trust of Russell. My prediction is if brett doesn’t win immunity he’s out first, if not Jaison. Russell will probably take Nat and Sham. It doesn’t seem as if Mick is playing the game at the moment either. I guess he’s waiting for all Foa alliance including Sham. I think he knows that Sham is tight with Russell and can muster up a Jaison/Nat/Mick troika to deal with that duo. Whatever happens Russell still in the driver’s seat with HII still intact. They need to make a move to get that out of play as soon as possible.

So glad Monica was voted out–she was just a little too smug at tribal counsal–plus she’s going after my man Russell!

Also, is it just me or was Natalie particularly hot this episode?

Not just you. Although she looks perfectly hot every other episode as well.

I was startled to see how much scarier DaveBall looked when cleaned up and fed, vs. his starving homeless-person look when in the game.

I think he looks like Mick Fleetwood.