Survivor 10.07.09 [Spoilers abound]

Foa Foa finally wins immunity!! Galu wins reward! Shambo loses a chicken. Eric gets clotheslined by a clothesline. Yazee doesn’t work around camp.

I’m glad Yasmin is gone. She was my least favorite member of Galu. How do you let a chicken go.

I so wanted the theme to West Side story, when they were just standing in the bocce ball ring. I was expecting them to start snapping their fingers.

Maybe the editors are getting the message as they did not feature Russell H too much.

FTR: Jeff Probst was the host but he took a day off during the reward challenge.

That was a pretty good episode. Great to finally see Galu. I think Dave is my favorite. I wish they did the Amazing Race style of episode naming, so they could call it “He got clotheslined…by the clothes line.”

I loved the Probstless reward challenge. I only wish they hadn’t done the “show the confessionals during the challenge” edit because it totally gives the result away. I don’t think they’ve ever done that before. I guess without Probst to say anything they had to throw those in.

Also, it’s interesting to see how the two tribes react differently to the “leader” situation. You barely hear anything about Mick being the chief, but good Russell really does run Galu.
Russell H is annoying me less and less each episode. I forgot to mention this in the last topic, but thank the producers for giving him some pants.

He doesn’t run it half as much as he thinks he does, as the end result of tonight shows. It’s an interesting compare/contrast to last week’s ep, and Evil Russell claiming he ran the tribe, and getting more or less the same result.

It worries me, actually. Mick is intelligent enough to have more or less immediately shoved that leadership thingie down into the deepest hole on that beach. Good Russell, on the other hand, seems to have bought into the whole thing, which means he’s doomed fairly soon if Galu starts a losing streak.

Oh, and Yasmin has apparently never learned that Survivor is about BOTH the camp and the challenges. You can be Super Challenge Monster before individual immunity, but if you don’t help at the camp, you’re going to be a target. This whole “I’m saving myself for challenges” is quickly seen to be bullshit, and it’s resentment-inducing bullshit at that…Yasmin’s basically saying “I have to save myself for challenges…but all of you peons don’t because you suck anyway. Serve me now.” Funny how that doesn’t fly…

It still seem though as Galu treated him as the leader though. Yasmin was an easy decision, but it sounded like they had a hard time because they didn’t want to piss Russell off.

Yeah, but they still did it.

I think it was Erik who got clotheslined.

Dave is the guy who won the reward challenge with the last toss. I didn’t realize he has really long hair.

Monica is definitely easy on the eyes.

I wonder why Foa Foa didn’t get to send someone to “spy” on Galu.

Another Hidden Immunity Idol is found by someone without getting any official clues. In a secret video from last weeks episode, Yazmin told her tribemates that her clue said the HII was in the sand. In this weeks episode, Shambo told the truth and said the HII was in a tree. Was that part of Yazmin’s ouster?

OK, seriously, this is going to bother me until someone reveals the truth: How in the HOLY HELL does Shambo keep her hair looking so clean and soft? I know I have an unhealthy, unnatural obsession with that woman’s hair, but … it just defies all logic (and apparently all laws of nature). Her hair looks as perfect and fluffy as it did the day she arrived on the island. WTF?

Also: I finally figured out why I find this season even more boringer than most seasons at this point – NO MONKEYS.

That chicken didn’t really get away. She secretly sacrificed it to Mulletia, the ancient eldritch goddess of hideous hairstyles.

Mulletia” would be great SDMB screen name.

The tribe seemed really unconcerned that ShamWow lost a chicken. In previous seasons that would have cause for assasination, without waiting for tribal council. I didn’t particularly like the seasons where the contestants were borderline starving, but in the last few, I think some people have actually gained weight.

Dave was the one who made the “clothesline” comment though. And yeah, I was also surprised at how much hair he had.

Speaking of which, that was probably the most random group ever picked to go to a challenge. Mick didn’t have many options, but Shambo and Dave would probably be near the lower end of my list on who to take. Luckily it worked out.

Shambo the country girl lost the chicken, which would have really pissed me off, but didn’t she also claim to be a great fisherman, and then lost the snorkel mouthpiece?

If I had a vote that would have been enough for me. Maybe it’s the hair?

I did. People seemed to have sorter fuzes, and the crazies seemed to get more crazy. (Imagine Coach if he were starving!)

Too much fucking Russel the douchebag. It’s all Russel, all the time.

But yes, they made a good choice to vote off, not only lazy, but an attitude about it.

I keep telling you guys – Shambo’s hair has got its mojo working. Maybe Dave’s, too. Perhaps that is why GoodRussell picked Dave and Shambo to do the Magical Mystery Challenge. (And now I am picturing a big musical production number which involves Shambo in tap shoes and Dave in a loincloth and Probst wearing one of his dorky hats, and they are all in a kick-line singing “Here baby, there mama, everywhere daddy daddy HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!” I … really need to get some sleep, I think.)

But in the end, Russell did vote for Yasmin. While Russell talks a big game, he seems to know he’s the leader only as far as the rest of the tribe lets him be the leader.

Oh, and who the fuck is Brett? Did they just drop him on the island before this challenge?

Just re-watched parts of the last night’s show again. Yasmin deserves to voted out for wearing heels to tribal council, and flirting with Probst.

after 12 days, Brett speaks, and he has no facial hair. How old is he? 15?

ShamWow. I like it!

I thought at least one of the tribe members made a comment about the lost chicken, but then they got distracted trying to catch it.

Naw it was stolen from Survivor Sucks. We generally don;t like cutesy nicknames here, and when we do we want them at least to be original here, not copied from another MB.