Survivor 10.29.09 ***OPEN SPOILERS***

Pretty much of a yawner episode. I did like the water challenge though. The concentration type challenge is boring but I did like the twist of getting to keep the prize while forfeiting a point.

Next week…the merge…and not too soon I might add.

I do think TPTB are painting a picture of the downfall of the GALU men by voting Shambo as their leader. I think Monica has figured out that the Men have Shambo in their corner and they will ally themselves with FOA FOA.

She’d have to be even dimmer than she seems to miss it! None of those guys can conspire worth a damn. And DAVE BALL! (thanks, Probst…) is falling ill with Edgar Bergen Syndrome. If he wants his puppet to be unsuspected, he needs to stop moving his lips.
What’s the DAVE BALL! thing about, anyway? There isn’t another Dave this season, is there?

I don’t think that there’s ever been a season where going into the merge I have no idea what’s going to happen or who the favorites are. It could be an epic free-for-all or there may be a solid alliance on Galu who we just haven’t seen yet due to the lack of coverage. The guy who gave Probst the immunity idol is a complete mystery to me. Has he been shown before at all?

Meh, okay episode. I was surprised that anyone on Foa Foa thought Jaison blew the challenge single-handedly. It looked to me like he was the guy who got the idea to stay in the water and tow the boat instead of paddling, and that method was what got Foa Foa back to the puzzle area in first place. No? And once in the puzzle area, he tried to talk to the other members about how to solve the puzzle, and Liz kept shushing him, so he just stood back. How is that his fault?

My recollection is that Erik surrendered immunity, right? Erik was the one trash-talking to Foa Foa in not-Tribal-Council last week.

Man, this season better get interesting soon, because they’re losing me. Even Russhole isn’t that entertaining.

Nudity or fisticuffs better be forthcoming or this will be a record boring season.

Or even better (for me, that is) would be nude fisticuffs. Between…hmmm…Eric and John, I think. Then Mick and Jaison. Then the winners of those. Yeah. That works…

Towing or pushing the boat to get it faster is a terrible idea, once the water gets above your knees. Having guys in the water to keep the boat steady and immobile while the fisherman were trying to hook the buoys works, and isn’t too bad for turning the boat around, but pushing a boat while you’re in chest deep water doesn’t get you nearly as much momentum as rowing or paddling will.

Pretty much a dull episode, except for Laura’s statement that she wants to be a women’s pastor because it “isn’t a woman’s place to be a pastor over men.” I was hoping for a confessional statement from Russell that he doesn’t really have kids, and actually worships Loki.

That’s assuming you have some well coordinated paddling. I’d have to go back and look, but what I recall was that all of Galu piled into their boat to paddle, while some of Foa Foa (Jaison and I guess Mick) kept towing the boat up to about waist-high water, while the rest paddled. Jaison kept towing (because waist-deep for him is shoulder-high on some people :slight_smile: ), and Probst remarked that Foa Foa was pulling ahead because of this tactic. Then they did the fishing thing, and had much better luck than Galu. At that point, Foa Foa piled in the boat and paddled until the water was waist-high again then some piled out and towed the boat in. The tactic seemed to me to work pretty well - Foa Foa beat the other tribe to the puzzle handily. And then Galu handily lapped Foa Foa at solving the puzzle.

Yeah, that was pretty funny; I was expecting something similar. I wonder how Russell twigged that his “devout Christian” jive would play with her?

This contributes to my theory that Russel has been cast as the evil genius for this season by the producer and has access to everyone’s data. He seems to know just what button to push. If he is not a plant from production, he may very well be the best player since Hatch…

It’s possible that Shambo has talked a LOT more about her tribe on her visits to Foa Foa than they ever showed. And it’s possible that Laura has full-on fundie verbal diarrhea that they’re just not showing.

AND it’s possible that the conversation that Laura had with Natalie about church and pastors and such happened BEFORE the stroll Laura took with Russell, with Russell right there to hear it all.

Never trust the Survivor editors. Admire, at times, yes. Trust? Never.

Man, it is not a good sign for the season overall that it’s late Friday afternoon (on the East Coast) and we can muster more than a dozen posts for this week’s show.

How sad is it that the highlight of this ep for me was that one guy talking about how dim IAmSham is?

Heh. I don’t even know that guy’s name.

But yeah, she’s hella dumb.

I watched some of the secret scenes at A video with Monica said that everyone that went on the reward challenge started to get seasick to varying degrees. I think i would have volunteered to go to Foa Foa because I have a big problem with seasickness.

I think you’re talking about Dave Ball (you have to say the full name apparently). Yeah, I really like him. He’s actually my favorite right now. He’s a pretty good strategist, but he’s letting Eric and Shambo be the “face” of the alliance, so he doesn’t seem like a threat.

I like Dave Ball too - I got a kick out of Shambo’s leadership:
Shamwow: “Erik will pick”
Dave Ball: “No, it’s Brett! BRETT! BRETT!”
Shamwow: “I stand corrected.”

Between “dim”, “shut up and push” and “come on bitch!”, he’s barely able to keep his contempt under control. I’d have trouble with her, too. I’ve worked with people exactly like her, and Dave is doing a better job of being civil that I did.

So she married a rich guy and drives around in a Jaguwire, huh? I woulda sworn she plays for the other team…

Dont you just hate it when contestants of Survivor still believe that this game is about living off the land and thinking that’ll save their asses?

Seriously Shambo’s done a shit ton of isolating herself, it is like she’s never watched the countless seasons that have gone by already. People like “evil” Russell are why I watch. You need someone to hate or at least admire the strategic game for not these clueless morons that think " I need to show my real asset and live off the land" bullshit. I’d personally love to watch a Survivor season where they’re all assholes with devious minds, lying every sentence they spew out, rather than the bullshit contestants like Shambo the clueless.

When they say ,i have never lied about anything, I have kept my word and never led anybody on, they are admitting they don’t know how to play the game. They should be voted off.

During the “fishing” competition did anyone else think Russell was slacking? ISTM that he wasn’t putting forth as much effort as the others. Everyone else was hustling, especially Jaison, but it seemed Russell was just cruising along, hanging back a bit. Yet there was Russell at the end criticizing everyone else, calling them condescending names, and threatening to vote them off, for not stepping up to win the challenge. Or maybe they just edited out the part where Russell gave his all in the challenge?

And was there a stipulation about who could solve the puzzle? I didn’t notice Russell making a contribution there either, but afterward he was specifically questioning the “brainy” ones as to why they had failed in that regard.