Survivor 4/09/09

“I got alotta limbs here, Jeff.”

“More than the rest of us?”

That line made me crack up!

Since they just canceled Tribal Council, will there be an immunity challenge next week, or will the immunity from this week carry over?

And Coach’s toolishness gets more toolerific with every passing day.

I suppose the Immunity necklace is rendered useless. That is what has happened in the past.

I thought the exile island alliance was doomed due to their lack of, well, doing anything at all. Now they have a few extra days to get their heads out of their butts. I don’t think I’ve ever seem a Survivor that didn’t have strong alliances formed by the merge. This round, it seems everyone is floundering around, and no one wants to take charge… except for Coach, but, as you pointed out, Twickster, he is a tool, and no one really takes him seriously.

Why didn’t the TPTB take a look at Joe’s leg when it first happened. Didn’t TPTB learn anything from Jonathon’ injury and infection from Fans vs Favorites. Apparently not.

Was everyone as confused as I was during the pre-tribal council scheming? I should have looked at the clock at 10 minutes til the hour and realized that there was no tribal council tonight.

i guess they were trying to lay a foundation for next weeks episode but I have no idea what it will be.

That whole episode was an anticlimax. WTF, Joe’s leg didn’t look that bad, but either way, did he have just this one chance to see a doctor and a) go home, or b) die! cuz they can’t see him again? They could see him every day if the game allowed, administer AB, clean his wound, yadayada. No?

I’ve got more, about Coach being a dick, yadayada… but what is the point. That episode just went over the cliff, it doesn’t matter.

Good thing Chad (from Vanuatu) wasn’t around.

(He totally would have won that challenge.)

I didn’t really understand why Taj was sitting around befuddled that Brendon hadn’t said anything to her. She didn’t seem to understand that, perhaps, she could approach him and confirm they’re still tight.

It’s down to 9, right? It seems to me that the best move is to bring JT into the alliance and then blindside Coach/Skinny Blond Dude by letting them target Brendon or some other member of the alliance and then have the target play the immunity idol and send Coach or SBD home.

And didn’t Joe have the fake immunity idol? Do we know if he took that with him?

Playing “O Fortuna” while The Dragonslayer was doing his yoga? I laughed.
Did you know he invented the “samurai thing” which has been over abused by tools for lo these 20 some years?

Why is it that anything JT says, no matter how wily, comes across so heartfelt and anything the male blonde skeletor says comes across as smarmy?

They need to vote Taj off before she makes the voting panel - or is it too late? If she gets blindsided it won’t be pretty (but it will be entertaining)

In previous series (I think the Jonathan one), they said that a player can call for medical at any time, but if medical determines that the person should be pulled, the player has to respect that. So everyone is scared to call medical.

Which is stupid. If Joe had called medical right way, they could have cleaned out the wound, put on topical antibiotics, and sent him on his way and he’d probably still be in the game. Once you wait until it’s badly infected and swollen, topical antibiotics won’t cut it anymore - he’ll probably have to go onto an IV, which means he’s out of the game. So I think the doctor made a determination that there was nothing she could do right there that would improve it. They’ve made different decisions before - both Jonathan and James saw medical multiple times before they got pulled.

If you have an injury bad enough that they’re going to pull you right away (and obviously, they’d rather not pull you), there’s no way it’s going to get better by itself when you’re living outside, in the mud, without soap, bandages, etc.

Remember when Randy cut his head last season? He called for medical, they put in some stitches, and he was fine and back in the game. If he had left it untreated, it almost certainly would have gotten infected and he would have been gone within 3 days.

It sounded like he said that he left it at his old camp (I’m assuming he hid it)

I believe the initial medical decisions are left to the individual players. That is, if Joe had asked for treatment when he first incurred the wound, he’d be fine, but for some reason decided it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t ask. Whether or not Jeff notices at the time it happens, I think the concept is along the lines of “they should know how to take care of themselves”, i.e. part of the game. Jeff won’t step in until and unless he sees there’s a possibility of serious injury. Same thing happened to James on the Fans/Favorites season when he cut his finger and allowed it to become infected. It’s just really stupid, 'cause, as muldoonthief has spelled out, it’s trivial to get proper treatment and continue.

They’re down to nine now, so yeah, I think it’s too late; unless something changes, every one gone now will make the jury - which includes Joe, I think. If it’s a Final Three, the jury is the seven preceding, so I’m figuring Joe will be brought back (to the jury) once he’s healed properly.

Per Joe’s interview at Reality News Online - he is not on the jury.

I love those interviews!!